Mochaita Stone: Healing Properties, Meaning & Uses

Mochaita is a very powerful stone, with a combination of energizing colors that help the physical body to maintain more energy. If you’re feeling tired and lacking in energy, she may be an option. Learn more about its benefits and how to use this powerful stone.

Mochaite stone has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, mainly for its healing power. Many believe that this stone, coming directly from nature, has properties of a lot of energy.

History of the Mochaite Stone

Also called Australian Jasper, the mochaite stone has an impressive beauty. The fusion of colors such as yellow and red transmits invigorating energy to the body.

By the 4th century, this stone was known primarily as a retractor of evil spirits. People who carried this stone were protected from being bitten by venomous animals.

In the 11th and 12th centuries, a German author whose name is unknown claimed that this stone was excellent for snakebite. It was enough to place the stone for the poison to come out completely.

Another important observation is that this stone was all bathed in gold and the great priests wore it over their chests as a form of protection.

Mochaita stone name meaning is stained or speckled stone. Experts consider it the mother of all stones. In lithotherapy, it is mainly used to promote long-term cures.

Because it contains a low energetic vibration, it will not aggressively overstimulate the organs or tissues of the body.

This stone may not work effectively in people who have a more aggressive disease or are in more advanced stages. In these cases, the observed benefits are slower.

For the Jewish people, the jasper stone had a very special meaning, for them it was the new cornerstone of Jerusalem. For the Greeks, this stone ensured a happy marriage and an increase in inner strength.

The ancient Romans used this stone to ward off negative energies that were harmful to the spirit.

The mochaite stone has been used since antiquity, it was the 12th stone used on the chest of the most important priest of the Jewish era.

The Egyptians, in turn, made engravings on pieces of jasper stone of religious symbols and images of protection. They even put different symbols on the mummies with the jasper stone.

Properties and therapeutic effects of mochaite stone

The main characteristic that the mochaite stone has is that of protecting, healing, and nourishing the energy of the body and mind. The name given to it as “nourishing stone” is not by chance, its alignment with the electromagnetic energies of planet Earth is very great. This stone has an energetic root, so it is a suitable stone for people looking for stability, security, and comfort.

There are many benefits offered to those who carry this type of stone. The person can feel the real presence of his physical body and all the ambient energy around him.

Unfortunately, the economic value of mochaita is not very great. This is mainly due to the ease of finding it. But even though it is a cheap stone, it has priceless properties. There are specialist collectors of this type of stone and each one of them, depending on the color, serves certain functions.

It is usually linked to agriculture, prosperity, and gardening. In addition to these characteristics and benefits, it also makes an energy balance in the body.

Many people report that after using this type of jasper stone, the continuity of body and spirit improves considerably.

Natural relaxant she is excellent for people who suffer from some type of anxiety. Calming the mind and spirit is essential for us to live healthier. This stone also helps you to heal possible traumas experienced in the past, thus facilitating the healing process on all levels.

This may be why the ancients already said that people who carried a mochaite stone were much younger and more beautiful. Mental processes are smoothed and the person feels lighter in their existence.

Therefore, if you are looking for a stone to transmute anxiety energy, jasper is the most suitable. It will help you in a very significant way, such as keeping your mind serene and peaceful.

How to use mochaite stone

You can find the mochaite stone in both rough and cut forms. In the cut form, it is usually found in pendants and bracelets.

This stone is usually grouped together with Chalcedony and Agate, it has an opaque and dense variety. Its colors are quite varied and can be found in white, brown, orange, red, yellow, green, pink, multicolor, and purple.

By having such a varied amount of colors, it is not difficult to find the one that matches your taste.

Psychic and esoteric benefits

There are countless benefits that this type of stone offers to the individual. Here are just a few examples for you to know. Check out:

  • Emotional stability;
  • Increases the versatility of thoughts;
  • It encourages new experiences;
  • Improves self-esteem;
  • Balances various emotional issues of everyday life;
  • Help in the decision-making process;
  • Increases protection against negative energies;
  • Balances sexual energy;
  • Helps reduce feelings of fear and depression;
  • Helps to reduce the fear of pregnant women at the time of delivery;
  • Release the energies of fear;
  • Increases the feeling of freedom;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Increases the cure of certain diseases;
  • Decreases the desire to smoke and drink alcohol;
  • It actively acts on the nervous system, making the person calmer;
  • Significant improvement in the circulatory system;
  • It reduces the accumulation of fat, helping in the slimming process.

How to clean and energize mochaita

Cleaning and energizing the mochaite stone is very easy.

As it is a stone charged with high energy, its cleaning does not need to be done so often.

The easiest way to energize your stone is to leave it in the sun for at least 30 minutes, then simply wash your stone under running water with coarse salt.

After you’ve cleaned and energized your mocha stone, don’t let anyone get their hands on it, as it only needs to stay with your energy.

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