List of Best Red Gemstones Used in Jewelry!

Red is the color of life. It is often associated with love, desire, and passion while symbolizing vitality, enthusiasm, joy, and energy. It’s a warm and stimulating shade that is sure to inspire us with courage.

The history of the Red Stones is particularly extensive and captivating. For example, did you know that during prehistoric times, this color – along with black and white – was among the first to be used for murals? Initially dyed from hematite, it was also used to draw animals and human figures. In Roman mythology, Red Stones were associated with blood and courage, which is why this shade became that of armies. But it was also used by the brides of this civilization, who wore it in the form of a red scarf symbolizing fertility and love. Finally, in the Chinese tradition, red is typically associated with luck.

How to wear Red Stones in Jewelry

Unlike green and blue — which are soothing colors — red is energetic and uplifting. It tends to pose as the expression of power and domination. In the fashion industry, we associate red with the image of a bold, high-spirited woman who poses as the center of attention. In short, red is an assertive color that has the quality of attracting attention.Red Stones in jewelry

However, it would be unfair not to give this shade a chance, should you come to not identify with a flamboyant style. Used to a reasonable degree, red will always add that little touch of warmth to an outfit. For example,  earrings with rubies or a  gold bracelet with a small gem – both available in a minimalist style – may be suitable for this purpose in your daily life.

Natural Red Stones in Jewelry

Purely red minerals are quite rare in nature, which is why they are particularly valuable. This rarity is due to the fact that, in many cases, the Red Stones are associated with another undertone of purple, pink, or orange. The intensity of the color (commonly called saturation) also participates in the evaluation of the value of the mineral considered. In most cases, the more saturated the shades, the higher the rarity and the price.

Natural Red Stone in jewelry

The most famous and precious gem, pure red, is none other than the ruby. This dominates the offer of  GemSleek jewelry set with red stones. Other popular stones included in our catalog are almandine and rhodolite (both belonging to the garnet family ), as well as rubellite and spinel. You will also find coral stones and carnelians in our Seasons collection.

Ruby Red Stones: stone of peace and human relations

Rubies are among the rarest Red Stones in the world. They are the carmine variant of the corundum family, which puts them second only to diamonds in terms of hardness. Among the corundums, we also find the sapphire which includes all the other shades (blue, yellow, pink, etc.). It may thus happen that in some cases, the experts are not able to decide between a pink sapphire, Blue Sapphire, or a light-colored ruby, because only the color is used to distinguish these two gems.

Ruby Red Stone
Ruby Red Stone

Large, intensely colored ruby Red Stones ​​are extremely rare, so they can sometimes exceed the price of a diamond of equivalent volume and mass. Rubies are also very good alternatives to these engagement rings, due to the nobility of their tones. They can particularly stand out on yellow or white gold, and they know how to form a harmonious alliance with pink gold. Also, Read –  What are Natural Stones, What are the Properties of Natural Stones?

In ancient times, people believed that immersing a ruby ​​in water would cause it to boil, due to the imaginary fire they believed it contained. Nowadays, the ruby Red Stones ​​are typically associated with the signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Aries, but also with the emerald wedding (40 years).

Garnet Red Stones: stone of travelers and courage

The term garnet Red Stones refers to a large family of minerals that can vary in both color and properties. The best-known representative of this group is none other than the Bohemian garnet, which has a long history dating back to Emperor Rudolf II and is still considered a national treasure. However, other members exist and deserve mention, such as red-violet rhodolites and green tsavorites which are only growing in popularity.

Garnet Red Stone
Garnet Red Stone

Among GemSleek jewels set with garnets Red Stones, we also use dark red almandines. Our timeless and refined aesthetic only helps to highlight its rich natural color. These stones are sublime when associated with yellow gold and diamonds. In our range of jewelry, you will also find many necklaces, rings, and earrings, all adorned with garnets.

garnets Red Stones are typically related to people born in January and are also suitable for the celebration of leather weddings (2 years).

Rhodolite Red Stones: stone of inspiration and inner balance

Rhodolites are also part of the garnet family and they stand out for the uniqueness of their red with pink-violet undertones. This unique color gives the stone a lighter and softer look than almandine garnets. Rhodolite was not discovered until the 19th century in North Carolina and its name is linked to the famous rhododendrons which grow abundantly in this region.

Rhodolite Red Stone
Rhodolite Red Stone

These Red Stones are only growing in popularity as they are a sensible alternative to precious rubies. The GemSleek jewelry workshop regularly uses rhodolite on pink gold to create a delicate and romantic harmony.

Rhodolite Red Stones are a mineral associated with the month of January as well as with crystal weddings (15 years).

The Red Diamond: stone of power and eternity

Among the wide range of purple stones, we also find red diamonds. The latter is one of the rarest and most expensive gems in the world. Diamonds of a natural red and devoid of undertones are the most precious and their weight only very occasionally exceeds one carat. To date, only 30 pure red diamonds have been extracted from mines around the world.

Red Diamond
Red Diamond

The largest of these (dubbed the Moussaieff red diamond) was discovered in Brazil in 1989. It weighs 5.11 carats (1.022 grams) and has an estimated value of US$20 million.

Rubellite Red Stones: stone of desire and joy

Rubellites Red Stones are a red variant of tourmaline, a lesser-known but not lacking in charm gemstone. Tourmalines stand out for the wide spectrum of colors in which they are available. Rubellites are the expression of a magnificent red which can deviate towards purple or pink, but also towards undertones of brown.

The shade of rubellite tourmalines is thus perfectly accentuated on white gold set with white diamonds. But a rose gold ring with rubellite can also be the ideal engagement ring because of its romantic sparkle.

Rubellites Red Stones are said to exert a positive influence on their carriers. Their passionate color drives a certain sensuality and joie de vivre. In terms of Astrology, these stones correspond to the signs of Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces. They are also suitable as a poppy wedding gift (8 years old).

Spinel: stone of youth and energy

These Red Stones, with their interesting red color, have been somewhat neglected in the jewelry industry throughout history. This may be because they were not defined by gemologists as spinels until the 16th century. Prior to this period, they were indeed confused with rubies, as they are visually very similar to them. Magnificent spinels also adorn the British Imperial State Crown. The typical color of spinels is red, but it is possible to find pieces in cobalt blue, purple, or even black.

Spinels Red Stones belong to the month of August, so they would delight a person born in the summer period. They are also beneficial to those born under the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius and are said to promote vitality and protect the wearer.

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