Carnelian stone: Meaning, Properties, and benefits

There are several stones that fulfill different functions on our planet, whether to help us spiritually, emotionally, or even physically. There are also those that unite these three elements and that, precisely for this reason, are so special.

Today we will talk about carnelian, a stone that has energies, functions, and many important meanings for our lives. In addition to explaining the main ways to use it, we will also talk about the benefits and how you can take care of your stone.

Carnelian meanings

Carnelian is a stone that gets its name because of its color, which in Latin means “flesh”. Despite this, this color can become more pronounced if the stone receives the right amount of sunlight. But beyond the meaning of the name, this stone has much more to reveal.

One of the meanings of using this stone for your good is the renewal of some feelings, such as courage and self-confidence. Exactly for this reason the use of carnelian is recommended for shy people or even those who have difficulty speaking in public, as it can bring out these characteristics.

Furthermore, the stone is also known to bring positivity to your life. This usage is quite common in Buddhism today, but it was also used by ancient Armenians. These positive energies help to ward off bad spirits, bad omens, envy, and, consequently, negative energies of various types.

We can conclude then that this stone has a meaning of positive energy and prosperity. But, after all, how to use it correctly? What are the real benefits that this positive energy can bring? These are exactly the topics that we will still cover here.

How to use carnelian stone?

Because it is a powerful stone, there is more than one way to use it and, therefore, we are going to talk about them all so that you can choose which is the best for you or the one that best suits this moment in your life.

To keep envy and evil spirits away from you, it is recommended that you wear jewelry such as earrings or rings that contain a carnelian stone. In this way, a field of positive energies can be created around you, wherever you go. This is one of the most recommended ways to use carnelian.

You can also leave a large gemstone in a central spot in your home so that the environment absorbs this entire field of positive energy and protection against negativity. This can be used both at home and at your place of work, for example.

The application of a gem can be done in painful places, especially some specific pains such as back pain, which we will talk about a little more in the next topics. To alleviate problems such as anxiety, applying the yolk for 5 minutes in the belly region also helps, since that’s where your body’s energy is concentrated.

Carnelian stone benefits

As you can see, the use of carnelian stone can bring many benefits to your life and health. But what are these benefits specifically and why are they so important? We separate them into three categories so you can better understand what we are talking about:

  • The spiritual side;
  • The emotional side;
  • The physical side.

The spiritual side

The charging of positive energies that carnelian can bring means that new opportunities can arise in your life, both in professional terms and in the emotional field, which we will mention in more depth as well. In addition, the use of the stone helps to create a barrier of protection against envy and the evil eye, which also helps with the issue of courage and motivation to face life’s challenges.

The emotional side

Emotionally speaking, carnelian is also quite effective. Mainly because of its powers to ward off envy and negativity, it also helps to attract more positive energies to you and your life. As a result, you also end up having greater emotional control, as you will live with more peace and tranquility.

The physical side

Although the issue of positive energies is very active on your spiritual and emotional side, carnelian also has powers that affect you physically. It helps treat back pain and especially bone problems. Its extreme positive energy is also very effective against depression and anxiety.

In addition to all these benefits, the use of this stone also helps to speed up metabolism, which benefits people who are in a slimming process.

Carnelian Stone cleaning

Despite containing powerful meanings and having incredible benefits, carnelian stone may not fully function if it is not properly cleaned and recharged with energies. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some basic rules to be able to attract as much positive energy to you.

In order for it to be completely free of impurities, it is recommended that you let it rest for about 5 minutes in running water or in a solution of water and coarse salt, which makes cleaning even more effective.

In addition, it is necessary to remember the importance of recharging the energies of the stone, which you can perceive by the more or less accentuated color. For it to be fully recharged, the most recommended thing is to leave it in the sun between 3 and 5 hours. Everything will depend on the intensity of the sun, but you can tell by the color if it is already fully recharged or not.


Using mystical stones like carnelian is not something that should be done lightly, which is why it is so important to know what their meanings are and how to use them correctly. This is how you can gather the energies of the stone to the fullest and capture all the good vibes it can pass on to you, whether on the physical, spiritual, or emotional side.

Regardless of what your goal is with a carnelian stone, having all this information will help you and make your life lighter and lighter!

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