Imperial Topaz Mines of the Ouro Region in Brazil

There are concerns with regard to the Imperial Topaz mines of Brazil. Ouro Preto is famous for its Topaz mines and it is known for having the largest supply of Imperial Topaz in the world. Topaz Stone: A precious stone with a thousand names and colors

The main commercial mine is Capao, and in the town, runners sell parcels of the Topaz. However, the miners and dealers in the town have concerns that the market has been flooded by treated Topaz that is being sold as Imperial Topaz. This is having an impact on the gemstone & damaging its reputation.

In the town of Capao, you’ll find a stunning museum, which houses an outstanding collection of Imperial Topaz which is worth thousands of dollars per carat. You will find a variety of large, clean stones for sale on the internet, and these are priced very cheaply. The fact is, if these stones were genuine then they could be sold for thousands. These irradiated stones will fade when they are exposed to the sunlight.

The majority of gem test centers can’t test for irradiation. These centers can provide a certificate saying it is natural topaz, but they cannot confirm what treatment it has had, so it won’t be declared natural. A number of years ago, there was a scare around treated blue topaz, as they were radioactive. What Gemstones Are Found In South America?

If you come across a large Imperial Topaz for sale, you may want to suggest to the seller that it be donated to a museum. It’s formed in long and cylindrical shapes, and generally has inclusions. Large, clean specimens are incredibly rare. What makes precious stones special?

Imperial Topaz History

Imperial Topaz has long been known as precious Topaz. It is highly sought after. Its color is like the setting sun, and it was given its name by 17th century Russian Tsars. This is because Russian Tsars claimed exclusive rights to the pinkish Topaz gems that were mined throughout Russia. Imperial Topaz is less common than other types, making it far more valuable. Traditionally, Imperial Topaz was considered orange, with red hues when tilted. However, it is now defined more widely, including shades of yellow, red, pink, peach pink, and lavender pink. Youtube Guide for E-Commerce Companies

Imperial Topaz Mythology

According to the ancient Greeks, Topaz was powerful. It increased strength, providing the wearer with invisibility. The ancient Romans and Egyptians associated it with the sun god. It’s the birthstone for November babies and Sagittarians. It is also used to commemorate 23 years of marriage.

In the traditional belief systems of India, topaz unlocks the throat chakra, this facilitates self-expression and communication. Consequently, topaz is believed to be beneficial to public speakers, artists, and writers, as well as anyone who may struggle with self-expression. It can also promote men’s virility. What is Amethyst? Benefits, Properties, Colors

The most famous Imperial Topaz is the Blaze, it is 97.45 carats, and is on display in America and at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois.

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