Sodalite Crystal: The Stone of Intuition & Spiritual Protection

Sodalite Crystal is a stone of spiritual elevation, meditation, and energy protection. It also strengthens the mind, increases our intuition, facilitates meditation, and wards off energetic attacks. Sodalite stone vibrations help to expand our spiritual awareness, calm emotions and balance our mental energy. Best Natural Stones Against Anxiety

Sodalite Stone Meaning

Sodalite Crystal greatly strengthens our spirituality, helps to awaken the higher powers of the mind, and is able to activate the pineal gland. It is an excellent stone for meditation as it helps calm emotions and also facilitates accessing higher states of mind. Its vibrations protect us from the negative effects of cell phone electromagnetic waves and neutralize negative energies. Which Natural Stones Should Not Be Put In Water

Therapeutic Effects

Sodalite Crystal facilitates weight loss, as it favors our metabolism, reduces anxiety, and helps reduce hunger. It is also indicated for all ailments involving the brain, including headaches and mental fatigue. Balancing thoughts helps a lot to reduce fears. Moonstone and Its Benefits

How to use Sodalite Crystal

To awaken the higher capacities of the mind and elevate your intuition, meditate with Sodalite for a few days in a row. To purify environments, attract good luck to your home, and leave a good-sized Sodalite in the living room or bedroom. If you want to use your energy for therapeutic purposes, approach the place you want to treat for 30 minutes or use a Sodalite jewel. To have revealing dreams, sleep with her under your pillow. Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend with Natural Stones

Typical Uses and Applications of Sodalite Stone

  • Strengthen intuition and other spiritual abilities
  • Balancing the energies of the environments
  • Promote weight loss
  • Protect against radiation from cell phones and computers
  • Strengthen and balance the mind
  • Facilitate meditation

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