Updated List of Countries That Grant Free Citizenship 2022

The living conditions of our country are easy for some and difficult for others. The fact that the salaries paid do not cover the expenses, the level of education and the level of development of our country is among the effective factors in this field. The recently fashionable idea of ​​” giving birth to a child abroad ” adds salt and pepper to all this. Unfortunately, many people are trying to immigrate from Turkey to different countries. More research is being done on countries that give free citizenship every day. (Adwords Statistic)

Children born abroad have certain rights. For example, if you give birth to your child in a developed and prosperous country such as Germany and live there, your child will either become a German citizen or gain the right to dual citizenship. This will be a great advantage when you reach a certain age. Countries that give free citizenship will have many advantages for you.

Of course, you don’t have to give birth to a child only in that country to get citizenship. It is possible to get citizenship by meeting different criteria. For example; You can get a residence permit by just opening a company in that country or applying for your profession. Now let’s examine the list of countries that grant citizenship in detail.

Countries That Grant Free Citizenship

Countries That Grant Free Citizenship

Travelling to many European countries without a visa, learning the desired languages ​​abroad, studying abroad… We can diversify these more. Of course, Germany is a difficult country! The era of accepting almost everyone is long gone. In this article, we will provide you with information on the field of countries that give free citizenship.

You can establish a company in Montenegro with an investment of 1 euro and get a residence permit. You can set up your own company without the need for a consultancy company by reading our free article titled company establishment in Montenegro.

As you know, going to a country may seem easy, but it is a difficult task. Tourist visa first, passport procedures after tourist visa, flight ticket, passport fees, as much money as you can live in the country you choose, and of course a little foreign language. Doesn’t that sound hard already? Well, if we consider living there completely, I guess it is even more difficult.

Do not worry! Do not be afraid right away. There are many countries where you can live without worrying about costs. For example, New York, which everyone dreams of, is not that far away from you. If you say “I’m leaving, I won’t even look back”, here are a few countries you can go to right away.

1) America:

It is at the forefront of the countries that offer free citizenship. No matter how difficult the conditions, America gives you the right to citizenship after you have a certain job and prove that you speak English well. Of course, you have to start by going as a tourist first. After all, if you do not have a foreign background, if you do not have a good command of a foreign language, no one will say to you to come and become a citizen. For this reason, first of all, it is necessary to research the conditions of America, to decide whether it is a place to live or not, and then to fulfil the requirements.

2) England:

England, which is the investment of the European Union, also does not ask for money to give citizenship. If you have visited this country often, you have many entrances and exits and you know English well, your job is not very difficult. However; It is an undeniable fact that he does not give citizenship as easily as America. The shortest and easiest way to obtain citizenship in this country would be to marry a British person who has resided in the UK for at least 6 months and has worked in the UK for at least 3 months uninterruptedly. While marriages can also be made with a tourist visa, an application is made with a family reunification visa. With the acceptance of the visa, one of the two citizenships is chosen. In other words, it will be said that either stay Turkish or be British!

3) Canada:

Canada, which is among the countries that give free citizenship, has recently made the conditions a little more difficult than in the past. Especially in certain periods, countries demanded a letter of guarantee. In order to become a Canadian citizen, you must have some savings; Canada thinks this is for your own good, not for itself. For example, you entered the country but; have not been able to work for a certain period of time. You have no money for your return to your country. Even if you don’t know anyone… There are certain criteria determined by countries for such situations. As long as you fulfil these, you can choose one of the countries that give easy citizenship.

Countries That Grant Citizenship Easiest 

If you are not born abroad, have never lived or studied abroad, it is no longer a problem. Because there are countries where you can easily get citizenship. After the countries that give free citizenship, you will be able to evaluate these countries. If you want to live in a different country and live in that country for the rest of your life, you can take a look at the countries we will list for you now.

1) Malta:

Malta ranks first among the countries where you can obtain citizenship easily. Of course, getting citizenship is easy, but; this may cost you a little salt. Making a donation starting from 650,000 Euros to the Malta Local Development and Social Fund opens the first door to obtaining citizenship. Moreover, you do not need to wait to get citizenship in this country. After making your donation, you can get your citizenship and move around freely in EU countries.

2) Spain:

Spain ranks 2nd among countries where citizenship can be obtained easily. In order to become a citizen of this country, you need to purchase real estate worth 500,000 Euros within the borders of Spain. Just like in Malta, you can move to the country without waiting after purchasing real estate.

3) Portugal:

Portugal also provides citizenship very easily. For this country, you need to have a real estate of 500,000 Euros or an investment of 1,000,000 Euros. If you buy real estate from the country or enter the country with investment, you can obtain your citizenship right immediately.

4) Bulgaria:

In order to become a Bulgarian citizen, you need to receive a state fund of 1 million Leva. In fact, the higher your investment fund, the shorter your citizenship period. You do not have to reside in Bulgaria to be a citizen.

5) Southern Cyprus:

In order to become a citizen of Southern Cyprus, you need to buy 2,5 million Euro real estate. If you get the citizenship of this EU member country, you can travel to any of the Schengen countries you want.

6) Hungary:

I think this is the easiest country to get citizenship. You can become a Hungarian citizen as soon as you buy real estate for 300,000 Euros. Initially, a 6-year residence permit is granted, but after the 6-year period expires, the country grants you full citizenship.

