Prasiolite: Meaning, Properties, and Powers

Prasiolite is a powerful power stone that helps us to lift the energy of the heart and soul. Also known as green amethyst, it is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the jewelry and gemstone industry. Its most striking feature is its unusual green coloration. Know all its qualities and meanings and be enchanted by this precious.

Stone magic has been around for many years and is used most of the time to improve some aspects of our life. Some are easy to find, some not so much, some you have to pay a fortune to have, and others are free in the wild.

The world of stones is vast and the benefits obtained from them are diverse. When we put our intentions for improvement in stone therapies, usually the goals are always achieved.

In addition to this magical power of alternative therapies, there is also a huge trade in these gemstones. There are even parts with extremely expensive prices.

You who are enchanted by the energies of the stones, be very welcome! Maybe you never get out of that kind of subtle energy and want to learn more and more.

Next, we will teach you all about prasiolite and how this stone will change your vibrational field in a positive way. Kyanite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

What is prasiolite and what are its properties?

Prasiolite is a beautiful stone, with a very characteristic and unique green. It is also called green amethyst in the stone and jewelry trade and is a rare species of green quartz.

Currently, it has won the hearts of jewelers and jewelers around the world.

It is easily found in different countries like Canada, the United States, Namibia, Poland, Finland, Russia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Brazil. In Brazil, these stones are found in greater quantity in the city of Montezuma in Minas Gerais.

Considered the stone of energy transformation and transmutation, prasiolite acts mainly as a potentiator of positive frequencies. It is as if she bridged the gap between the higher worlds and our earthly world.

In alternative therapies, it is usually used in the energy centers connected to the heart, crown, and sexual organs called respectively cardiac, coronary, and sexual or root. Energizing these power centers allows us to access our “Higher Self”, that part of our consciousness that is deeply connected to our soul.

Ancient peoples even called this stone “Heavenly Root”, as they believed that it connected us with the knowledge of our ancestors. This knowledge enabled us to further growth, enlightenment, and prosperity.

We are able to have more tranquility in our thoughts, allowing for more assertive and objective decision-making.

There are two types of prasiolite, one called natural and the other called irradiated. What is Charoite Stone? Properties and Benefits

What are the differences between natural and irradiated prasiolite?

It is currently possible to find two types of prasiolite, one called natural and the other irradiated in the laboratory.

According to scientists who have not yet reached a consensus, the color of prasiolite appears thanks to a transformation that takes place in white quartz. This transformation happens because of the high content of water and iron present in the environment where this stone appears.

This means that not all quartz can transform into prasiolite, as they are exclusively dependent on this environment.

Because of this, this stone is considered by experts a rarity, especially in the commercial world.

The name “radiated in the laboratory” was given because of the radiation of the gamma species that this stone received.

It must be made clear that this stone is not fake just because it was manipulated in a laboratory. What happened is that the scientists only accelerated the process of transforming this stone. Remember that this transformation would happen naturally anyway.

This type of procedure is not harmful to the stone, so much so that it is impossible to identify, through conventional methods, the differences between these two types of prasiolites. What is Amethyst? Benefits, Properties, Colors

Benefits and main signs

The benefits observed with the use of this stone are the most diverse. And the ways to use it too. You who will decide which meets your needs.

In the emotional field, this stone is a protector of the navel chakra, preventing you from running out of energy. According to Eastern philosophies, this chakra is what helps you read the energies of environments and people.

People who suffer from emotional problems can find help using this stone. It is possible to regain self-esteem and self-confidence, not letting yourself be influenced by other energies. 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

In the physical body, it acts mainly on the circulatory, reproductive and nervous systems. The immune system gets stronger and the emergence of diseases decreases.

The main signs for the use of this stone are:

  • Facilitate connection with our ancestors;
  • Allow for a more natural spiritual evolution;
  • Attract a more prosperous life and with less difficulty;
  • Facilitate connection with our internal energies, allowing an increase in intuition and perception of energies.

Is it necessary to energize prasiolite?

Before you start using your prasiolite it is necessary to give it an energized and recharged. This procedure is necessary to clear any negative energy that is contained in it. Often, we just hold the stone in our dominant hand, mentalize positive energies and that’s it, it is already energized.

We all carry a lot of energy and personal power and if we do it with faith, we can transfer some of that energy to the stones. And it’s not just the stones that can receive this energy. Metals, candles, and other objects with emotional value can also be energized. What are the Leading digital professions?

Use your mental strength and your intuition to put the energy you need into the stone. Money, love, health, and power, among others, are just a few examples of energies you can inject into your power stone. Everything You Need To Know About Amethyst Crystal

If you want to boost your energy and the energy emanating from the prasiolite stone, just connect it to nature. Sun, moon, and natural water baths are excellent to make it even more powerful.

The most recommended thing is that you energize and clean your prasiolite stone, at least every fifteen days, but this is not a rule. If any feeling awakens in your heart to do these procedures on stone, do it without thinking and questioning too much. Amethyst Meaning, Properties, Powers, Price, & Jewelry

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