The most beautiful orange stones used in jewelry

Orange Stones: Lovers of solar radiation and its heat will most certainly be seduced by the beauty of the orange and yellow stones. The gems included in this chromatic spectrum radiate positive energy and their contemplation instinctively awakens a feeling of joy and serenity. You therefore probably do not need to be convinced about the purchase of such a part, but perhaps you are still hesitating as to which one would be best for you. If so, then this article reviewing a whole variety of daffodil and honey stones will be able to point you in the right direction. Color Of Precious Stones, Semi-precious Stones & Jewellery

The meaning and symbolism of the color yellow

In a few words, yellow can be described as a bright, playful, and refreshing shade. Symbol of life in all its craze, it is also typically associated with the Sun and nature, of which it is most often the color of its flowers and fruits.

meaning and symbolism of the color yellow

Yellow is also the symbol of positive and creative influences on the human spirit. It pushes us to stimulate our nervous system, stay alert to our environment, and sharpen our memory. Some also attribute this nuance to the cultivation of communication and interpersonal skills. In yet other cultures, yellow is the color of wealth, health, and happiness. Available in a variety of tones, from pastel to gleaming, passing through shades of honey, ocher, and brown, yellow is thus found for all tastes in the diversity of the minerals that express it. Citrine Stone and Its Benefits

The orange that won’t leave you indifferent

Straddling red and yellow stands the orange color which inherits some of its respective qualities from its relatives. Orange Stones are indeed a warm color that invites the eye, like red, but it also manages to soften its brilliance by its good use of a counter-pendant of yellow. It is therefore impossible to remain indifferent to this color which knows how to arouse emotion as well as soften it. Symbol of fire and willpower, orange is in short a driving color of inner energy.

Yellow stone jewelry

Yellow stone jewelry to sublimate you

One of the main quality criteria in a stone is its color with its own tone and intensity. With regard to yellow, the highest intensity note is reserved for the stone which has a pure expression of it and is devoid of any other chromatic inclusion. But this method of appreciation is only proper for specialists. Aventurine (Star Stone) Properties, Benefits, Colors

On the consumer side, some may prefer a yellow stone with underlying green tones. The latter, when the shade of green is subtle, can give the mineral an electric glow similar to neon. Orange undertones are also very common among yellow stones and are rated favorably by experts. As for the tones between yellow and brown, they evoke a particularly pleasant color of honey on a background of bark shade.

Yellow stone jewelry to sublimate you

Yellow colored gems are most often set in yellow or white gold. Yellow gold knows how to highlight its gem with harmony due to the similarity of their hues. White gold, on the other hand, has a tendency to force the gaze on the stone itself through the contrast. Whatever your preference, such a jewel will always be able to uniquely distinguish your style. Yellow stones are said to have the ability to invigorate and illuminate their wearer. And to attract seduced glances on her. You should also not hesitate to wear them on formal occasions, since artificial light knows how to enhance the shine they contain. You will also be able to count on them whenever you want to stand out from the crowd and shine. They are always your allies, whether to complement a minimalist outfit or refine various color combinations. For example, the alliance of yellow and orange forms a pleasant contrast when associated with blue, green, purple, or the shade of turquoise. Benefits of mixing lemon with baking soda

The yellow and orange stones presented here are because they are ideal for everyday wear. We are now going to talk to you more specifically about citrine and one of its varieties, Madeira, then lemon quartz, and yellow and orange sapphires, to complete our exhibition on the rare yellow diamonds. All the stones mentioned above have in common their degree of hardness located at 7 on the Mohs scale.

Citrine Orange Stones, the stone of creativity and energy

Citrine is one of the rarest varieties of quartz found only in a few places on the globe. It was called yellow quartz until the 16th century before taking its current name derives from the Latin citrus. Because of their great popularity, it happens that many “citrines” are actually amethysts whose color has been altered in the laboratory. Fortunately, this is not the case with the pieces included in our collection, because our brand is a guarantee of authenticity.

Citrine Orange Stones

Citrine is generally associated with the ability to ward off negative thoughts. During ancient times, legends told in different forms that these stones contained within them a piece of solar energy with the potential to influence dreams and health. It was believed that citrines also had the power to ward off sadness and attract fortune, health, and happiness to their wearer. The jewelers of the Art Deco era had this stone as their muse and the Hollywood actress Greta Garbo also owned a large collection of it available in exceptional jewelry.

