Jade Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Protecting yourself energetically is what many people look for when purchasing a stone. Jade is one of those gemstones full of beneficial properties and meanings. For millennia, oriental peoples have used this type of stone. Learn more about this gemstone and how to acquire it. Labradorite Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Protecting yourself from negative energies is what most people want. Knowing how to buy the right stone can be great for those who want to protect themselves and keep their energy high.

What is the origin of the name of the jade stone?

Despite being very popular in the East, the jade stone got its name since the Spanish conquest of Central America.

The word jade derives from the Spanish piedra de hijada, whose literal translation is flank stone. According to experts, it was the indigenous people who gave it this name, as they used this stone to cure kidney diseases.

For Orientals, especially the Chinese, this stone has a much greater value. She represents love!

For them, when this crystal is touched, a melodious sound is emitted, very similar to the voice of the loved one. In different cultures this stone was used as a form of protection for corpses at the time of death. Mochaita Stone: Healing Properties, Meaning & Uses

What does jade stone mean?

Recently, Westerners began to acquire habits that were already worshiped in the East for hundreds of years. The jade stone is simply loved and idolized by orientals.

Symbol mainly of serenity and purity, it has a very great commercial value. In addition to material value, this stone brings different benefits to the spiritual, physical and emotional body. Jade can be found in two different types, one is called Nephrite and the other Jadeite. The healing properties of these stones are very great, but the most sought after is Jadeite.

Because it is rarer and totally translucent, Jadeite attracts thousands of unconditional fans in its quest.

Jade Stone Properties

Jade is a compact and hard stone, its color varies greatly from whitish to dark green. In its composition are two very important minerals, Jadeite and the form Nephrite.

This stone is usually found in ornaments and statues for decoration.

Nephrite is when the jade stone is classified as soft, its color is white, similar to milk, and some more varied shades of green can appear.

Jadeite means a harder and much more valuable jade stone with colors such as pink, blue, green, and lavender.

What are the beneficial effects of jade on bodies?

The main benefits attributed to this stone are linked to its healing properties. Each of its colors is believed to protect a different organ. It simply cleanses all of our energy fields.

There are those who claim that it provides deep cleansing of our physical and emotional bodies. Those who have a lot of thoughts throughout the day can use this stone in the neck region to ward off unnecessary thoughts. Blue Onyx (Oceanite): Meanings, Properties, and Powers

After all, we know that thinking a lot is exhausting and only fills the body with toxins.

Check out below the main benefits offered to our emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

Jade Benefits the spiritual and emotional bodies

Considered the stone of love and good energies, jade brings different benefits both to the environment and to our emotional body. It effectively balances all of our emotions.

Love, peace, and tranquility are some of the feelings that this stone brings us. The ability to accept and live with others becomes more prominent.

The indication of using this stone in these emotional and spiritual fields is precisely to appease everything that is bad around your aura. It helps you to have more serenity in the face of a problem.

Feelings of envy and the evil eye are dissolved almost instantly when encountering this stone. It dissipates negative energies and attracts positive ones to your aura, the person ends up being much luckier.

It also acts directly on the children’s auric field, try putting on a necklace of small stones and see the beneficial effects brought.

Another excellent indication of using this stone is for people who have some type of phobia. It relieves symptoms of panic disorder, anxiety, and depression.

It is important to note that it only relieves symptoms and does not cure these diseases. Mental illnesses need medical attention.

Using power stones are palliative treatment to conventional ones. So, never stop looking for a specialist doctor. Aventurine: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

Jade Benefits offered to the physical body

The ancients called it a healing stone and that is precisely what it is used for. In the physical body, jade acts directly on the energy of the kidneys. Therefore, kidney patients should use it as a form of treatment.

When the kidneys are working properly, several systems start working as well. The immune system is stronger and blood circulation is excellent, preventing episodes of thrombosis or clogged veins.

The nervous system is another beneficiary of the use of this stone, the person is literally calmer and more serene. By becoming calmer, sleep becomes peaceful.

Body pain? This stone can significantly reduce them. Arthritis and osteoarthritis are diseases that mainly attack the joints and usually cause terrible pain. The emission of energy from this stone for these discomforts is extremely effective.

Another excellent indication for the physical body is related to skin aging. Because it contains negative ions, this stone can make you younger, try it! Yellow Jasper: Meanings, Properties, and Price

How can you use this stone?

As soon as you acquire your stone, even if it was a gift, it must be cleaned. Crystals tend to carry a lot of negative energy, and jade, being a crystal, is full of it.

This energy is stored in it to protect its wielder. She captures the energy so it doesn’t go into her body. So, keep in mind that her stone should be cleansed and energized once a month. The colors, origin and Types of Gemstones

How to Charge it?

Start by washing your stone in running water, then in a container, add coarse salt and water. Place your stone and let it soak for about 2 hours. Dry the stone and place it in the midday sun.

Then let this stone take the full moon bath, you can leave it until the next day.

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