Datolite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Belonging to the nesosilicate class, datolite is a stone that has important mystical powers. It helps the human being to access the famous Akashic Records and thereby activate the third eye and intuition. Using this stone as a therapeutic form can bring many benefits, both for the body and for the spirit. Know all its properties and how to use it correctly. Rose Quartz Stone Benefits, and Properties

Datolite Meaning

The power of this stone is so great that experts claim the connection it provides to our past lives. In addition, with it, it is possible to access the famous Akashic Records, an important phenomenon that puts us in contact with present and past events.

It is believed that the activation of these superpowers occurs simply by placing this stone in the region of our third eye. The exact location is between the two eyebrows. We will better understand how this process happens throughout this text.

What is datolite and what are its magical powers?

Datolite stone is a mineral that belongs to the group of nesosilicates, discovered in 1806 by a Norwegian named Jens Esmark. He attributed the following terms to it “stone” and “split”, due to the texture characteristics that the massive stone has. This stone is rarely found in gem form.

This mineral is a calcium boron nesosilicate with traces of some other important chemical elements such as aluminum, magnesium, manganese, and iron. This junction makes this stone have different types of colors.

Datolite stones can be easily found all over the world. Currently, Russia is the country that most trades it. In South Africa it is very common to find some units of this stone in pink, this happens because of the excess of manganese present in the region.

In the United States and Mexico, there are also some examples of this type of stone. Some regions even specialize in marketing datolite.

It can be said that this stone is very important for those who want to increase their power of understanding different events in life. Problems that are difficult to solve can be solved more easily with this stone. Amethyst Meaning, Properties, Powers, Price, & Jewelry

People with memory problems can use this stone to improve cognitive performance. Symptoms of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, among others, were alleviated. The person gets more mental clarity and less anxiety, very common in people who are losing their memory.

During meditation processes, this stone can reveal very important information. Images, colors, and contacts can appear and unravel, just access. Burning Incense: Everything You Need to Know About Burning Incense

Datolite healing properties

This datolite stone is believed to promote healing in relation to karmic processes existing during life. It helps in retrieving different encoded information from human DNA. Accessing this information you understand more easily, the answers to why you exist and were born in your family, for example.

The magical and spiritual powers of this stone are mainly related to your past lives. It has the power to open your soul star, helping you to understand and recognize the natural happenings of life.

If you are experiencing a tumultuous or violent event, datolite will assure you of inner peace and mental comfort, completely undoing the feelings of fear and pain.

In the mental field, this stone helps you to solve problems with unresolved feelings, awakening your intellectual faculties. The person gets more mental clarity of their ideas, that is, you can keep in your mind, only the positive episodes, discarding the negative ones that don’t add you anything.

Emotionally, you become stronger in the face of the storms of life. You end up getting closer to the people you really love, moving away from the ones you don’t love that much. Do you know our inability to cultivate intimacy with other people? So this stone helps to dissolve that barrier of contact. How to Become an Archive Manager?

Akashic Records, what are they?

You must be wondering, after all, what are the Akashic Records, right? We will explain in detail what they are and how they can be so important in our incarnation.

Akasha can mean, ether, sky, or space in Sanskrit, very important substances for any soul or life that is on Earth.

This cosmic plan, as it is also known, works as if it were a large archive, where events that have occurred or will occur are stored in it.

These records accompany your entire existence, including other lives. It records absolutely everything, emotions, words, thoughts, and the actions generated because of them. In the Buddhist religion, these records are called “Memories of Nature.

These records are nothing more than an excellent and powerful connection tool with other dimensions and different astral planes. It is as if these records represent the divine connection that man’s mind has with other planes.

Accessing these records allows us to know different situations that occur in our present and mainly clarify facts that occurred in the past. The person can naturally discover their life purpose without any difficulty.

Severe trauma experienced or not experienced in this life can be dealt with in a therapeutic way.

Best methods for you to clean and energize your stone

Cleaning the stones is very important so that it maintains their natural powers. Cleaning is done easily. Take a glass bowl and fill it with water, not too hot.

Place these stones inside this bowl and soak them with 2 or 3 tablespoons of coarse salt. You can leave your stone for about 5 minutes.

After this procedure, it is necessary to power up and choose one of the following methods. follow up.

Energizing with earth

Bury your stone and leave it there for only 20 minutes, this is one of the most powerful energizing procedures. What is CRM? How to Use CRM Programs?

Energizing with sun or moon rays

Place your stone to take in the sun’s and moon’s rays. You can leave it in the sun for just 5 minutes and on the moon, you can leave it all night.

This type of energization balances the Yin and Yang of the stone, as the Sun is masculine and the Moon is feminine.

Energizing incense smoke

There are some incense sticks that are suitable for energizing. Just light it up and pass your stone in his smoke. It’s like you’re going to smoke incense.

When energizing your datolite stone, say a prayer.

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