Because of their aesthetics and affordability, citrines are very popular today. This is why you will find in the GemSleek catalog a large collection of jewelry sets with citrines in various shades and shapes. You just have to make your choice. A gleaming oval suspended from a  minimalist necklace? A cushion-cut duo as stud earrings? Both? It’s up to you to decide.

Madeira citrine Orange Stones, the stone of success and prosperity

Named after the famous Portuguese island, this intense yellow variety is distinguished by a light honey hue and a discreet shade of orange-brown. More precisely, this citrine bears its name because of the Madeira wine whose color has a color similar to its own.

Madeira citrines captivate admirers with warm colors that stand out from the pack. Their captivating shades thus make this stone one of the most desired of this family of varieties. GemSleek reincarnates Madeira citrine in many shapes, such as a pear cut set on this diamond necklace.

Yellow sapphire, the stone of health and longevity

Together with the ruby ​​and the emerald, the sapphire forms the “great trio” of the rarest colored gems. Royal blue is the inseparable color of this precious stone, but sapphire can also be seen in shades of pink, purple, green, or yellow. These unusual colored varieties form the large family of fancy stones, despite the fact that none of them reach the color red. The absence of this color among the variants of sapphire is explained by the fact that when corundum (which is sapphire) expresses a scarlet shade, then it acquires the denomination of ruby.

The main mining resources of yellow sapphires (formerly called oriental topaz ) are found in Sri Lanka. Among these stones stand out the coveted canary yellow sapphires whose name refers to their pale yellow color and entirely devoid of underlying orange tones, which is a very rare phenomenon among natural gemstones.

In lithotherapy, yellow sapphires are considered to be natural promoters of health and longevity. They also help calm the mind, purge tension, and channel emotions. Yellow sapphires stand out for their sparkling luster and high hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. This bracelet, consisting of a set of irregularly faceted yellow sapphires, is an illustration of a Bohemian style that will add a touch of spice to a wide variety of outfits.

Lemon Quartz, Stone of Abundance and Spirit

At first glance, this pale yellow stone closely resembles citrine with which it shares mineralogical similarities. This is because lemon quartz and citrine are part of the same family.

However, if these stones were to be placed side by side, you would be able to notice a real difference between them. While citrines possess a true warm tone, lemon quartz is an expressive yellow with a slight hint of green that gives it a cooler appearance. Another distinction that separates them is that you won’t find lemon quartz in nature. This one is indeed the fruit of original quartz having been exposed to gamma rays as well as to a heat treatment. List of Gemstones Types, Names, Colors, Precious, and Semi-precious

Lemon Quartz is associated with purity, abundance, and luck. It promotes communication between individuals, purges the mind of negative influences, and promotes a balance conducive to the cultivation of favorable energies. Lemon quartz is an ideal alternative for those looking for the color yellow in its lighter variant. In our collection, it shines especially on this pair of earrings not to be missed. The setting on this piece of green amethysts creates a luxurious harmony of tones.

Yellow diamond, the stone of determination and strength

Yellow diamonds are distinguished by the strength of their brilliance, their sparkle, and their solidity, in addition to coming in many shades of yellow. The expression of this tone in the stone is attributable to the presence of nitrogen in the mineral structure. Natural and untreated yellow diamonds are highly valued on the market and those exceeding the carat mark can even sell for exorbitant prices. It is amusing when you consider that the first person to discover one of these stones, a young boy from South Africa, saw his mother – unaware of its value – graciously offering it to a stone seller.

The jewelry of our house is set with colored precious stones falling into the Pale Yellow Fancy category of natural diamonds. This category means that the diamonds have not undergone any artificial treatment aimed at highlighting their color. Their tone is light, subtle, and refreshing. If you are looking for yellow stones and the price is not an obstacle, then the natural yellow diamond is a natural investment. We mainly use it to enhance our engagement rings, such as this exceptional piece.

Orange Sapphire Stones, the stone of security and intuition

The term orange sapphire refers to sapphire in warmer shades, ranging from a light golden shimmer to a tangerine or even blood orange tone. These stones are very rare and are only found in their natural state on the market very occasionally. Gemstone lovers will surely not want to skim over the padparadscha sapphires whose exquisite color is a mix of orange and pink. In recent years, this variety of sapphires has surged in popularity after being set on the engagement ring of Princess Eugenie of England. Orange sapphires are also found on this boho bracelet made up a multitude of them.

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