Larimar (Stefilia’s Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

Larimar ( also known as “Stefilia Stone”) is a volcanic stone, considered semi-precious. It can only be found in the Dominican Republic, a small Central American nation.

Its coloration presents varying shades, containing deep blue, petroleum blue, light blue, and white. Unlike lapis lazuli and turquoise, however, the predominant shades are light blue.

So, are you interested? In this post, we present the main information about Larimar. We also discuss some of its interesting history and its multiple effects on human beings. Good reading!

Larimar Stone Meaning

Larimar is regarded by the New Age movement as the stone of spiritual evolution par excellence. For its adherents, it stimulates spiritual evolution. This is because it attunes humanity to the vibrations inherent in the Age of Aquarius, raising our consciousness.

The stone, according to these beliefs, guides our Soul towards its true path and helps us to enter into deep meditation. In addition, it helps lovers find their ideal match, removing limitations and reconnecting individuals with earthly energies.

Therefore, Larimar is a fundamental element to open consciousness to new dimensions. As it radiates tranquility, peace, and love, it harmonizes spirit and body with the new energies of the cosmos.

From a spiritual point of view, Larimar is believed to increase individual power. That is, it destroys the barriers that prevent us from finding our true purpose. All of this makes her great for anyone looking to find love or who has been through traumatic relationships.

Larimar Stone Therapeutic effects

In the physical body, Larimar assists in the treatment of problems related to the neck, head, throat, and cartilage. It also helps to contain physical pain of all kinds.

Its vibrations evoke feelings of lucidity and tranquility, inspiring a more constructive way of thinking. As a stone that opens our perception to new dimensions, it significantly stimulates the feeling of physical well-being.

Psychic and esoteric effects

For many esotericists, Larimar is similar to “angelic threads”, as it weaves impressions of peaceful harmonies between the mind and heart. The stone helps to dissolve and neutralize old conflicting models that can dissociate us from some core elements of our “inner selves”.

With Larimar we can learn, according to some esoteric traditions, to cool down the fiery energies that inhabit our interior and calm burning emotions such as greed, desire, frustration, and anger.

As a strong influencer of healing, Larimar is a stone that facilitates deeper reflections, catalyzing the search for the truth and the greater meanings of our lives, being highly recommended today.

The divinities of the Earth, according to the animist confessions, can be contacted from Larimar which, in this sense, also enhances the natural femininity of women and their elementary bond with nature.

When this stone is placed directly on the earth, it is able to neutralize eventual energy imbalances, in addition to being a powerful ally in the cure of tonsillitis and laryngitis.

Among its main psychic and esoteric effects are:

  • Drive away false friendships;
  • Eliminate guilt and fears;
  • Dissolve feelings of “victimization”;
  • Stimulate positive thinking and creativity;
  • Calm the altered moods;
  • Dissolve excessive emotions and suffering;
  • Stimulate communication;
  • Promote inner peace;
  • Harmonize mind and heart;
  • Stimulate physical and mental balance.

Larimar Stone Charging and cleaning

If you want to cleanse your energies, you should wash Larimar with sea salt in running water for about 5 minutes.

If you want to recharge your energy, leave the stone in sunlight for approximately two hours and then in the moonlight for four hours. In this way, you will be able to rebalance your spiritual forces.

Another good tip for energizing and cleaning is to wash Larimar in the waters of the sea, as this measure will further enhance your spiritual energies.

Keep in mind that this stone carries at its core all the lightness and grace of dolphins, animals that always seem to be having fun and playing, even during the most serious moments.

They are beings that love to “surf” the waves of the seas, playing and spinning continuously. They are, in short, light beings by nature and who emanate harmony and intense purity in all their actions.

Uses of Larimar Stone

Larimar is commonly used, as mentioned, to increase personal radiance, purify the Aura, and gain energy protection. For this reason, many people with mystical and/or esoteric beliefs wear Larimar jewelry in their daily lives.

To improve the energy of the environment, attract beneficial spiritual vibrations and spread peace in the place, select a good-sized Larimar and leave it in your living room.

If you want to access the health benefits that come from the stone, bring it close to the area of ​​the body to be treated for about an hour, visualizing blue and greenish lights covering that region.

Larimar Stone History

Norman Rilling and Miguel Mendes, volunteers from the US government institution Peace Corps, discovered the Larimar stone on a beach in Barahona, in 1974.

The locals thought that the stone had a marine origin and should be called “Roca Azul”. However, its current nomenclature is due to Miguel Mendes. He combined the word “sea” with the name of his daughter Larizza, forming a new word: Larimar.

Few stones had been found there. However, after an intense search for the Bahoruco River, the origin of the stone was found in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic.

There is a local legend associating the stone with the energy and appearance of dolphins. For this reason, it is known, in some localities, as “Pedra dos Golfinhos”.

Finally, it should be noted that the essence of this stone, translated from the image of dolphins, teaches that everything can be different.

The purity, innocence, and candor of these animals are a real call to return to previous states of consciousness. States in which feelings of ambition were not part of human behavior. If the proximity to Larimar evokes, at least, some of these sensations, it will be worth acquiring it and always keeping it with us.

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