Specularite Stone Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Specularite is an exotic stone, mainly because of its metallic color that draws a lot of attention. Also popularly known as specular hematite, it has different very important energetic properties. Learn all about this brilliant stone and how to use it to your advantage.

This stone is a variety of hematite and its color is the one that most attracts the attention of those who are seeing it for the first time. The metallic color shines on a background that is usually black or gray, but also with some reddish streaks.

Specularite is believed to be a stone with strong feminine power, helping you to connect with the forces of planet Earth. Who needs balance and release from old thoughts, this stone can help you a lot. What is Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal?

History of ancient peoples about specularite

Specularite stone is legendary and is present in the history of different ancient peoples. The Egyptians said that this stone was radiant, that is, that it transmitted beneficial energies of peace among others to its bearer.

Because of this, it was used on dead bodies. It was placed under the pillows of the deceased. This procedure was done so that he might be led in a way of peace.

According to some historical facts, such as found sarcophagi, women slept with one of these stones under their pillow, with the intention that their babies would be born healthy.

In Egypt, it was used to make the rebirth of the dead in other dimensions. Also according to found remains, some mummies were in layers of hematite.

Famous alchemists used this powerful stone in the Middle Ages. According to them, this stone had mystical powers, if they were scratched, scratched, after some time, these marks mysteriously disappeared. This stone was the favorite of ancient warriors, it was what gave strength and virility during the war.

It was common for most warriors to rub this type of stone on their bodies. She was even associated with the planet Mars, the God of War. Rose Quartz Stone Benefits, and Properties

Specularite properties and origin of the name

Specularite or specular hematite as it is also known is usually found in metallic color, contrasting with a black or gray background. In its structure, it is also possible to find some crystals of prismatic quartz, which shine a lot.

The word hemos comes from Greek and means blood, it was from her that the name hematite originated. It is possible to find this stone in several countries such as England, Brazil, the USA, and Germany. The chemical formula of this mineral is composed of 70% Fe (iron), and 30% O 2 (oxygen).

This mineral is considered the main element of iron ore. It has an intense metallic sheen in a coloration that is usually black or gray but can also be found in red, reddish brown, and brown.

The varieties of hematite found are martite (pseudomorphosis due to the oxidation of magnetite), titanium-hematite, and iridescent and painted hematite, which are the hematites with a different and spectacular shine. Which Natural Stone Is For Aries Sign?

We have no idea, but hematite or specularite is very present in our lives. This iron ore is widely used by the industry in the production of different types of products such as mattresses, slippers, and even magnetized water.

All these products have the hematite magnet with the aim of offering more health to the physical body. The red color of hematite has the function of working exclusively on blood circulation, that is, it is the circulatory system that benefits.

Important therapeutic properties of specularite

Specularite stone has a very special power to make the metamorphosis of some energies in the spiritual body. She embodies some spiritual powers in the physical body.

When this stone goes through the polishing process, even if it is metallic, the color of the water is completely red. This made him attribute his powers to our circulatory system. It is believed that blood flows more effectively with the use of this stone.

Furthermore, this stone also stimulates the creative powers in the brain, because of its innate creative color which is red. Black, on the other hand, manifests this creative thought.

According to experts, this stone moves our vibrational energy, promoting some vibration unlocks that harm us so much. It literally dissipates different electromagnetic energies that are stagnant.

It can be used as a tool to unblock stagnant energies. Do you know those bumps on the body? So, she treats those blocks. Some people even report a significant improvement in body swelling.

Do you know those beats we give that would definitely turn purple? So, by applying this stone on the spot, the probability of turning purple is greatly reduced.

Because it contains large amounts of iron, it is excellent for those who are suffering from anemia. It is a vibrational way, that causes the body to increase the absorption of iron, promoting the revitalization of the body. Macaroni with peas and tomato Recipe

It is also believed to promote blood purification, helping to effectively eliminate harmful toxins. Another characteristic quality observed in this stone in our body is the energetic realignment that it promotes in our energy bodies, strengthening the immune system.

Because it is a stone associated with great warrior gods, it is common to be used as protection during wars.

The creation of this stone was thanks to a junction of the earth and the gaseous ether, it is similar to the physical body, which also makes the connection with the spiritual world.

Hematite arises when the iron is oxidized in contact with water. That is, it also has a very strong connection with water, and water, in turn, is linked to blood. Blood is linked to planet Earth, which has the function of nourishing all living beings that inhabit here. Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend with Natural Stones

It was because of these characteristics that she was energetically attributed to blood flows. Blood feeds the entire physical body, it runs through our veins all the time. When we have a problem in this circulation, diseases arise.

Using specularite therapeutically and uninterruptedly only brings benefits to patients. Experience these benefits and watch your health change. Which Natural Stones Should Not Be Put In Water

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