Amethyst Stone and Its Benefits

Amethyst is a violet or purple color variety of quartz crystal. It takes its name from the Greek word met Hussein, which means to destroy drunkenness. At that time, it was believed that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness and that anyone who drank wine from a cup made of amethyst would not become drunk. 18:18 – What is the meaning of seeing this time often?

Amethyst, which has been used by many civilizations for centuries and has preserved its value until today, has been one of the most popular precious stones in almost every period. Amethyst is also known as purple-ruby, purple Najaf, and love stone. Where Can I Find Natural Stone Beads?

Minerals:  Oxygen, iron, lithium, aluminum, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium

Countries:  Brazil, Russia, Canada, Madagascar, India, USA, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Mexico

Amethyst Benefits:

  1. It changes the negative energy of the environment and has a radiation protection feature.
  2. It improves the quality of brain functions as it removes excess energy. It makes it easier to focus.
  3. It has blood cleansing properties.
  4. It gives positive energy and relieves stress. Thus, it has the property of being a natural sedative. 
  5. In antiquity, it was used to prevent drunkenness.
  6. It is thought to strengthen the immune system.
  7. It has positive effects on respiratory tract disorders.
  8. Positive effects have been observed in getting rid of addictions.

Maintenance and cleaning of the stone:

The most suitable method for cleaning natural stones is to bury them in the ground at regular intervals for a day. However, if the stone in hand has a porous structure, it can be cleaned by keeping it in clean water. In addition, it is recommended that you clean your newly bought stones before using them since they are exposed to the contact of many people until they come to you. You should avoid contact with your natural stone with chemicals, all kinds of detergents, and perfumes. Moonstone and Its Benefits

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