Kyanite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

Kyanite stone is one of the most efficient and powerful minerals that exist to promote energy cleansing, returning positivity. The aura becomes more purified with this stone and the processes of spiritual evolution happen naturally. Learn more about this very powerful stone and how it can positively help you in life.

It is not new that stones are used in a magical way to attract or repel certain energies. Kyanite is one such stone that works to protect our auric field and energy against malevolent attacks.

Energies are present all the time in environments, people, things and animals. These energies are not always good for us. We cannot see them, but we can defend ourselves so that they do not harm us if they are negative. Howlite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Used in therapeutic ways, the stones work on our chakras in a positive way. Promoting cleanliness and harmonisation. The person gets sick less and their immune system is strengthened. The chakras are nothing more than energy centers, whose main function is to make our energy exchange with environments, things and people.

Throughout this text you will understand better about kyanite and how to use it properly so that your chakras, body and soul are benefited. What is blue kyanite used for?

What are the properties of kyanite?

Kyanite or kyanite is a stone that has its name derived from the Greek kyanos, which means blue. Their colors can vary a lot, but the most common are blue, green, colorless, brown, and black.

It is usually found in sedimentary rocks and metamorphic pegmatites, very rich in aluminum. It can also be called distena or distention, whose meaning is the dual force. In its structure, there are two different hardnesses, according to the face presented.

This polymorph of sillimanite and andalusite is a mineral with anisotropic strength. Its hardness is between 4.5 and 7.0 Mohs, logically depending on the crystallization that nature underwent.

Kyanite is a stone that interests many different types of industries. It is later used on a large scale for the manufacture of ceramics and refractories, including porcelain and specific utensils for electricity.

With a range of different colors, this stone can also be used to make jewelry items and utensils. Collectors can also collect this type of mineral because of its rarity and beauty.

There are companies that are exclusively dedicated to the extraction of this type of stone. Despite this trade involving it, it is found on a large scale here in Brazil, Austria, Kenya, Switzerland, and Myanmar. Rose Quartz Stone Benefits, and Properties

How to identify Kyanite stone?

The characteristics of kyanite are very evident, the laminated and long crystals that it has allows to identify this type of stone in an easy way. It is even easier if it is found in blue color. Another tip is that it can also be found mixed with other types of staurolite or polymorphic minerals.

Meanings and Energetic Powers of Kyanite

The energetic powers of kyanite are believed to be very great in relation to our chakras. Mainly the base chakra, responsible for energizing the sexual organs and reproductive system.

It anchors and energizes these centers of force, doing meditations with this stone brings a very great increase in intuitions and insights. This happens because it explores all the information from our subconscious minds. Past life therapies also use this stone to access important information. What is Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal?

Energy healers and therapists use this stone primarily for its healing power and cellular regeneration that it promotes both in the physical and spiritual bodies. It can be placed in any region of our body without contraindications.

People who started using this type of stone reported that they were able to access and visualize important situations of past life karma. Remember that all the choices we make in the present will be reflected in the future. These events interfere in our spiritual evolution positively or negatively.

Blue kyanite has strong power against spiritual and energetic attacks. It literally pushes away any kind of negative energy that could harm your aura.

Experts claim that she has a very strong connection with Archangel Michael. Its blue color helps in the development of spirituality and mediumship. People remember dreams better and intuition and mediumship are sharper.

Who wants to acquire a stone of power and that establishes a connection with other worlds, kyanite is excellent and the most suitable. Best Natural Stones Against Anxiety

Uses of kyanite

There are many indications for the use of kyanite, below we list some of these applications, check them out:

  • Protection in the spirit world;
  • Purification of the aura and chakras;
  • Strengthening of mediumship and intuition;
  • Greater connection with spirit guides and beings of light;
  • Increased feelings of peace and serenity;
  • Ease of meditating and finding peace;
  • Expansion of mental strengths in difficult situations.

How should you use kyanite?

The way to use the kyanite stone is up to you! It can be used as an accessory directly on your body, as a decoration object, or as an instrument in different types of treatments and therapies.

There are beautiful accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and rings that can be easily found in stores specializing in the jewelry trade.

If you want to place a stone like this to protect the environment of your home or work, just place it on a coffee table or cupboard, so that it is protected from any bumps. If such a stone falls to the ground with force, the probability of breaking is very high. List of Gemstones Types, Names, Colors, Precious, and Semi-precious

In alternative therapies, generally, the practitioner uses small stones that can be placed directly on the chakras.

When keeping such a stone in your bag, remember to wrap it in a cloth or bag suitable for stones. The fabric can be felt or something soft so that it does not damage the stone.

Remember, to always take care of your stone, it is with you to bring beneficial energies and protect you.

A very important piece of information that you should be aware of is that before using this power stone, the ideal is to clean and energize it. This procedure causes the kyanite to be programmed only with your energy. How to Activate and Charge Rose Quartz Stone?

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