Obsidian: Meanings, Properties & Benefits

Obsidian stone is excellent for the different processes of spiritual evolution that we go through throughout life. It makes you wake up naturally. In addition, it can serve as an excellent shield against any and all negativity that is close to your aura. See how to stay calm, protected, and more energized with this excellent stone.

Even if we can’t see it, negative energies are present around us. Without doing anything, it is practically impossible to be immune to them. Some stones serve as true amulets, which when charged drive harmful energies far away from our auric field.

Obsidian is one of those stones that serve as an auric protector, it will become a real shield in your aura. So all these negative influences are barred and cannot reach you. In addition, it also serves as a potentiator of positive energies.

When we start to question ourselves about existence, something evolutionary is starting to be born inside us. This stone can help you in this regard, accelerating these questioning processes, and directing you to the path of answers. Jade Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties & Uses

Throughout this text, you will better understand what this stone can do for you and especially how to use it in your favor in some areas of your life.

Characteristics and properties of obsidian

Obsidian is formed when the lava in the volcano cools too quickly, not allowing the components that are there to crystallize.

It is considered by scholars to be a material very similar to a mineral, that is to say, it is a mineraloid. That is, it is not a mineral but a glass.

This classification is given because obsidian is not crystalline, and having the crystalline structure is a condition, necessarily necessary for a natural geological material to be a mineral.

Glasses or amorphous solids do not meet the requirements to be considered a mineral. One of the requirements is that it be crystalline, impossible for a glass. In addition, its chemical composition is too complex to be considered just a mineral.

The composition of obsidian is basically 70% or more silicon dioxide, it has a dark coloration very similar to the coloration of mafic rocks, but its composition is extremely felsic. Labradorite Healing Properties, Meanings, and Uses

Rhyolites and granites are very similar in composition to obsidian.

Obsidian Therapeutic effects and meanings

Obsidian is considered the stone of power that protects us against any negative malevolent energy. Just being present in our aura elevates us energetically, increasing self-esteem and personal power.

It is suitable for people who live tired, who seem to carry the world on their shoulders, you know? It allows for a greater balance between mind and body.

Therapists can use this stone as a form of protection against the energy of others they come into contact with. With it, deep healings of the soul take place.

Some body systems are also improved, especially the circulatory system.

Obsidian Benefits on the physical body

This type of stone can calm and eliminate those feelings of tension and emotional stress.

People who cannot sleep and take insomnia medication can use this stone as a palliative treatment. It helps fight different symptoms caused by stress and lack of sleep.

The best way to use obsidian, in this case, is to put it under your pillow at night. But watch out! After using it, do not forget to clean and energize this stone, so that it becomes purified and then helps you again. Mochaita Stone: Healing Properties, Meaning & Uses

Obsidian Benefits to the spiritual and emotional body

You know those traumas and those truths we hide throughout life? So, this stone helps to make these truths appear, for us to heal them.

This whole process of liberation helps us to unlock the neuroses and traumas of life. She helps you in this process of spiritual and mental evolution, deeply healing your soul from energy blocks.

Black colored stones are very powerful in providing auric protection. Need a shield? Then try obsidian! People who have a very keen sensitivity and who end up capturing the energies of environments and people can use this stone to block these psychic and energetic attacks. Blue Onyx (Oceanite): Meanings, Properties, and Powers

For the mental field, it increases lucidity and ends confusion and all beliefs that limit your energies.

How can obsidian stone help you to evolve spiritually?

Do you know our habit of leaving everything for later? Or, not leaving the place, because everything has become very comfortable? So, this stone will help you to end procrastination, a habit so common among people these days.

This stone is excellent for showing you a different path. Often to get things in our lives, we need to change. Thanks to the energy that this stone carries, it is able to guide you to the best path to follow.

You will feel more encouraged to face lifelong fears and annoyances. Overcoming what holds us to a limiting present is the first step toward the future.

In addition to all the spiritual and emotional encouragement that this stone offers, it can also help you to see life in a sweeter light. It increases your empathy towards other people, allowing you to accept opinions contrary to yours without great difficulty. Aventurine: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

How to clean, energize and use obsidian stone?

Like every stone of power, obsidian needs to be cleansed and energized so that it is only with your energy and so it can help you individually.

To promote cleaning and energizing your stone in an easy way, just wash it under running water, either under the tap or in the waves of the sea. If it’s under the faucet, use a little coarse or sea salt to rub it in.

Leave your stone under the light of the sun’s rays for a maximum of one hour and the whole dawn under the light of the moon’s rays.

If your intention is to use the stone to increase your spiritual protection, then the best way to use it is in an accessory, close to your body.

Now if your intention is to protect the environment of your home, then the correct way to use your stone is to place it in the form of a piece or decorative object. The most suitable place is the front door of your home or any other place you want to protect.

For more therapeutic effects, simply place a not-too-large-sized obsidian stone on top of your belly button for just a few minutes. This procedure will cause positive spiritual energies to be anchored in your body, mind, and spirit. Yellow Jasper: Meanings, Properties, and Price

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