Stones that attract money, wealth, and Prosperity

Wealth and Prosperity can reach us in many ways, one of which is working with crystals. In a moment you will know the stones that attract money, wealth, and all Prosperity. The energy of these crystals can act on you in two ways, which is to create vibrations that attract Prosperity to you or to gently change the way you think about getting rich and money. Best Natural Stones (Crystals) For Money, Wealth, And Prosperity

Stones that attract money and wealth


The cubic structure of Pyrite perfectly resonates with the golden energy of money and wealth. This crystal contains a hidden fire and allows those who have earned it to get rich. It is a great stone in the workplace because its aura moves and revives stagnant energy. Pyrite changes our perception of reality by directing our thoughts toward Prosperity. Blue Sapphire Stone Price Benefits, & Zodiac Sign


In the world of Lemons, it is called the lucky merchant’s stone. It is one of the most powerful and best crystals for manifesting wealth and keeping money with you. Lemon also strengthens our generosity and opens us to sharing well with others.


You probably know it as a lucky stone. And very well! Green Aventurine is a stone that attracts prosperity to us.

Apparently, Aventurine helps restore money that was unreasonably spent. It won’t do it for you, of course, but it will help you come up with the right ideas that will lead you to the right solution. Best Natural Stones for Luck


Did you know that Olivine attracts wealth? Together with Lemon, they make a great duo, because Olivine attracts money and Cytryn allows you to keep it.

Put a few nuggets of Olivine into a glass candlestick and light a green candle in it, which you will place on these little crystals. Try to do this every Friday and your luck will be increasing each week.

Mountain Gem

The energy of the Mountain Crystal follows your manifestations, so you can program it for any purpose. This crystal also has to strengthen properties, thanks to which you can combine it with the above-mentioned stones. This will strengthen their action.

Meet the scent of wealth

Most of us associate incense more with protection or cleansing. Did you know that each fragrance has its own energy and properties? Just like in the crystal world, we have incense that attracts wealth and money:

  • Cinnamon attracts wealth and also has protective properties
  • Clove wood and Patchouli bring happiness and wealth
  • Mint and Jasmine attract love and money
  • Pine cleans negative energy and attracts money.

Crystal Wealth Grid

You can attract more money and wealth into your life with the help of the Crystal Grid. On the Seed of Life pattern, place Pyrite in the center of the grid. It would be good if the stone of the road was Citrine, and the stone of desire was Aventurine. If you are unfamiliar with the topic of crystal grids, read my previous articles which broadly cover the magic of the combination of stones and sacred geometry.

  • Crystal mesh, the power of geometry
  • Seed of Life, create your crystal mesh
  • Metatron’s Cube, create your crystal mesh

If you want to strengthen your affirmations, you can put a piece of paper under the main stone, or Pyrite, with “wishes to the universe” written on it.


Do you sometimes feel like you’re doing your best but still not changing? It may be due to internal beliefs that do not match what you are asking for. Imagine that you have all the stones that attract money, and you have a sweet Cinnamon scent in your home every day. Some time has passed and nothing is happening. You throw it all in the corner, and all you feel is anger. I’d be furious too!

The key to success and working with stones is your intention and openness. Stop for a moment and think about why this is happening? Perhaps you have some beliefs inside you that say that money does not bring happiness or that rich people are bad to the core. These words do not have to be yours, but you know them because they could have accompanied you in your childhood. You have no influence on what your subconscious has heard in the distant past, but you can (thankfully!) Change your thinking in the present.

All you need to do is repeat affirmations that will replace your old beliefs day by day. Don’t give up after a day because it takes more than a day to work on changing your mind. Do not wait for the moment when this process is completed, just enjoy the road itself. When pronouncing sentences, hold the money-attracting stones and play with the words. And if you don’t feel like coming up with affirmations, use mine. Hope they help you!

  • “I am open to material and spiritual wealth”
  • “Money is a gift to me and I always have enough”
  • “I forgive myself for limiting/limiting myself financially”
  • “I easily attract money to myself”
  • “I always have everything I need”

I sincerely hope that among the many methods I have mentioned, you will find the one that works best for you. Let your life be filled with happiness, wealth, and Prosperity.

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