What is lithotherapy? The most popular gemstones in lithotherapy

Beauty treatments with natural products are not only based on phytotherapy or organic cosmetics. Stones are also important, as some are known to have properties that can become useful when incorporated into the beauty routine. This is how lithotherapy carves out an important place in the lives of stone lovers. Discover the stones, and the jewelry made with them, that have the most success. Moonstone: Meaning, Properties, and how to use it

What is lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is energy treatment with stones. It is based on the belief that minerals possess distinct energy in their composition. The minerals would then interact with the energy released by the body. This energy is directly related to the mental or emotional state and it can be influenced positively or negatively.

To be effective, the stones must be worn in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The receptivity of the human body to stones is due to the presence of minerals in the body. Iron, magnesium, potassium, and many other minerals in the body make it sensitive to the presence of minerals and gemstones. But beyond the theory, lithotherapy is quite simply a discipline that invites you to reconnect with nature and with yourself. Jade Stone Properties and Benefits

Why are natural stones so popular?

Stones have long been appreciated, as they can also have positive effects on the skin. It is no coincidence that they feature in the beauty rituals of various ancient civilizations, including Egyptian, Greek, and Native American. The use of stones improves microcirculation and stimulates biological functions. For example, rose quartz would help soothe the skin and rock crystals could stimulate blood circulation. Having these stones promotes a feeling of well-being and better contact with nature. Jade stone and Its Benefits

The most popular gemstones in lithotherapy

There are a large number of precious stones that have virtues on the body. Some are more successful than others, not only for their beauty but also for their contributions. There are thus more and more jewels made with natural stones, as on the site of Maison Gaïa, an expert in lithotherapy.


Amethyst is a purple quartz that is popular as a stone in jewelry, but also for lithotherapy treatments. Among its most well-known benefits is the reduction of headaches. One of its main characteristics is that it helps to see things in a simpler and more objective way. It is an easy stone to find, it is common in jewelry stores.

Amethyst is one of the most famous and precious stones. Its color is due to iron inclusions. It can also appear in its characteristic purple color when exposed to sunlight. The raw crystal usually has color concentrations in areas, with the darkest part being on the edge. It is common to treat amethysts by heating them at high temperatures to improve their color and make them more intense. Depending on the quality and temperature of the stones, it is possible to lighten dark colors or increase the concentration of the color.

This gemstone has tiny inclusions. Amethysts are cut into different shapes. But it is not the size that gives a specimen its special quality or characteristics, but rather its brilliance and color.

Amethyst crystals are found inside basalt rocks in geodes and tend to form before the magmatic activity begins. Quartz, carbonate, and sulfate crystals grow inside the geode. They are able to grow by exploiting the high temperature of fluids percolating through rocks. Amethyst is primarily used in jewelry, including pendants, rings, bracelets, cups, necklaces, and chalices. Many amethysts can exceed 100 carats. What Are the Benefits and Properties of Aquamarine Stone

The pink quartz

Rose quartz stone has always been associated with love. It all started in Greek mythology, where the stone was said to be related to the goddess Aphrodite. Today, this mineral is still used, both for its aesthetic appearance and for its properties, in watchmaking and jewelry. Rose quartz is known and appreciated for its soothing properties. It has many beneficial properties for the body and mind. According to the followers of this stone, wearing rose quartz brings a feeling of liberation from daily anxieties and openness to the emotional sphere.

It is a translucent pink stone, one of the most common in nature and also one of the most used in jewelry. Rose quartz is valued for its transparency and color in all its shades. It is made of anhydrous silicon dioxide. Rose quartz is a very resistant stone, which can only be scratched by harder stones like diamonds.

You can find rose quartz in jewelry stores, and it’s rarely subject to imitation. However, occasionally you may find a specimen of rose quartz that is very brightly colored, in which case it has undergone artificial coloring. This stone is used in jewelry to make necklaces, rings, pendants, and other earrings.


Moonstone is so called because of its color, a milky white tinged with blue, like the moon. Many peoples believed that the moonstone was created by the rays of the moon. The legends and myths that still accompany it are fascinating and full of magic. In the Middle East, moonstone was worn by women as a sign of fertility. Also in the West, during the Middle Ages, some people believed that couples could predict the future by putting a moonstone in their mouths. Today, moonstone is widely used to make jewelry and other decorative items. Moonstone Properties, Benefits, Colors

Moonstone comes in a wide variety of colors including brown, green, gray, pink, rainbow, white, and yellow. The most sought after moonstone specimens exhibit an intense blue luster. It slides on the surface of the gem when the viewing angle changes. In general, the more intense the blue luster and the larger and more transparent the moonstone, the higher its value. Flattening is the main quality that determines its overall value.

The jade stone

Jade is a stone of very ancient origin, considered of great value because of its beauty, its brilliance, and its particular coloring. It is a symbol of good fortune, and in some countries, the custom of always wearing jade jewelry is still widespread. Jade is closely linked to the philosophy and traditions of ancient imperial China. The stone has always been associated with the qualities of courage, wisdom, justice, charity, and purity.

The name jade refers to two distinct minerals, jadeite, and nephrite. Jadeite is a hard and rare stone whose natural color can vary from white to deep green through purple. The most valuable variety comes in an emerald green hue and is called imperial jade. Nephrite has a lower hardness, a lower refractive index of light, and a color that can vary from green to white. There is also a third mineral, which until now has only been found in Burma, which consists of jadeite mixed with other elements. It is characterized by a dark green color with white veins.

The most valuable variety of jade, also from a commercial point of view, is imperial jade. It is jadeite in its deepest, brightest shade of green, with no streaks or dark or gray discolorations. It is a fairly rare stone that can fetch quite high prices. The bright green color of imperial jade is due to the presence of a high percentage of chromium.


Aquamarine is a gemstone that takes its name from the color of seawater. Aquamarine is a very popular gemstone, especially because of its color. This stone is normally transparent and has no inclusions visible to the naked eye at a distance of 15 cm. Its high purity remains even under magnification.

Aquamarine is a stone widely used in lithotherapy. It is used to increase self-confidence and courage. According to lithotherapy, this stone helps to forget old wounds, to make peace with the past and with oneself. It is a stone indicated for those who tend to hold grudges or harbor anger. It would be useful to release tension and stress and to embark on the path of positivity and resilience. Aquamarine has the ability, in a short time, to change color under the action of sunlight.

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