Rolled Sugilite (Love Stone): Meaning, Properties, and benefits

There are already different reports about the symptom relief that Rolled Sugilite offers. See below for Rolled Sugilite (Love Stone): Meaning, Properties, benefits, and the best way to use it.

The emergence of diseases in the physical body often happens without wanting to. These energetic imbalances can totally unbalance us. Some stores carry a lot of energy, capable of helping us to overcome different symptoms.

But, it’s not just ailments that these stones can alleviate. They also work as energetic protectors against harmful energies that can be present both in environments and in people.

That’s what you read, some people are so loaded with negative energies in their auras that they only transmit bad things to us. For example, being around a gossipy person will likely make you feel less energetic energetically.

In this text, you will understand how the rolled sugilite stone will help you energetically, keeping your aura in perfect balance and health. Be sure to experience its benefits!

What is rolled sugilite stone? What are their meanings?

Many mystics and esotericists claim that the rolled sugilite stone is the stone of the new times, the so-called “New Age”.

Powerful in transmitting positive energies, it helps to relieve some symptoms of often serious diseases.

This stone is also known as luvulite, found in the central Alps region.

The discovery of this stone took place in mid-1944 in Japan. Its name is a tribute to its discoverer named Ken Ichi Sugi who died in 1948. It was only in 1970 that this stone was sold in a jewelry store. This fact happened after the discovery and extraction of this type of stone in the region of South Africa.


Unlike amethyst, rolled sugilite is violet, but will never be translucent. Usually, crystal specimens called gemstones are the most sought after in stores specializing in the sale of these stones. Generally, these gemstones are used in making jewelry and other jewelry items.

In addition to the violet color, others may also appear such as pink, yellow, purple, black, and brown.

Esoteric meanings relate this stone to the emergence of a New Age on planet Earth. This new period will be marked by the birth of individuals with a very high positive energy.

It is believed that the emergence of these stones is also linked to the energy vibrational state of the planet. Planet Earth is evolving into a high-energy state, so these stones begin to appear.

The dark violet color mainly represents the link between the physical body and the mind. Hence its strong positive action in diseases that arise in the physical body.

In Eastern philosophies, illnesses first arise in the mind and then become reality in the physical body. The more you keep your mind balanced, the further away from an illness you will be.

People with mental imbalances such as depression, anxiety, panic, and phobias can be treated with this stone.

Another meaning that rolled sugilite has is related to new beginnings. So anyone starting new projects can benefit from this stone.

Signs of rolled sugilite

Signs for the treatment of rolled sugilite stones are:

  • Promote the energetic purification of the aura and balance the energy centers of the body called chakras ;
  • Facilitate communication with the other subtle planes;
  • Acceleration of spiritual evolution;
  • Calms the nervous system, leaving the mind more serene and away from negative emotions;
  • Improved interpersonal relationships;
  • Elimination of fears and traumas;
  • Increase in wisdom and discernment;
  • Increase intuition and perception.

Benefits of rolled sugilite stone

The biggest doubt of people who start using the stones is if they really bring benefits. There are many positive reports about rolled sugilite.

Most of the benefits are related to healing the physical body. Its role in these situations is to alleviate the unwanted symptoms of different types of illnesses. It balances the energy.

Also, It is normal for diseases to alter their energetic states, leaving the patient moodier, with excesses of irritability, discouragement, low self-esteem, changes in appetite, etc. In general, the person connects only to negative and limiting energies.

This stone facilitates the connection between the sick person and their divine spark, balancing brain energies. That spark is like a piece of God inside the soul.

In addition to this spiritual power, this stone also acts on the defense system of the human body, helping in the perfect functioning of the lymphatic system. These data have been proven, thanks to different surveys that have been carried out with people who have started treatment with rolled sugilite.

Because it contains a large amount of a mineral called manganese, headaches are relieved, as well as different physical discomforts.

The physical pain caused by cancer is relieved, and the evidence of the decrease of pain in these cases is great. In addition, it also reduces the emotional distress of these patients.

Benefits to the mental and psychic

  • Decreases symptoms of mental illness;
  • Decreases the desire to use licit or illicit drugs;
  • Increases emotional independence;
  • Clarity of desires and goals;
  • The person can see new paths and possibilities;
  • Increased optimism.

Benefits to the Physical body

  • Combats the symptoms of the most serious and advanced diseases;
  • Strengthens the immune system and lymphatic system;
  • Improves liver, intestines, gallbladder, and stomach functions, facilitating the digestive processes of food;
  • Improves hormone production in the glands;
  • Decrease in the appearance of tumors.

What is the best way to use rolled sugilite?

You can use rolled sugilite in different ways.

If worn close to the body uninterruptedly, it brings benefits directly to you at all times.

Also, If used in the environment, it removes negative energies from those who pass through it.

Moreover, If used therapeutically, you will have the benefits of it only in the organ it is being applied to. The recommendation is that this application is made for only 30 minutes daily.

Do not use rolled sugilite for therapeutic use on the diseased organ, as it is believed to burn the aura, being harmful rather than beneficial.

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