Discover the top 10 types of Gemstones

There are countless types of gemstones in the world. In the United States alone, for example, more than one hundred types of gemstones are found. They have different colors, meanings, and values, but they all have in common the power to enchant people. Which Natural Stone Is For Taurus?

Check out the selection of gemstones we made for you to know a little more about the universe of the most beloved gemstones used in beautiful jewelry:

10 types of Gemstones


One of the most coveted stones in the world, the Diamond is composed solely of carbon and has a colorless hue, and sometimes it is possible to notice yellow, pink, blue, and green nuances.

Pink Star Diamond Ring
Pink Star Diamond Ring

Red and orange diamonds are rarely found. The difficulty in extracting the mineral from the depths of the earth makes the Diamond one of the most valuable gemstones. Its hardness and toughness — did you know that one diamond can only be broken by another? — make the stone the symbol of love that cannot be destroyed and, therefore, this stone is often used in engagement rings and wedding rings. What Are the Benefits and Properties of Aquamarine Stone


The name Ruby, from the Latin rubeus, means red, which already indicates the color of one of the most valuable gemstones, next to Diamond and Emerald. Just as its color is strong, so is its meaning, ruby ​​enhances the courage, initiative, and leadership power of the people who use it.


Emerald is,  in fact, a variation of beryl green, whose color appears due to an excess of chromium. In antiquity, the gem was considered sacred and, therefore, it was the most desired stone by everyone. It has the power to rejuvenate the wearer, as well as to offer love, intelligence, and the ability to express themselves well.


Like Emerald, Aquamarine is a variation of beryl; its blue-green color is related to the presence of iron. It was used as a lucky charm by sailors who, in the stone, found the courage to travel through the seas, often impetuous. It is the stone that provides peace and relief, as well as having the power to cure various ailments. What is Aquamarine Stone? Properties, Benefits, Colours


Tourmaline is a color-rich stone. We can find it in shades of pink, red, yellow, green, black, and even colorless or with many colors at once as if it were the rainbow. The most famous of the Tourmalines is the blue one and, therefore, receives a special name:  Paraíba Tourmaline. In the field of health, the gem has healing power over the circulatory and respiratory pathways. In the spiritual, it is considered a stone of protection, which wards off bad energies and even black magic.


Jade’s color tones range from whitish green to dark green. By the ancients, it was considered the stone of wisdom, and its healing power is related to the heart, both emotionally and physically.


Opal Meaning

It can be found in different colors, ranging from white to gray, through orange and blue, all with an unmistakable shine. Opal can be considered a stone capable of capturing and transmitting good energies, its healing power is associated with the harmonization of body and mind, offering emotional control, peace, love, wisdom, and creativity to those who use it. Opal (Rainbow Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses


Blue Sapphire Stone Price

In addition to being a stone found with various shades of blue, reaching up to violet, it is also possible to see sapphires with pink and orange tones. It is a stone that brings balance and helps those who need concentration to perform activities that involve the mind.


With a unique blue and well-differentiated from the other bluish stones, turquoise inspired a variation in the color palette that is used today. You’ve certainly heard someone talk about turquoise blue. This color is related to the presence of copper in the gem, which provides well-being and was used, in antiquity, as an amulet. What are the Benefits and Features of Firuze (Turquoise) Natural Stone?


Amethyst is a beautiful violet-colored stone, which is actually a variation of quartz and is related to self-control and the ability to remain balanced.

Amethyst Gemstones

So, have you chosen your favorite gemstone yet? Do you know more characteristics of these gems and want to share them? Then leave your comment on the post!

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