Blue Onyx (Oceanite): Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Blue onyx (Oceanite) stone has a lot of energy power and is able to give all the support that the body and mind need. You know those moments of emotional overload we face throughout our lives? So this stone can help you overcome them! Find out more about it below and the best way to use and energize it.

Also known as oceanite, the blue onyx stone is a very powerful crystal that transmits a lot of energy. Tuning in to higher powers is easier when you have this stone. That’s why experts recommend it as an amulet of power and serenity, in addition to countless other benefits.

Strengthening self-esteem and not caring so much about the opinion of others is one of the characteristics that this stone strengthens in the body. It increases your inner strength, it helps you become your own master of destiny. So, if you feel very insecure and worried about what others think, this could be your power stone.

It doesn’t hurt to try it, does it? After all, no one wants to absorb negative energies from the environments and people around!

If we can use stones that came from a place as energetically strong as Nature, why not try it? Below you will learn more about this energetically powerful stone.

Blue onyx stone properties

The main characteristic of the blue onyx stone is to promote the body, resistance, vitality, and security in relation to its feelings and actions. She is the stone of the insecure!

If you don’t feel confident about your feelings and actions, this stone is ideal. You can place it on a desktop or even carry it with you.

Another very strong characteristic that she has is that of undoing possible feelings acquired in the past. You know those childhood traumas or something unresolved with someone, for example, they help you overcome.

The colors of the stone known as onyx can vary a lot, it is possible to find additional blue, red, and black with some white grooves, with layers in red, yellow, and brown tones.

Blue onyx can be found easily in Mexico, Italy, and the United States, and surprisingly, they are used as building materials.

Some experts in this sector even say that in the future, onyx will be used as decoration just like marble.

What energies does the blue onyx stone transmit?

Mystics and esoterics claim that the blue onyx stone contains a figure inside and that it serves to transmit some teaching. It’s like you get a spiritual message from the universe.

Onyx brings into your life all the memories of your physical experiences on the planet. Some therapies use this stone as a psychometric tool to reveal some forgotten history of the past.

Situations of a lot of stress and emotional charges can be relieved with the use of this stone. Athletes or people who suffer from some type of anxiety syndrome can benefit from using this stone. It balances the body and mind and helps you keep your mental focus on the present.

As a natural mental tonic, it boosts your self-confidence and makes you mentally stronger to face your problems. Do you need balance and help to feel more comfortable in the environments you frequent? This stone will help you.

You must also understand that no stone will work miracles in your life. For example, if you suffer from a mental illness, it’s no use just using the stones. The most ideal in these cases is to consult a specialist doctor. Psychiatry currently has excellent remedies for different cases with very few side effects.

Benefits of blue onyx stone

Crystals in general have very great power in relation to our psyche. Blue Onyx is a stone that will help you in this process of integrating the dualities of your being.

This means that you will be able to easily understand all the opposites in your life. That is, it will be easier to accept and understand the opposites that dwell within you.

Knowing yourself and especially accepting yourself, makes the rejection by yourself cease to exist. When we are in balance and accepting ourselves, decisions are made wiser.

Therefore, the main benefits related to this stone are linked to our psychological. Excessive worries, unexplained fears, and anxiety are some of the symptoms relieved by contacting this stone.

People who are lost without knowing what they really like may feel more stabilized with this stone. This crystal provides self-control.

Balancing yin and yang energies and making sex life more stable is one of the benefits offered by this stone. People who have sexual disorders can benefit from this stone.

The musculoskeletal system also benefits when it comes into contact with the energies of this stone. Bones are strengthened and the circulatory system is strengthened.

The zodiac signs that most have affinities with this stone are Pisces, Aquarius, Libra, and Cancer.

What is the best way to use blue onyx stone?

The blue onyx stone can be used in different ways, as an accessory or as a rough stone even for the practice of meditation. The best way to use it is who will determine you, according to your goals.

Specialists recommend using it as a pendant on the left side of the body. Now if you are going to use it for meditative practice, for example, it can be rough or polished, it’s up to you.

In meditations, it is recommended to hold the stone in your hand. It is important that you empty your mind of worries and other limiting thoughts. Try to relax to feel the energies of this stone.

Athletes who want to use this stone can carry it as a pendant in the center of the chest.

Many are in doubt about where to find this type of stone. Know that the blue onyx stone is freely traded, so it is very easy to find it in rings, pendants, chains, and bracelets, for example. Stores that sell stone jewelry sell this type for sure.

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