Moonstone and Its Benefits

This stone also called Moonstone and Mother Earth Stone is a quartz group stone with a mixture of white, baby mouth, and blue. In ancient Rome, it was believed that moonlight formed the moonstones. This stone was of great importance in their daily lives, as they believed that the moon goddess Diana would give love, wisdom, and wealth to the people who owned this stone. On the way to wisdom, the moonstone was believed to have an effect that supports spiritual development and directs a person to good morals. Since ancient times, the moonstone, which was wanted to be included in daily life, was mostly used as jewellery. However, today, its use in decoration items has become widespread as it is used in jewelry. Moonstone: Meaning, Properties, and how to use it

Minerals Contained:  calcium, potassium, sodium, silicon, oxygen

Released to:  Brazil, Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka, Germany, USA, Mexico, Tanzania, India

Moonstone Benefits:

  1. Moonstone is considered a source of healing, especially for women. It helps to keep the female reproductive organs healthy and to keep the estrogen hormone in balance.
  2. It is believed among people that it eases labor pains and facilitates birth. 
  3. It helps regulate menstrual periods and also has positive effects during menopause. 
  4. Since it gives a feeling of satiety to the person carrying it and activates the thyroid gland, it accelerates the metabolism. In this way, it supports those who want to lose weight. (However, it is not recommended to be used by anorexia patients.) 
  5. It is known that it facilitates the sleep of those who suffer from insomnia. 
  6. It is an antitoxic stone, it helps to remove toxins from the body.
  7. Positive effects have been observed on people who do not have communication skills. 
  8. It is known to protect the person by acting as a shield against negative energies.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Stone:

As recommended for all other stones, it is recommended to clean the moonstone before using it when you buy it. Because until it reaches you, your stone has been in contact with many people and has been exposed to different energies. Sodalite Crystal: The Stone of Intuition and Spiritual Protection

Cleaning your stone at regular intervals during your own use will increase the efficiency you will get. Soaking the moonstone in water for an hour or two or burying it in the ground for a day will clean your stone and renew its energy. It is recommended to protect your stone from high temperatures and hot water. It should not be forgotten that moonstones, like all-natural stones, should be kept away from chemicals (shampoo, perfume, etc.). 9 Best Crystals For Crown Chakra

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