Agate stone: (Yemen stone, Immortal stone) and Its Benefits

Agate got its name from the Achates River in Sicily. As it is called river stone, it is also known as Immortal stone and Yemen stone. As agate stone is a type of chalcedony quartz, it is a hard and shiny stone that is found in nature in all colors from white to black, in a translucent form. Throughout history, it has been used by many civilizations in daily life as well as for its medicinal benefits. Amethyst Stone and Its Benefits

Minerals in it: Oxygen, magnesium, silicon, manganese, iron, calcium, and chromium. 

Exported countries: Turkey, Egypt, India, China, Madagascar, Italy, Germany 

Agate stone Benefits:

  1. Agate stone, which we know to have positive effects on health and psychology, helps people to reduce stress levels by removing excess and negative energy in the body.
  2. Its positive effects on skin disorders are known.
  3. Thanks to its antitoxic feature, it purifies the body from toxins. 
  4. The most common benefit known among the public is its protective feature against the evil eye. 
  5. It contributes to focus, so it helps people to triple their mental activities. 

Maintenance and cleaning of the stone:

The most suitable method for cleaning natural stones is to bury them in the ground at regular intervals for a day. However, if the stone in hand has a porous structure, it can be cleaned by keeping it in clean water. In addition, it is recommended that you clean your newly bought stones before using them since they are exposed to the contact of many people until they come to you. You should avoid contact with your natural stone with chemicals, all kinds of detergents, and perfumes. What is Agate Stone? History, Properties, Benefits

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