Stone Disease Symptoms & Treatment

It is necessary to know which stones come together or not, and which minerals the stones carry. Diseases are caused by the deficiency or excess of which minerals. Causes of disease and minerals are very important. When there is a wound that will cause gangrene in any part of your body, you either dress the wound and watch it wrap the whole body and cause death, or you cut the wound and continue living. In short, this is what I did. We first achieve success by researching the cause of the disease, which stones will be good for this disease, and by studying the number and energy loading of personalized stones. Numbers, chakras, and minerals are very important. Since 2008, goiter-nodule=1 month, anemia=20 days, lumbar neck hernia, rheumatic pains, carpal tunnel discomfort=3 weeks. What is Nose Tip Aesthetics?

Stone Disease Symptoms & Treatment

Here, the causes of diseases, the number of stones determined, and the arrangement of stones is very important. The month-day of the person is very important. Please do not use unconscious stones. In addition, not all stones are used here, minerals are important.


Rheumatic disease TNF tumor necrosis factor Alpha and interleukin factor disrupt the bone structure. Cartilage tissue breaks down. (d mord) and (cox) aspirin etc. drugs are used. Sodium Tetraborate decahydrate is a safe supplemental form. It is recommended for the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Boron is also an important mineral for health. It contributes to the protection of phosphorus, magnesium, calcium minerals, and vitamin D in the body and also to the protection of teeth and bone health. Boron mineral is very important in migraine, cancer treatments, prostate cancer, muscle building, estrogen, testosterone, osteoporosis, memory loss, dizziness, menopausal allergic, bone and arthritis, and brain cancer. first, we find the stones that carry this mineral. Rose Quartz Stone Features and Benefits

Waist neck hernia

To get a good result, it is necessary to know the causes of the disease.

Waist hernia

The nerve roots that come out of the spinal cord in the lumbar region, on the right and left, provide the movement and sensation of our legs and genital organs. The lumbar region, which is located on the sacrum together with the five vertebrae and intervertebral discs, is the most mobile region of the spine after the neck. The majority of the movement in the waist is 4th and 5th. form the joints between the lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum bone. The discs between the vertebrae are made up of gelatinous fluid and the outer part consists of fibers consisting of fibrotic bands. Repetitive movements, excessive strain, posture disorders, and physical activities in inappropriate positions cause tears in the belt called fibrosis in the outer part, the tearing starts from the inner fibers of the tendon and extends outwards. As a result, the gelatinous fluid herniates outward and forces the ligaments in that area, putting pressure on the surrounding tissues. As the disease progresses, it compresses the sciatic nerve that goes to the leg, and it is mostly seen in young and middle ages. At advanced ages, it is seen with lumbar calcification. What Are the Benefits of Aquamarine Stone?

Cervical Herniated

There are 7 vertebral bodies in the neck. We call cartilage cushions between the vertebrae are available. The disease that occurs as a result of the rupture of this cartilage structure due to various reasons (trauma, poor posture, stress, etc.) and pressure on the nerves dispersed in the spinal cord or arm in the spine is called neck hernia. The patient has severe neck pain and numbness radiating to the arm. If the cartilage torn over time presses on the nerves, weakness in the arm, and if it presses on the spinal cord itself, movement defects may occur in the whole body. In the very advanced stages of the disease, patients who become bedridden are encountered. Some of the stones we use in arthritis, and rheumatism is used in back and neck hernia disorders, and bracelets are made from personalized stones according to the month, day, and year of birth of the person. Numbers and minerals are different. We can use different stones for different people with the same disease.

Bracelets made of stones used in arthritis and rheumatism are used in lumbar neck hernia, most of them are auto-immune stones. Calcite stone should also be used with this bracelet.

Bone removal osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is when bones lose calcium over time and become perforated, weak, and easily brittle. The internal structure and quality of the bone deteriorate, and the bone framework of the body weakens. Many men and women over the age of 65 have fractures of the hip, spine, wrist, and other bones around the world. Stones containing calcium minerals should be used. What are Face Rollers? How to use it?

