Bloodstone Benefits and Properties

Bloodstone is a dark green opaque form of chalcedony quartz with distinctive red spots. The green color is due to the presence of chlorite particles or incorporated hornblende needles, while the red spots are due to iron oxide. Color is somewhat variable and some blood stone samples have few or no red spots.

Bloodstone is also known as heliotrope, which derives from the Greek words helio and tropos, meaning to turn towards the sun. The name blood stone clearly comes from the blood-like appearance of the red droplets.

Christians attached special importance to the bloodstone. According to Christian legend, when Jesus Christ was crucified, dripping blood stained the green under his feet, and this was the origin of the bloodstone. Blood stone was widely used in statues representing whipping and martyrdom and was once known as the ‘martyr’s stone.

There are also some gemological myths about bloodstones. In the jewelry trade, the term blood jasper is sometimes used to denote blood stone. Apparently many reputable sources describe a blood stone as a form of green jasper or red jasper. But according to the most authoritative sources such as Schumann’s Gems of the World, blood stone is not jasper at all.

Bloodstone was the original birthstone for March but was replaced by aquamarine. However, blood stone is still considered the astrological gem for Aries. You will most commonly find cabochons and bloodstones cut into beads. It was also traditionally used for engagement.

The largest Bloodstone deposits are in India. Bloodstone is also found in Australia, Madagascar, Brazil, China, and the United States. It can be difficult to find fine blood stone samples on the market today. Some believe the famine was due to the use of finely powdered bloodstone in India as both a medicine and an aphrodisiac.

Due to its name and appearance, bloodstone has given birth to much folklore. It was once thought to be able to stop bleeding and relieve stomach and intestinal pains with just one touch. It was said to strengthen the blood purifying organs and improve circulation.

Some Benefits of Bloodstone

There are many beliefs when it comes to the healing benefits of bloodstones. Let’s take a look at some of its therapeutic abilities.

Bloodstone, assault, bullying, physical injury, etc. It is believed to provide security against any physical threat such as It also provides effective verbal protection against any form of verbal abuse.

Moved to a new neighborhood? Transferred to a different office? Bloodstone is the jewel for you.

Carry a Bloodstone if you want to adapt or adjust to a new environment. The jewel is said to give its owner the presence of mind and the determination to adapt. It heals the mind from the stress of being in a new place.

Bloodstone is also a suitable jewel for those who want to relieve their tiredness both physically and mentally. The stone emits a vibration that strengthens the body and mind of its bearer. Discover why diamond is so valuable and precious

Emotions and Emotional Healing

Bloodstone helps those who are frightened or abandoned by Others to establish their bond with the Almighty, reassuring them that loneliness is only temporary.

Blood stone emphasizes that disaster often brings about change and helps him anticipate when you need to tactically exit these situations and when to take appropriate action and risk staying on track.

Bloodstone nurtures feelings of worth, security, and independence by relaxing the body, removing confusion, and enhancing choices in life.


Relatively, the mind benefits from the healing properties of Bloodstone.

The gemstone emits a powerful positive vibration that allows the mind to open itself to the deepest dreams of its bearer. Its red lines represent the roots of life. What is Natural Stone? How Are Natural Stones Formed?

The extraordinary healing properties of bloodstone magnify its owner’s determination to achieve his goals in life. The vitality engraved on it allows the mind to expand its thoughts and ideas. If you have trouble thinking or planning something, Blood stone can be of great help.

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