Muscovite (Mica) – Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Muscovite stone is an important mineral from the mica group. This stone is usually completely colorless. If the place where it was found is full of impurities, then it takes on a more pinkish or brownish color. Its composition is basically silicon, aluminum, and fluorine.

Stones have very large energy, capable of transmuting harmful energies that hinder our life.

Muscovite properties

Belonging to the group of phyllosilicate minerals, it has a molecular formula equivalent to the KAI2O102 value. Its main feature is the basal cleavage, which is usually well marked, distinguishing it from biotite because it is colorless.

Salmon, light brown, or pink only appear in this stone, because of the impurities present during its formation.

In granites it is very common to appear, whoever watches the movie “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, will be able to notice it in large quantities. Its structure is very thin, so with any weight that is placed on it, cracks can appear, until it breaks. You have to be very careful!

Muscovite stone Meanings

This powerful crystal has very strong energetic meanings and acts in our vibrational field in a very positive way. Through its energy, we are able to live with people with denser energies.

The energies are close to us all the time and it is totally invisible, we cannot identify if it is positive or negative. Because of some mechanism that we still don’t know, we capture these energies in our auras.

That’s why fights often happen without knowing for sure how they started. This stone performs a true energetic waterproofing around us. We begin to reflect more on certain issues, we begin to perceive more easily where certain energies came from.

Muscovite facilitates our self-understanding! We are able to gain more insight into the issues that are linked to our lives. We are able to see the problems and not run away from them as we normally do.

Another great indication is for people who have an identity crisis, impacting precisely self-esteem. The inferiority complex disappears and the person gains more confidence in himself.

It is also indicated for very nervous individuals because in a very effective way it can make them calmer and serene. And those who have gone through a situation of a lot of tension, also manage to achieve stability.

Muscovite stone Benefits

The fields of Holistic Medicine and Esotericism are the ones that most use Muscovite stone.

On the metaphysical plane, this stone is mainly used to benefit meditative processes and contact with beings from other dimensions. These contacts help in obtaining important information about the best way to keep up to date, for example.

Some magicians who specialize in the energetic power of stones use it to establish contact with spiritual masters. This line of work believes that important information about the energetic values ​​of stones, plants, and minerals is obtained through contact with these beings of light.

Other benefits observed with the use of this stone are in the mental field, unhealthy and repetitive thoughts are alleviated and the person feels less distressed. Excessive disconnected thoughts make the person more distressed about life. The body’s systems do not function properly and the disease sets in more easily.

According to some Eastern philosophies, our second brain is found in the gut. When we balance the energy in this organ, our health becomes stronger. The use of muscovite helps in strengthening the musculature of this organ, as well as the heart, which is also a muscle.

The person begins to have more loving and sweeter feelings towards life and existence. We gain a more malleable essence to deal with our emotions and the emotions of other people.

Thanks to research and routine examinations, it was found that people who underwent treatments with this type of stone had an increase in white blood cells. That is, the immune system gained more strength.

Discover 3 different ways to use your Muscovite stone

Who will determine the best way to use the Muscovite stone in your life is yourself. Below we will introduce you to just three different ways. Use your intuition and see what it says. follow up.

1 – In your daily meditation

In meditation practices, you will be able to use your stones for sure. They are excellent instruments of spiritual connection, as well as facilitating your mental clarity regarding the facts and events of your life.

The suggestion, if you choose this way of using your stone, is to hold it in your hands while you meditate. Ask questions about what is important in your life and ask for the balance.

During your meditation, focus on the powers of the Muscovite. Imagine yourself achieving your goals.

2 – As various accessories

In addition to meditation, you can use muscovite as a beautiful accessory, whether in your purse or pocket. Avoid tossing it in the middle of the mess in your bag, as it will have very polluted energy.

Wrap your stone in a soft cloth so it won’t be damaged. Another option is to carry it as a pendant, ring, bracelet, etc.

Throughout the day, to connect with the energies of this stone, just take it in your hands, take a deep breath, and focus. Say words of power and receive the energies of this stone, which will instantly change your aura.

3 – As a decoration piece

In addition to using the muscovite stone in these two ways presented above, you can also choose to use it as a decoration object.

You can place it on a coffee table or a work table, in your office drawer, or in a closet, for example. The idea is that she can work to transform the energies of that environment.

Try to choose the best place to place this rock, so that it is not an easy target to break when bumped.

Remember to cleanse the energy of your Muscovite stone, placing it to take in the solar and lunar rays. Before it reached your hands, it went through several other types of energies. Energizing her will allow her to just be with your energy and thus convey good things to you.

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