Labradorite Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Labradorite stone is one of the most beautiful stones out there. With extremely mystical and spiritual powers, this stone helps to maintain positive energies in your aura, thus increasing your gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship. In addition, it also brings some benefits to your physical body, increasing your health. Learn more about this powerful stone below and see how to use it properly.

With magical powers, this stone helps you in different energetic aspects, preventing you from absorbing any negativity that is close to your aura.

Therapists working with energies can use this stone as a protector and connection point for the universal energies of light and love.

Your vibrations are highly positive in the spiritual field. For those who are just starting on the paths of magical initiation, this stone will help you a lot.

Next, you will learn more about labradorite and how to use it to your advantage.

What is labradorite and what are its properties?

Labradorite stone or labradorite, as it is also called, is considered a mineral belonging to the feldspar group. Its weight can vary and the refractive indices range from 1,555 to 1,575.

The most common form is gray and white grains under mafic igneous rocks.

It has a play of colors or iridescence, the result of its intergrowth in the lamellar shape, a consequence of its phase changes during the cooling period.

This play of colors is more easily observed when we change the position of the stone in relation to artificial light or not. This color phenomenon is commonly called “labradorescence or labradorization”.

It is possible to see all colors, with a predominance of green and blue.

In Finland, it is possible to find spectrolite, with different types of colors, often compared to the phenomenon of the “Aurora Borealis”. Recently, new varieties were also found, mainly in green and red colors, very similar to red andesine.

The structures of these two stones are very similar, that is, labradorite and andesine have very similar chemical compositions.

Where Labradorite is found?

There are some places where this stone can be extracted more easily. They are Slovakia, France, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Finland, the United States, Dominican Republic, Russia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Australia.

Labradorite Therapeutic properties and benefits

The labradorite stone is the stone that raises the consciousness of the human being, able to connect him to the most subtle universal energies. Thus, it helps to repel all undesirable energies that insist on disturbing our aura. It prevents energy losses, helping to form a barrier/shield against negative energies.

It can literally take us into higher dimensions, helping you with meditative processes. It is the stone of knowledge of mystical and esoteric matters, thus facilitating mystical initiations.

Your etheric and physical bodies are aligned, facilitating your discovery of the spiritual path you must follow. Your consciousness is elevated and your energies are more easily fixed in your spiritual and physical bodies.

Do you know those spiritual and mediumistic gifts of yours? They will become stronger, making it possible to establish a clearer and more understandable connection.

Psychologically, this stone helps you fight fears and insecurities. Those psychic residues left over from the disappointments you’ve had throughout your life are completely dissolved. This also includes your past lives. Also, this stone strengthens your faith, whatever it may be.

People who suffer from self-esteem issues can benefit from labradorite as it helps them to be more self-confident. Thought forms that other people project onto you will be totally dissolved.

Other excellent benefits seen with the use of this stone are related to calming hyperactive thoughts. Thus, it assertively directs its power of analysis and, rationally, you end up opting for the best way out.

Ancient peoples and labradorite

Some people called labradorite the “armor stone”, as they believed that it had a very great power of protection against negative energies and aggressive thoughts.

It would act by dissolving and absorbing harmful energies, returning only positive and beneficial energies to the receiver or environment.

Their bright colors hadn’t formed by accident. They were there to shine and enlighten all thoughts that were positive. This strengthening mainly favors the friendliest and warmest connections throughout life.

Lonely people who have difficulties relating to others and making friends would increase their seduction abilities.

An excellent stone for energy recovery, it helps you stay well physically and mentally. Some even claim that this well-being extends to their moral field.

In the traditions of Hindu philosophies, stones that are colored or that change color when subjected to light are linked to feminine energies.

Love, sweetness, protection, and harmony would be the feelings offered by the stones most linked to feminine energies.

Know some signs of this type of stone

The main signs for the use of this stone, in summary, are:

  • Block any type of spiritual attack, effectively purifying your aura and chakras ;
  • Accelerate the processes of spiritual evolution, accepting all the lessons that current life has to offer;
  • Positive expansion of consciousness;
  • Strengthening the power of the mind and intuition;
  • The gifts of mediumship and intuition become more awake;
  • Ease of getting started in esoteric and magical ways;
  • Increase the protection of therapists in their consultations;
  • Fixing positive spiritual energies in your aura.

Can I use this stone on my body?

Certainly! This stone can be placed on the chakras to harmonize them, thus causing them to rotate in the right direction.

Using this stone in pendants and accessories is also a way to keep it close to the body. The closer you place this stone to your body, the more benefits can be felt.

An excellent tip is to always keep your stone clean and energized so that you can feel all the benefits it conveys.

The advantage of labradorite is that it is a stone that contains a lot of positive energy, so cleaning and energizing it does not need to be done often. Every fifteen days is an excellent indication.

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