Chrysocolla Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Mainly linked to female cycles, chrysocolla is a stone with very strong energetic powers. Therapists of different lineages use this stone as an instrument of power to dissolve different energies. Find out more about this powerful stone below and how you can use it to your advantage.

Women, unlike men, suffer much more from the discomforts caused by the production or shortage of hormones. PMS, pregnancy, and menopause are the main causes of very strong hormonal changes in women’s bodies. 10 Most Common Types of Crystals | And What They’re Used For

According to experts, this stone acts directly on the body of women. Mainly in the female reproductive system, balancing the functioning of hormones.

Chrysocolla is not known for a while, several ancient peoples already used its power to balance the subtle energies of the body. Different therapies currently use this stone to promote emotional and physical healing.

Understand below how this stone is powerful and can help you keep the body in perfect balance, after all, no one wants to have negative energies stuck in the aura. Which Natural Stones Should Not Be Put In Water

History and origin of the name chrysocolla

It is believed that the chrysocolla stone was discovered hundreds of years ago by the Greek people. This name was given by the junction of the Greek words Chrysos and Kolla, whose translation refers to the materials used in gold soldering.

Since the ancient Inca Empire, this stone was used in jewelry, in order to promote wisdom and constancy.

In ancient Egypt, this stone was associated with wisdom, mainly because of its ability to increase sensitivity and tolerance among people.

Therapists who work with energies can use this stone to always keep their chakras in energetic balance. Strengthening and healing your physical and mental bodies.

The mind keeps itself balanced and the physique keeps away from destructive diseases.

Chrysocolla Properties

Chrysocolla stone is simply beautiful, it has a mixture of blue and green colors with some brown cracks that give it all its charm. Its color is very vibrant and on the hardness scale, its indices range from 2.5 to 3.5 Mohs. Prasiolite: Meaning, Properties, and Powers

Its physical structures are porous, contact with water or chemicals can cause it to simply fall apart. Body massage therapists who use oils should be careful not to touch this stone. Energizing the body should be done dry.

Currently, the main sources or deposits of this stone are found in countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, and the Republic of Congo. So be suspicious if anyone says they can extract this stone easily. It is only in these places that there are large concentrations.

Meanings of Chrysocolla

Energetically, chrysocolla is a stone indicated mainly to promote healing of the body and mind. In addition to these benefits, it also facilitates meditation processes, leaving the mind more serene and focused.

Very suitable for the purification of environments, it manages to transform negative energies into positive ones.

It increases our intuition, as it works on a very important chakra, located on our forehead, called the frontal. This chakra awakens our intuition and helps us in contact with other dimensions.

It is also believed that it strengthens our bone system, even reducing muscle spasms that we may experience throughout the day. In other words, it is a stone that promotes general well-being in both body and spirit. The person feels good when using this type of stone. The 6 Female Personalities: Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma

Benefits of using chrysocolla

The benefits obtained with the use of chrysocolla stone are diverse, mainly in relation to the rejuvenation of cells. Cells receive more oxygen and blood becomes purer.

When the disease settles in the body, it unbalances different systems, this is normal. Therefore, the indication of the use of this stone only brings benefits.

Having a healthier blood flow, some other organs benefit as well, such as the pancreas, for example.

Muscles also benefit by becoming stronger, that is, metabolism is stronger and away from cell inflammation.

The physical body ends up healing itself easily, as its immune system is stronger. People suffering from diabetes can benefit from the insulin production process. Of course, people who suffer from this disease should be accompanied by a doctor. No therapy can replace medical advice.

Women can also benefit from this stone. According to some reports, after applying this stone to places close to the female reproductive system, episodes of menstrual cramps decreased.

How to energize and clean chrysocolla stone?

As soon as you get your chrysocolla stone, you need to clean and energize it. It’s as if you reset the energy of the stone and after your procedure, it started to produce new cleaner energy.

Cleaning is very simple, as it is a porous stone, take a soft cloth and pass it all over to remove impurities.

Then you will energize your stone in the smoke of a purification incense, which must be purchased in specialized stores. After that, leave your stone in the sunlight for at least 2 hours.

The best time to energize your stone is during the full moon phase. You must let your stone take the moon’s rays throughout the night and dawn.

After these procedures, place your stone in a place where it can be protected and away from other people’s access. Marcasite: A Widely used stone to make jewelry

Best way to use chrysocolla stone

To protect your energy state and purify your soul and aura, simply wear an accessory with this stone close to your body. Rings, earrings, and necklaces can be easily found in specialty stores.

Now if you want to purify some environment in your home or office, just put a stone like this as decoration.

Therapists can place this stone in their place of care to facilitate healing and relaxation processes.

It is possible to apply the chrysocolla stone directly to the place on the body where you want to transmute the energy. Just apply on the spot for 30 minutes to 1 hour and cover with a cloth preferably in green color.

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