Jade stone and Its Benefits

Jade stone was mostly used in carving in Far East countries. Figures made with this stone were adopted as lucky stones by the Maoris, natives of New Zealand. It was also used in the foundations and roofs of houses made in China in ancient times, as it was believed to protect the house from lightning. It is also known as the heaven stone. Jade is a hard transparent or translucent stone mostly green in color that has been used for centuries to make jewelry and figurines. It is also seen in yellow, white, brown, and red colors. There are two types Jade and Nephrite. Thanks to its crystal structure, it allows fine workmanship applications. Jade Stone Properties and Benefits

Originated:  China, Thailand, New Zealand, India, Papua-New Guinea, USA, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Myanmar

Minerals in it:  Sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium, manganese, aluminum

Benefits of jade:

  1. It has a peaceful and reassuring feature, thus it allows you to get rid of your anxieties.
  2. Brings clarity to thoughts, and strengthens mental activities.
  3. Helps emotional balance, and has a protective effect against extremes.
  4. It is an antioxidant. Positive effects have been observed in removing toxins and cleaning the blood.
  5. It makes it easier to focus. 
  6. It had good effects on women’s labor pains and helped to facilitate childbirth.

Benefits of massage with jade stone for the skin:

  1. Thanks to the massage with jade stone, the cheekbones and excess fat under the eyes are removed.
  2. Since it accelerates blood flow, it increases the effect of creams applied to the face and ensures rapid absorption.
  3. If you keep the jade stone in the refrigerator and massage the face, it will reduce the capillaries and reduce the bruises under the eyes.
  4. If the areas with wrinkles on the skin are massaged regularly, it visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  5. It is useful when massaging the face with skin allergies.
  6. When applied in the morning, it helps to relieve sleep swelling on the face.

Cleaning the jade stone:

Cleaning the jade stone is done by washing it under running water for 5 minutes or by keeping it in vinegar water for 10 minutes. It can also be purified by keeping it in the sun for 1 day or burying it in the ground for 1 day. The cleaning of jewelry made of jade can be done by wiping the jade stone with a wet cloth for 5 minutes and drying it immediately with a dry cloth. It is recommended that you clean it before using it since the newly purchased stones are exposed to the contact of many people until they reach you. You should avoid contact with your natural stone with chemicals, all kinds of detergents, and perfumes. The Middle East and North Africa Salary Survey 2022

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