What is blue kyanite used for?

The stone called blue kyanite is one of the only stones in the world that does not carry negative energy, so there is no need to do any purification or energizing work.

Such purity can be explained by the fact that the strength of the Archangel Michael, synthesized in his Blue Ray, is enclosed within himself. Ray makes her not only pure but with extraordinary strength. Nose Aesthetic Surgery: Types of Nose Aesthetic Surgery

How strong would blue kyanite be? For what purpose can this powerful stone be applied? What energies do they contain and what meaning does it carry?

Even more: how can you use blue kyanite for your own benefit?

We answer all these questions in the topics below.

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What is blue kyanite used for?

All beings are made of energy, but they don’t just emanate good energies. Negative vibrations are generated due to the internal imbalance of the being itself and can end up harming the self as well as being directed to cause harm to others.

We live in an increasingly competitive and unequal society, vanity has never been so high with free exhibitionism on social media, and hate has never been so propagated by so many and with impunity. We’ve never had an era of so much excess as modern digital life. Best Natural Stones Against Anxiety

This context undoubtedly influences that many negative energies are created and directed towards specific targets to satisfy reprehensible desires.

More than ever protection, in all forms, is necessary, including spiritual.

Of course, at this time it is worth turning to the religion that satisfies our desires, but having instruments that strengthen protection and undo the damage is undoubted of great help.

It is exactly the role of blue kyanite stone. This stone provides spiritual protection, and blocks and breaks the onslaught of negative forces.

Blue Ray is responsible for these protective and healing powers. It provides the stone with high frequency vibrations that are able to awaken intuition, collaborate in concentration for the practice of meditation and strengthen mediumistic qualities. Black Diamond: Properties, Carat, Colour, Sizes & Shapes

Blue kyanite Properties

Because it has strength and purity that provides protection against negative energies, blue kyanite can be used as a way to neutralize the evil eye. It is also effective against envy. This protection occurs when placing the stone in environments in a way that increases the sources of positive energy in the place.

It is also a good resource to ward off bad influences.

It helps in meditation because it creates mental bridges that transmit and receive energy, being a great instrument for connecting with higher planes. The connection is made directly with the might of Archangel Michael. What is Natural Stone? How Are Natural Stones Formed?

Therapeutic properties

The power of blue kyanite acts not only in the spiritual field but also has therapeutic properties, it can be used to treat certain diseases.

Demonstrates healing power for high fever cases and is a great resource to treat muscle injuries. It still has the ability to correct dysfunctions in the urogenital system.

People who suffer from psychological problems such as anxiety, phobias, or even more common problems such as shyness benefit from the use of blue kyanite. The power and purity contained in the stone provide tranquility that culminates in the previous unbreakable peace. What makes precious stones special?

By providing support to overcome issues such as anxiety problems, blue kyanite ends up helping, albeit indirectly, to overcome other adversities. People who have difficulties with being overweight end up benefiting, because one of the causes of being overweight is binge eating as a way to deal with anxiety. Once the anxiety is contained, this harmful outlet is undone.

The same with other problems resulting from poor diets, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, or diabetes.

Blue kyanite still treats infections, and throat and larynx problems. Another benefit it provides is for the voice, as it strengthens and balances the energy of the 7 chakras, especially the fifth and sixth.

Blue kyanite is a resource used in so-called spiritual surgeries like a scalpel. Such application is due to its strength and purity, making it the most suitable for delicate procedures.

Using blue kyanite

The use of blue kyanite stone will depend on the purpose you intend to apply it, although there is not much variety in terms of its use.

If the main urgency is to protect the house, apartment, office, or any other place that is being the target of negative energies, place the blue kyanite in the place or near the entrance door. Another way to protect the environment is to spread smaller stones around the area of ​​the property or room to be protected. Tourmaline Price Per Carat, Properties, Colour, Sizes & Shapes

But if the purpose of the use is for personal or third party protection, the stone must be used as a pendant. An alternative is to always carry the stone with you or with the person to receive the benefit of its powers. Discover the top 10 types of Gemstones


As stated at the beginning, the blue kyanite stone is one of the few in the world that does not carry negative energies, so it does not need to be cleaned or energized. However, if it goes through a cleaning process, if it is washed in running water, for example, its brightness and energy are amplified. This power gain lasts for a few hours.

But this is not the only reason to involve blue kyanite in the cleaning process. As its power and pure state are sublime, they can be used to purify and energize other stones.

Other information

The blue of kyanite is due to being linked to the water element. Its shape resembles small icebergs, coal, and sometimes sword points and this shape is no mere coincidence, as this stone is known as the raw material for the sword of the Archangel Michael.

The stone must be handled with care, as it is fragile and therefore breaks easily.

It can be mixed with other stones to channel very powerful energy sources. The best combination stones are Selenite plus Green or Black Tourmaline.

This trio gathers at once the spiritual (Selenite), mental (kyanite), and physical (Tourmaline) strength.

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