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Good day to all those who, for one reason or another, ended up on the pages of our web portal! Amethyst is a mineral that is highly sought after by jewelry buyers. This zodiac sign fits all zodiac signs with a few exceptions. The gem has strong magical properties. To enhance them, you need to dress properly. About how to wear amethyst, if it can be worn without a pair, what signs it suits – this is our article.

The magic of stone in jewelry Natural amethyst is a purple mineral with different shades. Transparent without any involvement. Some cases contain thin threads that form a pattern inside. Prolonged exposure to the sun worsens the color, in 5 years it loses 10% of its color. Also, Read – 10 Most Common Types of Crystals | And What They’re Used For

In ancient times, amethyst was considered a symbol of peace, tranquility, and sincerity.

  • If you are possessed by contradictory feelings, a state of anxiety has appeared, and it is recommended to wear beads or a ring with a mineral.
  • Whoever wants true love, in order for the chosen one to respond, must have a pink gem.
  • It is called the “widows'” stone. Many women, after the death of a loved one, wore a stone as a sign of eternal love. Helps to cope with grief.
  • The ancient Greeks believed that the purple mineral talisman would help them avoid drunkenness. It was believed to have the ability to turn wine into water. When you drink, you do not get drunk. When you go to a party, get a talisman, it will help you have fun without getting drunk.
  • Silver jewelry with amethyst has great magical power. Noble metal reveals the properties of the stone. If there is such an ornament, it will help to establish personal relationships, business, businessmen – to negotiate successfully.
  • For women, a heart pendant will help them find the happiness of motherhood. It should be worn before conception and throughout pregnancy.
  • Men need a talisman to build family relationships. It is good to have it in the bedroom to avoid conflicts, to resolve all issues gently, without sediment in the soul of both spouses.
  • A gold pendant with amethyst energizes your body and gives it strength.
  • The stone is able to control your emotions, calm the nervous system and help you make the right decision.
  • The stone is able to control your emotions, calm the nervous system and help you make the right decision.
  • People of creative professions should have an amethyst. This will help you unleash your potential and creativity. New ideas will emerge, and talent will be discovered with full force.

Amethyst Zodiac signs

How to wear amethyst to improve its properties

To enhance the magical effect of a stone, you need to know how to wear it correctly: in pairs or not, on which finger, with which metal.

We hope we have helped you understand how and who can wear amethyst. We are waiting for you on our website for new information. There will be other equally informative reviews in the near future. In the meantime, you can repost existing articles on social media so that your friends can also notice the extraordinary beauty of the living stones! We will be happy to see you again on the pages of our portal! Good luck!

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Amethyst is the most expensive variety of quartz, ranging from pale lilac to deep purple. A distinctive feature of the stone – with prolonged exposure to the sun, it fades. In the shade, the color is gradually restored. The pure purple color of amethyst, deep transparency, and unusual appearance has gained the interest of jewelers all over the world.

Often, amethysts are ennobled by heat – they improve or change the color of the stone. Using different temperatures, the amethyst is converted to, or. this stone does not like bright sunlight. To protect jewelry or crystals from fading, it is best to keep them away from direct sunlight.

The magical properties of amethyst

Amethyst stone has extraordinary magical properties. It is a powerful accumulator of information and a spatial converter: the “suction” of the negative removes sadness and makes the atmosphere in the home more benevolent. The magical abilities of the stone also extend to the creative potential of its owner: the amethyst will contribute to the development and discovery of the owner’s hidden talents and creativity.

In cases where a combination of knowledge and intuition is important, the magical properties of amethyst will come in handy. For people in high positions, it helps to go beyond standard patterns of thinking and promotes the emergence of the breadth of thought in situations that are beyond the ordinary. The energy and purple color of the stone is also believed to be able to clean the space from accumulated negativity. It is worth considering that amethyst is one of those stones that can not be worn all the time, it should be removed for a while. Using amethyst in meditation helps concentration and enhances positive spiritual feelings. It also helps to overcome fear and incontinence.

Healing properties of amethyst

The main meaning of amethyst stone is that it protects against intoxication and poisoning. Therefore, it was one of the most popular minerals in the past. Amethyst was used to decorate the dishes of nobility so that people with large births did not suffer from the effects of poisons, which at that time were often added to drinks or food. Today, the stone is often used for the same purpose. In addition, it helps to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction. Also, amethyst, as a stone that curbs passions, is used in the fight against smoking, and excessive appetite and helps in following a diet.