Countries Granting Citizenship to Turks Easily

We talked about the countries that give free citizenship and how you can get citizenship by paying money. Now it is the turn of the countries that grant citizenship easiest for Turks. You know that the Republic of Turkey is not yet an EU country. For this reason, it is a fact that we find it difficult to accept citizenship. Let’s come to the countries that give Turks the easiest citizenship rights.

1) Dominica:

The country, which is located in the form of a city with a population of 71,000, has granted citizenship to 3,000 people so far. Free-roaming is possible from this country to 50 different countries, including Switzerland. If you make an investment of $100,000, you can get your citizenship right away. In the meantime, let us remind you that the country is dependent on the United Kingdom.

2) St. Kitts and Nevis:

Located in the Caribbean, this country has been given citizenship since 1984. It offers citizenship in return for investment. In order to become a citizen of the country, you can invest $250,000 and settle in your home immediately.

3) Cyprus:

It is among the countries where you can get instant citizenship for 2 Million Euros. When you get citizenship in this country, you have the chance to travel to almost all countries without a visa. Moreover, Cyprus is among the countries where the welfare level is high and the crime rate is quite low.

Countries That Grant Work Permits 

Countries that give free citizenship and countries that give money and get citizenship also provide the right to work permit. However; If we make a distinction, there are people who conduct research in this field only to work and return to Turkey. Let’s see which countries give work permits?


If you can handle your visa procedures, it is among the countries where you can easily go with a cost of 5,000 Euros. Finland is not preferred much because it is a cold and difficult country; Assuming that citizenship can be obtained in the future, it is one of the countries that can be visited.


It is one of the countries that provide work permits easily, but; You must have entered and exited the country for a certain period of time, even as a tourist. If your company sends you or you can establish a business in this country with a certain amount, you can get a work permit in a short time.


England, which provides the right to citizenship easily with the Ankara Agreement, does not have any difficulties in terms of work permits. When you apply for a work permit in this country, they will ask you for a letter of guarantee and documents related to your English level.

Countries With Easiest Immigration 

If you have decided to immigrate and you want to settle in the country of your choice as soon as possible, you will have to choose between the countries that provide free citizenship or the countries that offer the easiest immigration.

Canada, America, Australia, Germany, Spain, Malta, Norway and Uruguay are among the countries that accept immigration. However; Unfortunately, these countries do not receive immigration easily.

A member of your family must be from here, have lived, worked, or currently resides in one of these countries. Since immigration is a very different subject than obtaining citizenship, factors such as family conditions, number of siblings, education level, and the number of languages ​​known are of great importance.

You can apply with a Greencard to countries such as America, or you can immigrate to other countries by requesting an invitation from your relative who lives there. Of course, this is not something that will happen in the short term.

Easiest citizenship Granting Country in Europe

The country where you can easily obtain citizenship in Europe is the UK. We also mentioned the UK in the section of countries that give free citizenship. With the UK Investor Visa, it is very easy to get citizenship from this country. Even if you are a single person, investing in the UK and entering the country by establishing a business will shorten your citizenship process.

In fact, after making your investment, you are given a residence permit by the UK for a certain period of time. The length of this period depends on the decision of the British Consulate, but; After making your investment, all you have to do is to wait for your citizenship right after residing for a certain period of time.

The Cheapest Citizenship Countries 

There are many countries where you can get citizenship with money. We talked about these while writing about the countries that give free citizenship, but; There are also countries where you can reduce costs and get citizenship.

  • 500.000 Euros for obtaining the citizenship of Montenegro,
  • $400,000 to obtain the citizenship in the country of Antigua and Barbuda,
  • $100,000 to obtain citizenship of Dominica country,
  • $200,000 to obtain citizenship in the Dominican Republic,
  • You can spend $100,000 to acquire citizenship in the country of Grenada.

If you make the investments we mentioned in these countries, you can start residing in the country you want immediately and start a new life.

I want to live abroad, what should I do? 

If you have a dream of living abroad, you must first decide what kind of country you want to live in. If you have received an education, is the work you can do with your education compatible with this country? You have to judge that.

Anyone who wishes can go to any country they want as long as they meet the necessary conditions; What matters is whether he can survive in this country. For this reason, one should definitely choose a country where he can ensure the continuity of his life.

After the selection, you can see the place you want to live with a tourist visa, stay here for a short time and even make a preliminary test. If you think you can adopt during your time, you can start the transition process.

All you have to do is to research the conditions of the country you want to live in, such as citizenship, residence permit, and work permit, and apply to the relevant consulate. Of course, you will need to obtain a passport for travel. After providing all these procedures, you need to complete the documents requested by the consulate. Initially, the country you will go to with a work permit will give you a residence permit for a certain period of time. The residence permit will be extended as long as you work. Depending on the conditions of the country you choose, you will get a full residence permit and then you will be entitled to citizenship.

To qualify for citizenship, you must have lived and worked in the country of your choice for 6-7 years. In the section of countries that give you free citizenship, we have also mentioned the countries that give citizenship with more or less money. If you wish, you can invest in one of these countries and become a citizen of the country you want in a short time without any hassle.

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