Smoky Quartz: Meaning, Properties, and benefits

The smoky quartz stone is one of the most important stones to give us protection and purify the energies that surround us. It alters the energies present in our aura and in the environment in different ways, preventing evil energy attacks. She has the ability to ground dark and negative energies. Learn more about this stone and how to use it correctly.

Anyone interested in protecting themselves from the negative energies that are present in environments and even in people’s auras should know smoky quartz.

This stone has great power to manipulate energies, purifying them and transforming them into positive energy.

Characteristics and properties of smoky quartz

This stone belongs to the quartz group, it is also known as morion quartz, smoky quartz, or smoky quartz. Its color can vary between the darkest brown and the lightest brown, without altering its properties in any way.

When this quartz stone is heated, it turns into a citrine. If you find a white or black stone on the market, forget it! It is a synthetically altered stone.

The ancient druids called smoky quartz a crystal of power and it was considered an instrument of very high power. Other tribes important to history, such as shamans, for example, used quartz to guide the souls of those who have died to the divine light.

In addition, it was also used to establish contact with the dead in other dimensions.

It was also used by some ancient peoples to increase women’s fertility, attracting good vibrations to the female organs. The Roman people used this stone when someone died, the purpose was to attract more happiness and courage to continue living and moving forward.

The Arab people used this stone as a sign of loyalty and friendship. They claimed that the stone changed color according to the energy transmitted.

Regardless of what different cultures say, Smoky Quartz stone is excellent when it comes to warding off negative energies from environments. It has a very great ability to detoxify energies.

Stone of protection

Because it has a very special tonality, smoked quartz is considered in the esoteric and mystical environment as the stone of protection. Gives you a kind of positive force field when in contact with your aura. Everything that is badly thrown at you will be destroyed and undone, thus preventing the permanence of destructive and obsessive energies in your aura.

Its most predominant color is the shades of brown, which means a strong connection with the energies of planet Earth.

Therefore, the telluric energy transfer happens without great effort. The bearer of Smoky Quartz feels a very strong connection with nature. This bond causes energy to be transferred to its wielder easily.

Because of these invigorating properties, smoky quartz is highly sought after in specialty stores. After all, who wants to feel drained of energy? Nobody, right?

Being able to protect yourself and keep your balance, why not use this stone?

How to use this quartz?

The ways to use this smoky quartz will depend a lot on your goals. If it is to bring benefits to the environment of your home, work, or any other place, just place this stone at a fixed point.

It can be on a coffee table, shelf, or even closet. The important thing is that it is fixed and without the danger of breaking with any bump. Another very important detail is to always keep it energetically clean.

To wear Smoky Quartz close to your body and feel all its vibrations directly in your aura, just carry an accessory that contains this quartz. It can be an earring, a necklace, or a bracelet, you are free to choose what you like best, the important thing is to have at least a piece of this stone.

If you want to feel the therapeutic effects of this stone, use Smoky Quartz over the organ you want to heal. For example, if you have a problem with your stomach, just put it on your stomach for a few minutes.

Repeat this therapeutic procedure every day without any contrast. Until the pain disappears completely.

A very important detail that you should be aware of is, stone therapies are totally complementary and palliative. They should not, under any circumstances, replace medical treatment. Stay tuned!

Signs and therapeutic benefits offered by smoky quartz

Smoky quartz presents and offers different types of benefits to its wearer. It is excellent for improving various energy aspects that are out of balance and thus attracting only bad things.

Do you know those radiation energies that electronic devices emit? So this stone dissolves that kind of energy and eliminates it from your body. So, one of its signs is for people who spend a lot of time near these devices and charge themselves with negative ions.

Carrying Smoky Quartz stone can benefit you a lot, not letting your body get sick.

Abdominal pain and food digestion discomfort can be reduced with the use of quartz. In addition, it also serves as an excellent remedy for pain, especially headaches.

Women with fertility problems can use this stone in the lower abdomen area for a few minutes.

How to keep your smoky quartz energized?

Before smoky quartz reached your hands, it went through different varieties of energy. Before you use this stone to your advantage, it is very important to clean and energize it correctly.

This process is very simple and its real intention is to remove all harmful energies from this stone, leaving it suitable for its positive use.

When the stones are mined or collected by yourself, then this cleaning procedure does not need to be done, as it is with your energy.

Unless Smoky Quartz is collected by you in negative and energetically charged environments like military areas, polluted land, highways, and roads, for example.

The first method of cleaning and energizing is to give your stone a nice bath with running water, which can be from the tap, the sea, the river, or the rain.

The second method is to leave it soaking up the sun’s rays for a maximum of 1 hour, then soaking up the moon’s rays for the entire dawn.

After these procedures, take the Smoky Quartz stone in your hand and feel what energy it is emitting to you. If it felt something positive, then it is clean and energized.

If you feel something unpleasant, repeat the cleaning and energizing procedure for your smoked quartz.

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