Amethyst is used to treat gout, migraines, headaches, genital diseases, and insomnia. Located under the pillow, it gives good and bright dreams. Cleanses the blood, treats mental disorders and relieves nervous excitement. Amethyst purple relieves mental pain, relieves anxiety, and soothes and clears thoughts. However, amethyst is not recommended to be worn constantly, as an excess of purple can distract a person from solving urgent earthly tasks, make him fly in the clouds, and even cause depression and melancholy

Talisman and Amulet

Violet is considered more mystical, perhaps because it is closer to the end of the light spectrum, on the border with ultraviolet rays, between the visible and invisible world, behind which lies the mystery and the unknown. It is no coincidence that the first Christian apostles wore rings with amethyst. In Russia, amethyst was called the bishop’s stone. It was believed to help curb passions and people who made any kind of commitment had to keep it.

A heart-shaped amethyst turned out to be a good amulet of family happiness. Such a decoration should be worn by both spouses. It is sometimes called the “old bachelor stone”: it can evoke love for the giver, even if the person who received it as a gift has previously been in love with another. Because of these properties of the stone, the custom forbids giving amethyst jewelry to young girls and other people’s wives. Some peoples call it the widow’s stone. One of the spouses, who has lost his half and has no thoughts of a new marriage, should wear an amethyst as a symbol of true love for the deceased spouse.

Amethyst in astrology

Amethyst suits almost every sign of the zodiac to varying degrees. It especially helps the signs of the water element: Pisces, Crabs, and Scorpios. Positively affects the representatives of the signs, and is ideal. However, due to the peculiarities of temperament, representatives of the signs Leo and Taurus should beware of this stone. For the rest of the zodiac signs, it is not dangerous.

Amethyst compatibility with zodiac signs

The wide range of influence of the amethyst makes it possible to dress him in jewelry or simply as an amulet, strengthening and developing the most diverse features of Aries. Amethyst enhances logical thinking, activating not only concrete thinking, which is already quite typical for representatives of the sign but also abstract thinking, expanding the range of understanding of people’s life and motives. Amethyst activates the world of feelings, giving more detail to the sensory experiences, thus enriching the inner life of Aries. Beautiful amethyst soothes excessive militancy, developing goodwill and gentleness, the ability to more easily achieve harmony with others.

This gem is very much in line with Taurus, as it goes well with the basic need of people of this sign to live in abundance, to see the beauty around them, and to have authority in certain districts – in that layer of society where Taurus strives. Helping to achieve what you want, the amethyst educates Taurus at the same time, but this education will not be too difficult. The stone makes its owner show diligence and patience, and learn practical business skills. All these “conditions” are close to Taurus. Despite the constant search for comfort, persons of this sign are capable of creative activity and will make great efforts to achieve their goals. It remains to be added that amethyst will help develop eloquence, the ability to negotiate with business partners and marriage,

It is the amethyst that has a filling effect on the representatives of the sign, bringing variety and depth, seriousness, and maturity to their lives. With amethyst, the typical Gemini no longer looks light and superficial. At the same time, they maintain and even strengthen their main trump card – activity in perceiving new information, in contacts, and in displaying the talent of a negotiator and mediator in various areas of life. Socially, amethyst helps to achieve success in business, in the development of one’s business or career.

Amethyst is especially valuable for its beneficial sedative effect on the Gemini nervous system, which is under constant pressure. The stone flattens personal space, relieving excessive tension and also weakening excessive anxiety and nervousness if this feature occurs. Amethyst allows you to focus on the most important things, leaving aside the less important and less urgent ones. A clear sequence and organization of life take place, which to a great extent helps the Gemini to realize their plans.

Representatives of the sign of Crab should also like amethyst. Not so many gemstones are uniquely suitable for people of this sign, as the nature of Crab is very sensitive to momentary changes in the inner state. It is one of the favorable pearls, but with reservations. The impact of amethyst will always be positive for those people who want to learn how to manage their emotions and control the instability of their mental state. Cancer should avoid the excessive impact of his emotions on his life and those around him.

Amethyst will help with this. The stone improves speech and gives speech clarity and conviction. In times of danger and stress, it helps to stay calm and restrained in the display of emotions. For Crab, this aspect of impact is one of the most important. It promotes career growth, social growth, success in social activities, as well as self-awareness and inner development. For Crab, amethyst is good as a talisman of stability in personal and family life. Family value, respect for family and ancestors Crabs suck it with breast milk.

Amethyst is able to strengthen family traditions, develop mutual assistance between close people, and strengthen positions in the family of the stone owner. Family value, respect for family and ancestors Crabs suck it with breast milk. Amethyst is able to strengthen family traditions, develop mutual assistance between close people, and strengthen positions in the family of the stone owner. Family value, respect for family and ancestors Crabs suck it with breast milk. Amethyst is able to strengthen family traditions, develop mutual assistance between close people, and strengthen positions in the family of the stone owner.

