Lodestone stone: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Did you know that lodestone or magnetite as it is known was used to manufacture different types of compasses? That’s right, this stone has a very great magnetism, it is called inclusive of magnet stone. In addition to these characteristics, it also has important health benefits and is considered medicinal. Learn more about this powerful stone and how to use it correctly.

The stones found in nature, whether exposed in the ground or buried, have a positive energetic vibrational state. They have different characteristics, some are brighter, others more opaque. The shapes are varied and the sizes too.

It is even believed that the stones are manifestations of male and female deities.

The relationship of men with the powers of stones is very old. Some people carved stones in the shape of religious images for protection. Valuable gems were used as a symbol of protection for all that was unknown.

Lodestone is a powerful stone that has been shaped by nature to attract important benefits. Because it is considered a rarity, it is a true instrument for various spells.

But, in addition, they were used for different types of activities such as extracting some thorns, grinding different types of grains, modeling the clothes that were used, and even performing surgeries.

Currently, stones are used in jewelry that is very expensive. Their magic is slowly being rescued, especially by young people. It is common to see a young man, for example, holding a rock to perform well in his studies.

The excess of technology ended up taking the human being away from his connection with the powers of mother Earth. The hope is that this type of magical practice with stones will increase more and more and people will recover their connection with nature, so mistreated lately.

Important properties and meanings of lodestone

Lodestone is also known as magnetite. Your discovery story is very beautiful. This stone was named magnetite because of the region where it was found.

The region is called Magnesia, located in Greece, whose translation means the “place of magic stones”. This name was given because it is believed that stones in a certain way magically attract each other.

The composition of this stone is basically iron dioxide. It is easily found in the countries of Mexico, the United States, and India. Experts claim that it contains important medicinal properties.

Lodestone is called a magnet stone and has a very powerful magnetic force. Because of this magnetic power, this stone was used in the manufacture of compasses.

It is no longer today that men are able to recognize the beneficial properties of the stones that were melted.

Formerly it was known by the name of “Magnetis” and it was common to be divided in half by the Greeks. One side was called masculine and the other feminine.

Currently, experts on the subject claim that this stone has a female and a male pole.

The industry refers to this stone as an iron magnetic stone or magnet. Iron is very important to the planet, it is simply called one of the most important raw materials there is.

Ancient Arabs bathed and rubbed this type of stone on their bodies to increase virility and masculinity.

Signs and benefits that Lodestone stone brings you

The lodestone stone has very great power in the emission of electromagnetic waves, strengthening our entire field of bioenergies. This field is called the Aura.

The wearer of this stone feels relief from mental and physical fatigue, almost instantly. The power of self-healing happens naturally, the person feels happier and more positive.

Psychic gifts become stronger and intuition sharper, telepathy happens naturally.

The pineal gland is one of the organs that are energized with the use of this stone. She is able to raise mediumistic gifts, attracting more clarity to the mind.

Another benefit noted by this stone is protection from the attacks of negative energies. You know those people who seem to vampirize your energy, so this stone protects your aura, blocking heavy and harmful energies.

Lodestone stone Beneficial effects on the body

The lodestone stone acts effectively on the physical body, especially on the circulatory system, stabilizing pressure peaks.

Organs such as the kidneys and liver are strengthened, reducing possible inflammation. People with respiratory problems also feel the beneficial effects of this stone.

Asthma and bronchitis attacks are lessened and become lighter.

The lymphatic system is also benefited by the properties of this stone, the person is left with a much stronger immune system.

Some people have even reported an improvement in weight loss. Women even felt more hormonally balanced.

Anxious people also benefit, as anxiety levels decrease and episodes of panic and stress disappear.

Important note

Even though the lodestone stone has a very high energy power, it cannot in any way replace medical treatment.

If you are taking medication prescribed by your doctor, continue your treatment as normal. Abandoning medicine to treat only stones can be considered a completely inconsequential attitude, stay alert!

Does any ritual need to be done to use Lodestone stone?

It is recommended to do some cleaning and energizing procedures on the lodestone stone before using it, as a lot of energies have passed through it.

We do not have the ability to clearly identify which energies have imbued your stone before using it.

The best way to clean this type of stone is to leave it in the sun for about an hour.

At night, in the serene, you can also leave your stone taking in the rays of the moon. Prefer the rays of the full moon, this is the most powerful of all moons.

After doing this energizing and cleaning, prevent other people from touching it, as it is programmed only with your energy.

We never know people’s true energies.

As it has a more porous physical structure, it is advisable not to wet the lodestone stone. Water can make your stone crumble completely. Just bathing in the rays of the sun and moon is enough.

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