Aragonite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

The aragonite stone is well known in the esoteric environment, mainly for its power to transmute negative energies, so harmful to our lives. This power stone is great for you who are looking for ways to positively transform your life. Learn more about this stone and especially how to use it correctly. Aragonite Stone Properties, Benefits, Colors

The energies exist, but not everyone can see them! In fact, most of us cannot see these energies, which can be both positive and negative.

For example, envy exists, according to the popular saying, it can even destroy your life, right? But we couldn’t see it.

There are some stones that have a magnificent power of energy transmutation. This is the case of aragonite, this stone has energy transforming powers. It purifies energies that are stagnant and that are extremely harmful to us.

Disintegrating these heavy energies, she returns to the environment, with more subtle energies of peace, health, and love. That is, it transforms everything that is heavy and negative into something positive and light.

Your connection to mother nature is very strong, so it is possible to feel these subtle energies simply by being close to her.

In addition to these energetic vibrations, it also acts on the physical body, helping it stay healthier and eliminating any feeling of tiredness or indisposition that we have throughout life. Learn more about this stone and be surprised by the number of benefits it can bring you. What is Psoriasis Stone? What is the Meaning of Psoriasis Stone?

Meanings of aragonite

The aragonite stone has not lost its energetic connections with the forces coming from mother nature. It’s as if she’s just been extracted from the earth’s surface. Unfortunately in this extraction process, many stones lose their energy power, with her this did not happen.

It acts mainly as an instrument of energy healing, in addition to purifying the heaviest energies, also called telluric energies.

Throughout life, we gain some energy blocks. They arise due to traumas, fears, and phobias, acquired throughout life. This stone dissolves these blocks, returning the feeling of purification.

When placed in highly charged environments, they dissolve tensions and heavy climates of conflict and nervousness.

People who occupy leadership positions, where they have to manage a lot of employees and conflicts, should use this type of stone. It helps to keep the mind calm and to find the best solutions to problems that arise.

If you are not a person who has to manage a lot of people, but you are part of a conflicting environment, this stone is for you too. Best Natural Stones for Empaths

Aragonite Benefits

  • Transformation of harmful energies and purification of the environment;
  • Energy balance in the chakras ;
  • Improved blood flow in the body;
  • Calms racing thoughts, decreasing anxiety;
  • Facilitator of meditation processes;
  • Increased disposition and decreased physical fatigue;
  • Facilitates connection with the subtle energies of nature;
  • Strengthens the skeletal system, and bones can absorb more calcium.

Beneficial effects of using aragonite stone

As we said, aragonite serves to reduce existing conflicts. It helps to keep our body’s flow of vital energy in perfect balance. When we are in balance, our health tends to get better. This contributes to a stronger immune system.

Problems related to bones such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis, are alleviated with the use of this stone on site. Some people have even reported a significant improvement in spine elasticity, for example.

This happens because calcium is better absorbed, consequently, the bone stronger.

Do you know those people who seem to live in the moon world? So, this stone helps keep them in mind more practical things, without traveling too much in mayonnaise.

Another beneficial effect that this stone provides is the reduction of anxiety. It acts directly on our mental field, helping us to keep ourselves happier and focused on concrete goals. Chrysocolla Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Need to clean and energize aragonite?

Many people, when they buy or receive a stone of power, soon ask how to clean and energize the stone and if this really should be done?

The answer is yes!

Power stones like aragonite are like a sponge, absorbing all the energies around them. Therefore, they can become charged with negative energies.

The process of cleaning your stone is easy, you don’t need to have any specific skills for it. You will only need a bowl, preferably a glass one with a little water and coarse or sea salt.

Dip your stone into this bowl and leave it there for about 5 minutes. Then dry it and put it in the sun for about 10 minutes.

At night, in the same serene, leave your stone there to take in the moon’s rays. You can leave it there until the next day. That’s it, your stone is energized and ready to bring you all the benefits you want.

Remember, it’s very important that you don’t let anyone touch your stone.

To cleanse your energy, wash it under running water with sea salt for about 3 minutes.

Repeat all these procedures every 15 days.

Ways to use aragonite stone

Aragonite stone serves both to improve our physical body and soul, as well as to improve the environments of negative energies.

If your interest is to purify an environment that is energetically charged, then just place a stone like this in the environment as a decoration.

Choose a place in the room where you want to transmute the energy and leave it there, do the cleaning and energizing procedure as we taught above so that it always stays clean.

Now if your interest is to improve the energy of your vibrational field, then you can use any jewelry that contains this stone. Nowadays it is possible to find earrings, rings, and bracelets, among other accessories with this stone.

If you can’t find any, just carry it in your bag, wrapped in a cloth or felt bag, for example. Remember not to let anyone touch you.

It is also possible to use it in your meditative practices, just place an aragonite stone near the place where you want to treat it and let it act for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Prasiolite: Meaning, Properties, and Powers

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