This gem is very useful for Lviv, however, rarely attracts the attention of these persons with “royal blood”. What is its use for Leo? First, the stone removes any excess in Leo’s manifestations, calming his mental energy and developing patience, perseverance, understanding of the current moment, and realism. Leo – the owner of amethyst, is already more practical and dynamic, which gives more opportunities to achieve your goals or, at least, to bring you closer to achieving what you want.

There is more intelligence and organization, a vision of perspective, and diligence. With amethyst, it is much easier for Leos to make the right decisions, not succumbing to impulsivity on the one hand and not thinking too long, looking for reasons to “do nothing” on the other. Amethyst soothes pride, soothes Egon, not allowing the importance and greatness of his person to be overestimated. It is not known if all Leos will like such an impact, but the fact that amethyst will contribute to Leo’s enlightenment is absolutely certain!

A good help in the form of beautiful and desirable amethyst jewelry will give the Virgin new opportunities to change her life for the better. A Virgo that develops harmoniously is not afraid of difficulties, which means that the amethyst for such Virgos will have a greater impact on the mood, developing sensitivity, and tenderness and at the same time will contribute to personal development and career advancement, strengthening, among other things, charisma.

As with Gemini, amethyst will strengthen the nervous system of Virgo, helping to overcome outbursts of negative emotions. Amethyst will help the shy and withdrawn Virgos to open up and gain confidence in themselves, in their success, but a person in a positive mood and increase the chances of conquering any height in their development – whether professional development or spiritual growth. On the one hand, amethyst helps to improve earthworks – in the development of business, in any practical activity, on the other hand, it gives vitality, and confidence in the best strengthens the position of a person in society.

Amethyst harmonizes well with Libra. The impact of the stone helps Libra reach that state of moderation and balance, which they always strive for but rarely achieve. And, if they do, it is for a short period. The fact is that people in the sign of Libra spend a lot of personal energy to maintain this inner balance – the energy they need to realize in the family or in society, in their personal life, or in the life of the work team. It turns out that this stone is not only an excellent talisman for Libra, this stone allows you to maintain and develop the resource that enables the self-realization of Libra in a shorter and more efficient time. As mentioned above, amethyst helps to strengthen the logical mind, improves speech, and promotes the development of feelings.

It is believed that amethyst increases the attractiveness of Scorpio. It all has to do with the secret of the sign: Scorpio is strong in its potential. this stone increases the talents of Scorpio, who in the end seek to come out, and love their appearance. Amethyst expands consciousness and directs people of this sign towards the highest knowledge, discoveries of the unknown, and the ability to apply this knowledge in daily life for personal gain and for the good of society.

And these are not just big words. A strong Scorpio, loaded with creative energy, is already of interest to whole groups of people, to large organizations and associations. The material world in its purest form is not interesting to Scorpio, he is looking for other values. A developed Scorpio, aiming for great things, not only gains power, he also takes great responsibility for his actions, his thoughts, his life, and the lives of the people close to him. The more a person knows, the greater the demand. Amethyst will help Scorpios in any serious and good deed, but not in the indulgence of low passions.

As much as possible, the amethyst appears in the hands of the people of Sagittarius. The direct connection of the stone with this zodiac sign enhances all the basic qualities of Sagittarius – positive and negative – this must be remembered. Amethyst “welcomes” the game according to the rules and in this case, protects its owner from failure. Thanks to the influence of this stone, Sagittarians increase their popularity, strengthen their positions, expand their horizons, remember justice and independence, optimism and love for life. Amethyst enhances the life of feelings, promotes networking and strengthening relationships, and increases the gift of eloquence.

As a significant addition, it should be noted that amethyst has a sobering effect on Sagittarius, gives a vision of the real state of affairs, and describes the limits of what is permissible. Any excess in manifestations will have consequences, so Sagittarius should not be deceived, but think carefully about their actions, and relate them to the wishes and needs of other people. In this case, the amethyst will help in all endeavors and “allow” you to achieve what you want with as little loss as possible.

Amethyst has a wonderful effect on Capricorn. People of this sign are stimulated with such important qualities as dedication, professional growth, and development of intelligence. Capricorns do not always know how to negotiate, it is difficult to compromise due to the tendency for stubbornness in the absence of flexibility. Amethyst will contribute to success in the negotiation process, also increasing the gift of persuasion. It remains only to adjust their options – somewhere to show compliance, and somewhere to influence with bright speech. In general, this purple stone will help to slightly soften the character of a typical Capricorn and to reveal an emotional, sensual component, which is especially sought after in personal life.

For Aquarius, amethyst is considered one of the best talismans. The variety of spheres of life affected by amethyst is required by Aquarius as a whole. The most fundamental influence of the stone is related to the expansion of consciousness, to the maintenance of the mood for friendship and love, and not only for bodily love, but for the highest, and therefore all-encompassing.

