Agate Stone: Meanings, Properties, Uses & More

Are you interested in the healing effects of the agate mineral? Then get to know this stone better! Agate is a very varied-looking and therefore very eye-catching mineral. We know and love several versions of it: we also distinguish between mossha, Botswana agate, lace, fire agate, Indian agate, laguna agate, sakura agate, and faacha. Often tinted; we can often discover interesting patterns, dendritic or scarred, striped patterns in the stones, some of which are therefore known as dragonvein, i.e. dragon’s blood, often at home dragon’s blood agate, dragon’s blood. Color: variable.

Agate Stone Healing Properties

We attribute a balancing effect to it, as it is believed to absorb negative energies, helping to start over. So agate is a soothing stone, it heals emotional injuries and heartache. You can support a sense of reality, and problem-solving. It can also be applied to the eyes, hollow organs (stomach, uterus, etc.), blood vessels, and skin. This is why it is also called the protector of pregnancy. Specimens with a design similar to the uterus are mostly used for this purpose by crystal medicine. It is traditionally associated with the root chakra.

In her book The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall describes the following healing effects of agate: “Agate stabilizes the aura, absorbs and transforms negative energies. Its cleansing effect is strong on a physical and emotional level. Placed on the heart, it has beneficial effects on emotional disorders that inhibit the acceptance of love. Placed on the stomach or consumed as an elixir, it stimulates digestion and relieves gastritis. It heals the eyes, stomach, and uterus, cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas, strengthens capillaries, and cures skin diseases.

Some types of agate have different effects:

Botswana Agate: Located exclusively in Botswana, it is excellent for anyone associated with fire and smoke. It is beneficial for smokers as well as those who want to quit smoking. It brings solutions to problems, it doesn’t leave you chewing on them. It helps to explore unfamiliar areas and our own rationality.

Blue lace: chalcedony

Dendrites Agate: Also known as the Stone of Abundance: It brings wealth and completeness to all areas of life, including business and agriculture. This crystal – both inside and out – creates a peaceful environment, helping us to enjoy every moment. At the level beyond the senses, dendritic agate has a beneficial effect on the disorders caused by the imbalances of the chakras.

Fire Chaos: As its name suggests, the fire chaise belongs to the ancient element of fire, has a beneficial effect on sexuality, stimulates the root chakra to function, and stimulates vitality at all levels. This crystal dispels fear and feeds us a deep-rooted sense of security. Wearing a fireball makes it easier to self-examine and solve internal problems.


The properties presented here are assumed. Holistic healing with crystals should not be a substitute for specialist care, but it can support treatment. Our online store sells mineral jewelry primarily for non-medical purposes, so the use for this purpose can only be done at the customer’s own risk, therefore our store does not take any responsibility. Keep Reading Gemsleek!

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