Natural Stone Rosary Beads

The rosary, with its other pronunciation, is one of the most loved and used accessories in our country. Rosaries, which are especially preferred by men, have found a place in our culture. Arabs use the word “misbaha” to mean a rosary. The first appearance of the rosary in Islam dates back to the period of the Companions. The rosaries used by Muslims are mostly separated by different types of beads, with thirty-three to ninety-nine beads for each dhikr word. What Are the Benefits of Aquamarine Stone?

Natural Stone Rosary Beads

Tasbihs consist of apparatus and parts such as imame, engagement (stop), stamp, crown, tassel, or whip. The rounds that form the body of the rosary are called grains, and the long piece in which the two ends of the rope meet is called imame. There may be a knot at the outer end of the imame, intermediate grains, and a hill at the end. After a certain number of grains in the ring, it can be a flat scale. In the Turkish rosary, the stamp can be found after the fifth if it has 11 grains, after the eleventh and twenty-second if it has 33 grains, and after the thirty-third and sixty-sixth if it has 99 grains. When counting, flakes are not counted, only grains are counted. In addition, minerals, precious metals, shells, bones, horn types, and teeth obtained from animals; pearl, coral, and mother-of-pearl from the sea; some fossils; hard or fragrant woods; The average salary for a Software Engineer

Natural stones are often preferred in rosaries. Mostly spherical cut stones such as agate, amethyst, aventurine, sodalite, citrine, coral, and pearl adorn the rosaries. You can buy all semi-precious stones beads wholesale and retail from our site. These natural stone beads It is possible to design and make various rosaries. 6 and 8 MM spherical cut natural stone beads are the most preferred rosary stones. These stones are taken from nature, carefully processed, cut properly, and made ready. A 33-piece rosary can be made from 6 MM natural stone strings. If you buy 2 rows of 6 mm rows of stones with 60 stones, you can make 3 rosaries, and your stones will increase by 20. You can get 3 rosaries from 2 strings from 8 MM spherical cut or faceted cut strings. For 99 rosaries, you will need to buy 3 rows of stones. They are the most preferred natural stones in 10 MM natural stone string beads. It is also used in barley cutting, cylinder cut stone beads in rosary making. The effect of studying abroad on career life

Natural Stone Rosary Bead Prices

Natural stones have price differences according to their quality and the way they are obtained. Precious and semi-precious stones are priced according to factors such as transparency, rarity, and color. Agate stone rosary beads generally start from 20 TL and have prices reaching 200 TL. Amethyst, crystal quartz, and smoky quartz stone beads start from 50 TL and can be purchased at prices exceeding 1000 TL. Lapis lazuli stone beads again have a similar price scale as amethyst. You can find more than 50 kinds of stones in the category of natural stones from our site, and you can buy these stones for rosary making. What should you do to turn your internship into a permanent job?

Natural stone that you can use for rosary making:

  • Agate Natural Stones
  • Aquamarine Natural Stones
  • Amazonite Natural Stones
  • Amethyst Natural Stones
  • Ametrine Natural Stones
  • Angelite Natural Stones
  • Apatite Natural Stones
  • Aventurine Natural Stones
  • Moonstone Natural Stones
  • Azurite Natural Stones
  • Bronzite Stone
  • Çeroit Natural Stones
  • Strawberry Quartz Stone
  • Diopside Natural Stone
  • Smoky Quartz Natural Stones
  • Epidote Natural Stones
  • Fluorite Natural Stones
  • Garnet Lal Natural Stones
  • Rose Quartz Natural Stones
  • Sun Stone Natural Stones
  • Howlite Natural Stones
  • Hematite Natural Stones
  • Hemimorphite Natural Stones
  • Hessonite Natural Stones
  • Pearl Natural Stones
  • Iolite Natural Stones
  • Jasper Natural Stones
  • Chalcedony Stone Sequences
  • Calcite Natural Stones
  • Bloodstone Natural Stones
  • Tiger Eye Natural Stones
  • Eagle Eye Stone Sequences
  • Cat Eye Natural Stones
  • Crystal Quartz Natural Stones
  • Chrysocolla Natural Stones
  • Chrysoprase Natural Stones
  • Kunzite Natural Stones
  • Quartz Natural Stones
  • Kyanite Natural Stones
  • Labradorite Natural Stones
  • Lapis Natural Stones
  • Larimar Natural Stones
  • Lava Natural Stones
  • Lepidocrocite Natural Stones
  • Lepidolite Natural Stones
  • Lodolite Natural Stones
  • Malachite Natural Stones
  • Coral Natural Stones
  • Monkey Natural Stones
  • Morganite Natural Stones
  • Najaf Natural Stones
  • Obsidian Natural Stones
  • Olivine Natural Stones
  • Onyx Natural Stones
  • Opal Natural Stones
  • Rose Quartz Natural Stones
  • Pyrite Natural Stones
  • Prinayt ( Prehnit ) Natural Stones
  • Rhodochrosite Natural Stones
  • Rhodonite Natural Stones
  • Ruby Zoisite Natural Stones
  • Rutile Quartz Natural Stones
  • Sapphire Natural Stones
  • Sedef Dizi Natural Stones
  • Selenite Stone
  • Serpentine (Snake) Stone
  • Citrine Natural Stones
  • Sodalite Natural Stones
  • Spectrolite Natural Stones
  • Spinel Stone Sequences
  • Sugilite Natural Stones
  • Hawk-Eye Natural Stones
  • Terahertz Natural Stones
  • Topaz Sequences
  • Turquoise Natural Stones
  • Tourmaline Natural Stones
  • Varsity Natural Stones
  • Ruby Sequences
  • Jade Natural Stones
  • Star Stone Natural Stones
  • Zeberced Stone Sequences
  • Emerald Natural Stones

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