Grandidierite Guide: Meaning, Value & Facts

Ever heard of Grandidierite? Maybe not because this is a gemstone of extreme rarity.

It was discovered in 1902 on an island in the south of Madagascar. Its name is due to the French explorer Alfred Grandidier, who explored and unraveled the ‘mysteries’ of this island.

This stone brings a number of ‘mystical’ benefits due to its energies. We will talk about this further below.

Features of Grandidierite

This gemstone varies in color but is usually between green and blue-green.

It may be semi-transparent but is usually milky or opaque.

It has a hardness close to 7.5 on the Mohs scale (which goes from 1 to 10) and a density close to 3 grams per cubic centimeter.

For comparison, diamond, the strongest material found naturally, has a hardness of 10 and a density of 3.5 grams per cubic centimeter.

Grandidierite price

This stone is usually found for sale in the form of jewelry, that is, in rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

The carat value of this precious and rare stone can easily exceed 50 thousand reais.

Therefore, be very careful when buying this stone. Many places (especially on the internet) usually sell other less precious stones.

That is, you pay dearly for a ‘fake’ stone.

Look for specialized places (such as jewelry stores) when making such an important purchase.

Benefits of Grandidierite

As said at the beginning, this gemstone brings benefits to the person who wears it.

Among these benefits we can mention:

  1. Improve your successes in life;
  2. Purifies negative energies;
  3. Improves focus on goals;
  4. It does not allow stagnation in life;
  5. Increases your clarity when speaking;
  6. It performs the ‘spiritual awakening’.

Below we will talk about each of these topics.

1. Improve your successes in life

This benefit is linked to the gift of foresight and the person’s sixth sense.

We know that many of life’s successes occur due to the person having these two ‘gifts’ active in his life.

Do you know when you have to make a decision and without knowing the answer or which way to go, you choose an option that later proves to be right? That’s your gift of foresight and/or sixth sense speaking for you.

Some people have this very ‘alive’ in their lives, while others suffer from their decisions of not having it activated or little stimulated.

This gemstone assists in the stimulation and evolution of these gifts. In this way, your ‘inner voice’ becomes stronger and stronger and so you follow your path much more easily.

2. Purifies negative energies

Anxiety, nervousness, fears, anguish, anger, sadness, and other negative energies are purified and eliminated from your body.

This allows you to have much more clarity in your decisions and also be able to live your life with greater joy.

It even assists in curing depression, helping to absorb some of that negative energy that this terrible illness brings with it are relieved.

Thus, the ‘burden’ of depression symptoms lessens, making the effect of the medication much more efficient and also the healing process shorter.

3. Improves focus on goals

Willpower, strength to perform tasks, strength to pursue goals, elimination of the will to procrastinate. These are some of Grandidierite’s powers.

Often people have goals but keep putting obstacles in front of them not achieve them.

It can be something as simple as going to the gym or even quitting your job and investing in your own business.

We make excuses like ‘today it’s too cold, tomorrow I’m going’ or ‘I need to pay my bills, I can’t get out of this job’. Excuses are based on fears or lack of focus to achieve goals.

This stone makes you focus on what really matters and have the courage to take the next step.

4. Does not allow stagnation in life

Many people want to achieve some goal in life, they fight, they struggle, they work and they finally achieve it.

The problem is that when they get there, some ‘stop in life’, and what was a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare due to a lack of motivation.

This stone does not allow you to stagnate in life. It will keep you looking for a way to further improve your achieved goal.

For example, if your dream was to have a business of your own and you finally managed to do it and are now successful with it.

The stone will not allow it to stop evolving. Who knows how to grow your business? Maybe a branch?

It will keep you growing.

5. Increases your clarity when speaking

Often we have a lot of information and teachings to talk about, but we can’t pass it on because there seems to be a ‘barrier’ between the brain and the mouth.

When you speak does it seem like the information sounds confusing and the more you try to ‘fix’ things the worse it gets?

Grandidierite removes this ‘blockage’ allowing clarity when you speak and especially explain something.

It also gives you the calm to do this without bringing negative energies to you.

6. Performs ‘spiritual awakening’

Does something seem to be missing from your life even though you have a good life, a nice family, health and all?

Not having ‘spirituality’ or having it little active in your life can be that ‘piece’ that is missing in your life.

Sometimes we find ourselves lost, not knowing which direction in life to take even when we seem to have everything.

This stone brings spiritual awakening. What does that mean?

It connects you with a new world and, in many cases, brings a new meaning to life.

Spiritual awakening does not mean becoming an adherent of religion (but it can be). It means a feeling of greater connectedness with people, becoming someone more empathetic, more ‘human’.

Final considerations

Grandidierite brings a number of benefits to the person who uses it. The only downside is its high price due to its rarity.

A stone of unparalleled beauty. If you can have her close to you, enjoy it.

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