Headache – migraine

The body’s control center in the brain. Because the center of the blessing of intelligence that distinguishes us from animals is the brain. Therefore, the first organ that will be affected by all kinds of ailments, whether physical or psychological, is the brain. This is why the disease that people complain about the most and that doctors have difficulty in finding a cure for is a headache. We get upset, we get a headache, we get angry, we get a headache, we catch a cold or we get a fever, we get a headache. In short, our body should be in balance with all its physiological and psychological systems so that we do not have a headache. Headache and pain are issues that are as old as human history and that medicine is trying to find solutions to. 80-90% of headaches are caused by migraine and tension-type pain.


Means half a headache. Sensitive receptor areas in the midbrain are stimulated by various stimuli (stress, hunger, satiety, fatigue, cheese, chocolate, etc.). Various chemicals secreted from here affect the surrounding veins and cause a narrowing and then an enlargement in the superficial veins of the brain and trigger the pain that is hard to bear. Stones are important to the month-day-birth date and personal energy. The stones used are amethyst, tiger’s eye, azurite, malachite, aquamarine, etc.

Mediterranean anemia-anemia disease

Mediterranean anemia, or thalassemia as it is called in medicine, is a kind of anemia disease seen in races in the Mediterranean countries, inherited from the parents to the child to be born, by the order of the beta thalassemia gene. The factor that causes anemia is the defect in the production of hemoglobin, which is included in the structure of red blood cells in the blood. The most important function of iron in the body is the production of hemoglobin. In Mediterranean anemia, red blood cells appear empty because hemoglobin synthesis is reduced. In diagnosis, this appearance is important as a first-line test. In order to restore the disturbed balance, first of all, the bone marrow begins to produce cells in numbers that can reach 10-15 times the normal. But it cannot be effective. Since the genetic problem in hemoglobin still persists, these cells are also destroyed early.

In addition to the iron released by the breakdown of red blood cells, iron accumulates in the body as a result of blood transfusions for therapeutic purposes. In addition, the absorption of iron for new erythrocytes increases. For all these reasons, the accumulated iron precipitates in very important organs such as the heart muscle, liver, and pancreas, and these new problems aggravate the disease picture.

Anemia occurs due to the lack of iron, cobalt, and copper minerals. Mediterranean anemia occurs from the excess of IRON.

Iron-based stones are used in the treatment of the disease. The month, the day of birth of the person, the numbers, which stone will come next to which stone, and their energy loading are very important. If these points are taken into account, while the blood rate is very low in 20 days, the rates increase if the chakras and the way of use are followed. What is Closed Nose Aesthetics?

Goiter disease

It is a disease caused by the enlargement of the thyroid gland, which covers the respiratory tract like a shield in front of the neck. The most common country in the world is Turkey. It occurs with very different frequencies between regions. The reason why it is most common in the Black Sea region is thought to be nutritional habits and geographical iodine deficiency. Classification according to its function (hormone level).

Hyperthyroid (Toxic goiter, toxic goiter, thyrotoxicosis)

Regardless of the type of goiter, the hormone level is high in varying degrees.


It is a condition in which the hormone produced by the thyroid tissue is less than normal and is very rare.


Goiter, but the hormones are at normal levels. This type of goiter is seen in 90-95% of cases.

Classification by tissue type

Diffusible goiter

Thyroid tissue has grown completely homogeneously. It is the most common type in Turkey. It is classified as 1+, 2+, 3+, and 4+ according to its size.


Goiter The growth in the thyroid is in the form of a tumor (nodule). Single or multiple tumors (nodules) occur. It is the type that most often requires surgery. Nodules are classified as hot and cold according to the secretion of hormones.


It depends on the secretion of substances that damage the thyroid tissue in the body. It is painful and a rare type.

Thyroid cancer

The development of the thyroid tissue is malignant. It is very variable according to its behavior and cell structure.

The stones used related to the thyroid should be a necklace. If it doesn’t fit your clothes, they can stay in your underwear. Importantly, we get the results of this disease in 1 month with the month, day of birth, and the way of use.

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