Marcasite: A Widely used stone to make jewelry

Marcasite is a stone that contains different magical powers and that energetically assists our subtle bodies. Of rare beauty, this stone is very similar to the famous pyrite. Learn more about this Marcasite stone that will help you have more prosperity.

This mineral composed of ferrous sulfate is an orthorhombic polymorph of pyrite. Widely used in jewelry mainly, it was one of the most valued stones to replace diamonds. This in fact did not happen, the diamond still remains the absolute queen of the most expensive jewels in the world. Pyrite (Iron Stone) Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Because it has many similarities with pyrite, Marcasite is also used to attract prosperity, both financial and personal, to its bearer.

Marcasite stone properties

One of the observed characteristics of the Marcasite is its natural beauty. Considered a stone that has a lot of energy, it is mainly used to attract wealth and prosperity.

It is a stone with a hardness of about 6 to 6.5 on the Moh scale. Its crystallization process takes place in the orthorhombic system and its luster is very metallic, and opaque, unlike pyrite, which is more golden. Garnet Benefits and Properties

It is not normally a stone used in jewelry, as it can turn to dust. Stones that have a large composition of iron sulfide may crumble. Some uninformed professional jewelers end up using this type of stone, but most of the time it doesn’t work.

Generally, the crystals are tubular in shape and have prisms in the vertical direction. These prisms are not very long, most of the time they are quite short.

This type of mineral cannot come into contact with water, as the tendency to break down is enormous. So, you need to be aware of the proper procedures for cleaning and energizing. Throughout the text, we will teach you the best ways to do this procedure. Prasiolite: Meaning, Properties, and Powers

History of Marcasite

The name Marcasite or Markashita is also known for its Arabic origins. Their main composition is ferrous sulfide, very similar to pyrite, the only thing that differentiates them is the crystal formations.

This mineral has a very peculiar natural metallic luster. Stone tones can vary from light gray, yellow, and brown for example. The cut of this stone is made in the shape of a pyramid, making it have even more shine.

Historically, this stone has been used for many years by people of ancient civilizations. The Greeks and Incas already used this stone as an adornment for their ornaments. In the Victorian era, Queen Victoria used this stone in her years of mourning, it contrasted with the black of her clothes, gaining much prominence because of its shine. Stones that attract money, wealth, and Prosperity

In the 20s and 30s, Marcasite was widely used in different adornments and jewelry of the time. It was common to see women at that time wearing jewelry with this stone.

The desire for jewelry containing this stone became timeless and to this day it is commercialized. Even though many women seek this type of product, the look ends up gaining a more vintage look.

Meanings of Marcasite

Energetically, some experts claim that this stone contains a very great power to attract prosperity. And when we talk about prosperity, we are referring to all walks of life.

It’s as if she attracts only positive things to life, like a magnet. This includes financial gains, great business, and professional opportunities.

Marcasite stone is excellent for giving the human being strength to overcome the possible challenges that appear throughout life. Destructive and negative thoughts are eliminated, in addition to envy, black magic, and the evil eye cast.

In addition to helping the physical body and spirit, this stone also helps to purify environments, pushing away negative energies and attracting only positive vibes such as abundance, happiness, joy, and love, among others.

This stone doesn’t work miracles, you won’t get rich right after having marcasite, but I guarantee you that the energies attracted will be very positive. Blue Sapphire Stone Price Benefits, & Zodiac Sign

Benefits of Marcasite

Marcasite is a stone that mainly attracts some important benefits for the body and spirit. We list some for you to know, follow:

  • Attract financial prosperity;
  • Protect all your financial gains;
  • Open professional paths and undo blocked energies;
  • Protect against negative and heavy energetic attacks;
  • Increase the energy and vitality of the body, the person feels much more willing;
  • Strengthening of the entire bone structure of the body;
  • Attract abundance and prosperity to all aspects of life.

Beneficial effects of using this stone

A lot of good things happen when we use Marcasite stone. Strengthening bones, improving digestion, cell renewal, and more peaceful sleep are just some of the therapeutic benefits felt.

DNA is renewed, cells gain much greater oxygenation, and blood circulation flows in a healthy way. People with breathing problems such as bronchitis and asthma, for example, reported a significant improvement.

Fatigue is lessened with the use of this stone, physical vigor is easily felt.

Another important benefit is in relation to sadness and depression. People begin to feel the will to live, and the love of life is felt again.

How to energize Marcasite

This stone cannot be washed with water under any circumstances, as it simply falls apart if this happens.

Cleaning it should be done with a soft cloth, and a soft brush if you have it you can also use it.

Recharging the energies of this stone is simple, you just need to leave the stone in the sun and moon rays. 3 hours of sun and 6 hours of the moon are enough to make the stone full of energy. Best Natural Stones for Luck

Best way to use Marcasite stone

Carrying the stone like a jewel is excellent for attracting benefits to the body. It literally drives away negative energies and attracts prosperity.

You can also carry this stone inside your wallet, where you keep your money.

If you want to attract prosperity to your business, try placing marcasite in the environment, preferably where you keep your money. The effects are excellent, try it! What is Lapis Lazuli? What it is used for? Where it is Found?

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