Rolled Dumortierite: the stone of self-confidence and courage

Rolled Dumortierite has many beneficial properties for the body. It is even believed that it can cure some diseases that affect the body. Learn more about some of the characteristics of this stone and how to use them in your favor. Energizing the body and mind with the power stones is not difficult, then you will learn everything.

There are a wide variety of stones of all types on the market. The use of Rolled Dumortierite is made to adorn jewelry and also as a magic instrument to energize bodies and environments.

This habit of using stones as a source of energy and auric protection has been done since prehistoric times, well before our technology. Herbs, stones, and metals were used without a problem and their powers were not doubted.

These instruments are capable of transforming our lives completely if we use them correctly.

Rolled Dumortierite is an excellent stone of power that can help you a lot in your walk of life. Feelings of confidence and self-esteem are encouraged to settle more easily in your aura and thinking.

In addition, it can protect the environments you want negative energies not to linger. Facilitating the entry of positive energies and fluids. In an environment with more positive energy, it is difficult for what is negative to remain.

What are Power Stones?

Usually, the stones already carry a very large positive power within them. This is mainly because of the contact they naturally have with mother nature.

Can you imagine finding quartz, a crystal, of different shapes, sizes, and different appearances underground? And to know that it was elements manufactured by nature that created them. It’s a lot of energy!

These stones are widely used in magic processes to transform the energies of the environment and people. Stones are believed to carry two types of basic energies. One type is more about attracting love and the other is more about repelling heavy harmful energies.

These energies are both receivers and transmitters, so it is common for power stones to capture energy from the environment and suddenly break.

Rolled Dumortierite stone
Rolled Dumortierite stone

In various religions, stones are linked to dual energies such as male and female, sun and moon, and God and Goddess.

Historically, stones were discovered by primitive men who explored the land. They were used as amulets, over time they were revered as gods and even received offerings and sacrifices in different magic rituals.

Currently, these stones are mostly used as adornments in very expensive jewelry and the magic ended up being forgotten. But thanks to a new energy consciousness, stone spells are making a resurgence.

The use of energy protection is becoming a common practice among the youth of the so-called New Age. This fact may be related to the anguish and sadness that this generation is facing to get more and more money.

Below you will better understand how dumortierite works and how it can protect you energetically.

Properties and characteristics of Rolled Dumortierite

Rolled Dumortierite stone is most often massive with the formation of fibrous aggregates and columns. Its crystals can be fibrous and acicular with poorly defined and developed faces. It is normal for it to have twinning.

These crystals have a very vitreous luster and their colors can vary greatly, ranging from blue, brown, and green.

The rarest colors to find are pink and violet. These very rare colors are formed because of the replacement of some elements such as iron with aluminum. On the Moh scale of hardness, Rolled Dumortierite receives the number 7 and its density can reach from 3.3 to 3.4.

Dumortierite stone is usually found in countries such as Brazil, France, Canada, India, the United States, and Africa.

Energetic Meanings of Rolled Dumortierite

According to magic experts, dumortierite mainly helps with self-confidence and self-esteem issues. The person, after starting to have contact with this stone, starts to accept everyday events more easily.

Generally, depressed and melancholic people have a certain difficulty in accepting reality. They often live in a parallel world, where fears and phobias are strongest. It’s as if they’re stuck in the neuroses they’ve created and can’t get out and see reality.

Rolled Dumortierite has calming properties, making the nervous system more balanced. It restores youthfulness to the people who use it, removing derogatory feelings from those who are older.

Another very strong meaning that this stone has is linked to the healing processes of various diseases.

The ancient peoples of Africa said that at the place where these stones were found, the water would be present, it was enough to dig.

That is, Rolled Dumortierite is a stone that brings abundance and prosperity. Where there is a stone like that, water and food will never be lacking.

How to use Rolled Dumortierite stone?

Dumortierite stone is indicated for different types of treatments. Calming the nervous system, and increasing compassion and self-confidence are its main powers.

People who feel tired, even though they are young in age and who are not willing to do anything at all, can make use of this stone.

Another very suitable situation for treatment with Rolled Dumortierite is situations of excessive attachment to a particular person or situation. It helps you stay young, free from regrets and excessive attachments.

Messy or undisciplined people can use this stone without any problem. For, it acts exactly the opposite, promoting discipline and lucidity in all its actions. It helps you keep your important documents and papers always organized.

You know those situations you’ve been through throughout your life that you can’t digest at all? So, she helps you in this process!

Rolled Dumortierite works like a karmic broom, sweeping away all the traumas and hurts that have negatively marked your life.

People with depression can use Rolled Dumortierite stone as it helps them maintain more rational thinking. This means that the person does not travel as much in the fantasies he has created in his mind. She becomes aware of all the acts and situations around her.

Another excellent sign and benefit that Rolled Dumortierite bring us are calming the nervous system. It simply puts an end to anger, excesses of anger, and episodes of stupidity, among others.

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