Such love gives all that can be dreamed of if we do not dive into the whole matter and look a little wider and deeper. Amethyst, on the one hand, helps to develop the best qualities of Aquarius, on the other hand, removes some rigidity, and freshness in feelings, gently relieving the feeling of loneliness, and inner isolation. In everyday life, amethyst helps to make decisions, strengthens the moral principle, and develops logic and abstract thinking.

Fish amethyst is also more than useful and desirable. The stone goes well with the rich inner world of Pisces, developing creativity and helping with the usual daily chores. Amethyst is notable for its mild effect, and Pisces is particularly sensitive to external influences.

Therefore, choosing jewelry or a talisman, an amulet in favor of amethyst will not increase the impression and emotional reactivity of the representatives of the sign. On the contrary, a stone will strengthen the position of Pisces, and will protect their vulnerable soul from outside transgressions, creating a special atmosphere of calm and self-confidence. Finally, the amethyst will help Pisces save themselves, by not entering the world of dreams and fantasies, in which there are no boundaries and no measure.

Amethyst – the magical properties of the stone

It is equally loved by jewelers, esotericists, and fans of exquisite jewelry. Among the famous gemstones, the amethyst stone occupies a special place due to its mysterious color, unique energy, and healing properties.

Characteristics of the Amethyst mineral

Amethyst stone is a variety of quartz. Its chemical formula is SiO2. The purple or blue-lilac color of the rock is due to iron impurities. A transparent mineral is classified as semi-precious, and a dark mineral is classified as decorative. In nature, they form crystals or combinations of crystals – druse.

The mineral has a glass or pearl luster. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is 7, the density is 2.65. The pebble is able to change its color depending on the lighting, temperature, and weather conditions. The color of the sun-bleached mineral is restored by X-rays.


Amethyst deposits in Russia are the mountain ranges of the Polar and Middle Urals. It is mined in Yakutia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. A large deposit is located in Zimbabwe. Mining is carried out in the USA, Brazil, India, Australia, and many other countries. In small quantities, the stone is still mined on the shores of the White Sea (Cape Korabl).


Purple amethyst is the most commonly found stone and serves as a classic example of this mineral. Among its shades are lilac, lilac-blue, lavender, and amethyst lilac with varying degrees of brightness. A dark purple mineral extracted in Uruguay – this almost black amethyst has a special oily sheen.

Pink amethyst is a variety of transparent quartz with a soft pink tinge. The dark mineral is often called “pink quartz”.

Amethyst green stone is a rarity. Most of the jewelry inserts from it are thermally processed or are of artificial origin. In nature, this stone acquires a golden-green color, and in the laboratory – a deep green. The natural combinations of amethyst with other minerals are interesting: smoky – with smoked quartz, ametrine – with citrine, chevron – with white quartz, rutile – with gene, etc.


If the product description indicates that the stone is synthetic or hydrothermal, it is not fake. To artificially grow a mineral, you need the same natural raw materials used in the natural environment. Thanks to the necessary impurities, the stone gets a color of any intensity and its properties remain identical to the natural ones. It only takes scientists 2 months to grow such a crystal. In nature, it has been created for many years.

Amethyst Mineral cost

The price of an amethyst stone depends on its characteristics: color, transparency, size, absence of defects, and the presence of jewelry processing. Moreover, the cost is affected by mineral deposition – crystals of a volcanic formation are less affected by light and are therefore valued more. Transparent, glowing, and face amethyst costs from $ 10 to $ 150 per carat. Copies of pale shades are cheaper – starting at $ 5 per 1 carat.

A raw mineral of transparent quality is cheaper – from $ 3 for a pebble 1.5-2 cm in size. A darker type of mineral is even less expensive – specimens 1-2 cm in size are valued at around $ 1. It is interesting that the price of artificial amethyst (synthesized, hydrothermal) is not much different from the price of natural.

Use of jewelry

The history of mineral jewelry dates back centuries – purple amethyst products were popular in ancient Rome and Greece. From it, jewelry, talismans, and cups were made. The clergy decorated them with crosses and robes, the royal jewelers laid wreaths. Today, more than ever, jewelry with transparent amethyst is important. Dark stones are most often used to make crafts and beads.

With a rich but not bright color, this mineral is considered a universal jewelry insert. Goes well with precious and semi-precious metals of red, yellow, and white colors. Jewelry in which purple mineral is glued to diamonds and precious stones is very popular. Without losing itself and without obscuring the beauty of the gemstone, amethyst successfully emphasizes the overall brilliance and elegance of the jewelry composition. The calm mineral color is quite suitable for women and men: soft and warm shades are most often used for women’s jewelry and cool and dark ones for men.

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