Black Diamond: Properties, Colour, Sizes & Shapes

The black diamond is a kind of diamond. If the majority of these gems are white, colorless, or very slightly tinged with yellow, there are also pink, red, green, or blue diamonds. The most enigmatic of all diamonds is certainly the black gem, imbued with incomparable beauty and extremely rare on the market. A symbol of strength and protection, the black gem has fascinated people since ancient times.

Properties of Of Black Diamond

Black Diamond Carat

Not to be confused with the carat of gold, a unit used to define the purity of gold, the carat for a diamond has a completely different meaning. It is the unit of measurement of the weight of precious stones. Appearing in the 20th century, it is a very precise measurement that makes it possible to determine the price of precious stones. A 1-carat black diamond weighs 0.20 grams, so 1 gram equals 5 carats of the black gem. The heavier a stone, the higher its price will be (for equal quality). The density of the stone also plays a role in terms of visual impact: the denser a stone, the heavier it will be.

Black Diamond Colour

To understand what makes the specificity of this unique mineral, we must first look at Black Diamond Colours and reflections. One of the most fascinating characteristics of the gemstone is its luster which is unlike any other. Another special feature is that this dark-tinted diamond does not scatter light and therefore has an opaque appearance as well as a characteristic intense black.

Black Diamond Colour


We find in the composition of carbonado microscopic inclusions of graphite or hematite, which explains why it does not reflect light. It was only in the 1990s that jewelers began to take an interest in the black gem and to include it in adornments and especially on rings. The very particular shade of this Black Diamond with distant origins is indeed perfect for creating jewelry with strong color contrasts. In frames of white colors to contrast, it is however very beautiful also on yellow gold or rose gold.


Scientists have long debated the circumstances of the appearance of this gem with unusual characteristics. Today, the main theory of researchers is that the stone comes from a collision between our planet and an asteroid dating back hundreds of millions of years (2.6 to 3.8 billion years BC). Debris from the collision would have spread through the atmosphere and landed in Africa as well as Brazil. This black gem is therefore different from other diamonds whose origin is volcanic and makes you dream of its genesis and its components that are found nowhere else on earth.

Black Diamond Sizes & Shapes

The black diamond, just like the white diamond, is the strongest stone (it has a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale – that is to say the maximum). It is, therefore, possible to cut it in all shapes.

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