Jeremejevite Gem Guide and Properties

Jeremejevite is one of the rarest minerals in existence. Its chemical formula is Al₆B₅O₁₅ (F, OH)₃. And it is believed to have been discovered in the late 19th century.

It is a mineral of the borate classes. And it can be found in nature in several colors, being also colorless. Interesting, isn’t it?

And if you want to know more about Jeremejevite, keep reading the next paragraphs!

History of Jeremejevite

Jeremejevite was first found in 1883 in Russia, and its name pays homage to Pavel Jeremejev, a Russian mineralogist and crystallographer.

The largest jeremejevite stone ever found is believed to be only 12 grams. But despite being discovered in Russia for the first time, it was only in Namibia that reasonable amounts were discovered.

There, this mineral was found with gem quality, that is, they had a size to be cut and were lighter. But even so, a relatively small amount was found. Because of this, its price is always very high.

When found, jeremejevite has a prismatic hexagonal shape. And, in the places where it is found, the formation of albite, tourmaline, domolite, and quartz was also attested.

They are often slightly larger than a grain of rice. They are extremely small.

The name and synonyms

Jeremejevite does not have any synonyms. However, you can find your name with several spellings.

So don’t be alarmed if at some point someone says you’re writing it wrong. What happens is that there are several ways to write.

Some examples, in addition to Jeremejevite, are jeremejevite, yeremeyite, and jeremejewite. Depending on the language, it may still have a different pronunciation.

Stone colors and possible confusion

Jeremejevite can be confused with other stones, especially if you are a layman when it comes to minerals. Therefore, if you are going to acquire one, it is very important that you know its origin correctly.

Be very careful not to be deceived when purchasing such an expensive item.

It is colorless, but it can also be yellowish and even bluish. It is because of these colors that it can be confused with other minerals.

How not to get confused and not be deceived?

The important thing for you not to confuse jeremejevite with other minerals and also not to be deceived is to know its refractive index. It is he who will tell you if your Jeremejevite is really original.

Because of its refraction, it is believed that it can also reflect part of your soul and, because of that, help you go through the most difficult situations in your life.

Still, in order not to be deceived or to be deceived, it is important to know that Jeremejevite has other characteristics. It is hard and not brittle.

Because of this property, it is very suitable for jewelry. However, if something happened to the stone of a jewel, it would hardly be possible to reform the accessory and change the Jeremejevite.

Another characteristic and curiosity about this mineral are that it is piezoelectric. That is, it will produce electrical energy when a force is applied to it.

He is a force transducer. It only takes a mechanical force for it to produce energy.

Uses of Jeremejevite

The most common use for this borate class mineral is for jewelry. But don’t think you’ll find it easily.

Despite being very beautiful, coveted, and in demand for this mineral, it is rarely found.

So, if you want a Jeremejevite, it’s good to know that you’ll have to use a good value and, also, look a lot to be able to buy one.

This mineral is more suitable for collectors than for jewelry making. This is because, despite its beauty, it is not easy to find, as we said earlier.

As the places where it was found had very small portions of Jeremejevite, it ends up being considered more of a relic than an item of decoration.

Other properties of Jeremejevite

In addition to being used for decoration, Jeremejevite has energy. And this energy has a vibration that says that, even in the face of its size, it is possible to feel it.

He has great metaphysical qualities and can help someone who is going through changes in their life. By reducing the pain that may exist in this process, things tend to become easier for those who have this stone.

This stone is also often used to help enhance meditation. In this case, it can be used for clairvoyance and even for self-knowledge.

Also, it is believed to have healing features and can help when there is an unrestrained and unorganized development of cells that can be harmful to the body.

Each of the types and minerals in jeremejevite has a property according to its color. So, depending on your need, you can select the best Jeremejevite stone for your need.

It is believed that Jeremejevite is very effective in helping in cases where a loved one is lost. It can help make this readaptation process less troubled and also less painful.

Jeremejevite can also help when there is an illness that requires a change in your life. For example, if you need to make a drastic change in your diet or if you can’t move around like you used to because of illness.

The stone will help you in this adaptation process so that you can go through this change in the best possible way and achieve a quality of life.

Combination with other stones

You can also mix this stone with others for better performance. In this way, you can have a more efficient treatment for pain, such as that caused by grief.

If you combine it with lepidocrocite you will already have a greater response. As well as aquamarine. Therefore, if you are a mineral lover, be sure to know the other properties that they can have in addition to being an ornament in jewelry.

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