Agate Geode: Meaning, Properties, and benefits

Exploration in search of stones was very strong when Europeans arrived here. The agate geode was one of these stones extracted and discovered by them. According to them, these geodes attract a lot of luck, and believe me, they do, because thanks to the others were discovered. Learn more about this power stone and benefit from its many qualities.

It was not only Europeans who loved this type of stone, Indians also had a great admiration. They believed that agate stones had healing power, luck, and a lot of protection. Fire agate was then preferred, with an intense glow like burning coal, these stones were excellent for warding off malevolent and nefarious energies and evil spirits.

Know the different types of agate that exist?

The agate stone that is present inside the agate geode is one of the most powerful Brazilian stones and has a greater variety of colors. There are different shapes and sizes of this stone.

With a very great healing power, it brings to its bearer feelings of peace, harmony, balance, and protection. The connection of these stones with the telluric energies is very great.

It can be used in different ways, the most common is to Charge the chakras.

Colors meaning

Lilac agate

This stone attracts protection and sincere friendships to its bearer. The person has some feelings aroused such as justice and spirituality.

The person feels calmer and more centered when they are in contact with this stone. The person begins to have more confidence in himself and pay attention to all situations that displease him.

Blue agate

In the blue agate geode, one of the stones that most attract peace and happiness is present, it is ideal to balance the feelings of the family, avoiding famous conflicts.

The family is literally at peace.

Stress symptoms are relieved and feelings of relaxation can be felt when we are close to this stone.

It can be used to activate the throat chakra, subtly developing the wielder’s power of communication.

Pains in the shoulders and also the neck is relieved. People get more creative.

Fire agate

This is one of the most powerful and energetic agates. Its fiery color offers protection from evil spirits according to the stories of ancient peoples.

Stimulating creativity, strength, and vitality, and returning energy to our base chakra are the most important functions of this stone.

Digestive, nervous, and circulatory systems are favored.

Moss agate

Moss agate is the stone of optimism, so it becomes one of the best indications for people who suffer from emotional imbalances such as depression, for example.

The person feels strong and courageous to face life.

Moreover, it also helps in financial attraction.

Dendritic agate

This type of agate has brown or green colors, in some cases they are colorless. She is the stone that helps you reach states of fullness.

It is the ideal stone to stimulate the will to live and enjoy every moment of life. The person starts to enjoy the good things in life, not giving much value to the negative and sad things.

You can use this type of agate in your home decor or as an adornment on your body.

Properties and benefits of Agate geode

Usually, geodes form on walls, more specifically on the inner parts of rocky openings. It is common to find more examples of amethyst geode and agate geode. The physical appearance of a geode is very similar to a round cave.

When we open such a piece, it is possible to see some crystals that ended up developing and growing inside the walls of this geode. It is very natural for this geode to conserve all the energy within it, mainly because they have similarities with a cave. Its benefits are linked to various dysfunctions and imbalances within the body.

These physical structures that look like caves are nothing more than pockets of gas present inside these igneous rock structures, lava from volcanoes, tree roots, animal burrows, volcanic eruptions, etc.

The outer part of these geodes is composed of limestone material. The grouping of some crystals, as if they were a solid mass within these structures is called nodules.

It is usually common to find this stone in several places in the world, being more common in countries such as Brazil, India, Africa, and the Urals. Countries like Canada and Australia rarely find stones of this type.

This beautiful stone is found in all corners of our planet, but it is most famous in Brazil, the Urals, Africa, and India. It is rare to find Agates in Australia and Canada.

Energetically, esotericists believe that this stone has the power to attract good luck to people and environments.

Mystical and Exoteric Benefits of Agate Geode

Agate geode can be very beneficial for ailments of the physical body. The most observed therapeutic effects in this matter are the improvements in relation to skin diseases. Allergies and other skin pigmentation flaws like freckles can become milder.

This also extends to the scalp, preventing the disease from developing.

By acting directly on the skin, it promotes more beauty and joviality to its wearer.

Another excellent indication for the use of this geode is to alleviate the symptoms of emotional and mental illnesses. It lessens the sufferings of the soul.

Don’t forget to clean and Charge your stone before using it. Cleaning can be done in a very simple way, just wash it in running water, under the tap. If you prefer, bathe your stone in the waters of the sea or river.

Charging is done only with a simple bath with the rays of the sun and moon.

Think, before this stone reached your hands, it passed through the hands of many people. We don’t know the energies of these people, so it’s better to prevent yourself.

It is very important to point out that your agate geode must be treated with love and respect, after all, it is there to help you. Keeping it in a bag made of felt is an excellent idea if you want to carry it with you without being an accessory such as earrings, bracelets, etc.

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