What is Red Diamond? Price & Meaning of red diamond

Red diamond is one of the rarest diamonds in the world. Many people are familiar with ‘white’ diamonds, the clear ones that often appear in wedding rings.

Whether for being a precious stone or for its value and mystical powers, the diamond is a stone that is linked to both the feelings of humanity and the technological evolution of our species.

For example, diamond is used, among other things, in oil drill bits because of its hardness.

What is Red Diamond?

The diamond ‘family’ is made up of a variety of colors. This coloration varies depending on the conditions in which the diamond was created.

For a white diamond to be ‘born’, a temperature of at least 1400 degrees Celsius is required, followed by a pressure of 58,000 times atmospheric pressure. These conditions are found from 150 km deep.

Diamond is made from pure carbon (about 99.95% of a diamond is carbon) in the same way as graphite.

But the conditions that make this gemstone form are so extreme that they make diamond the hardest natural material on the planet.

On the hardness scale (from 1 to 10) it has the highest score.

To give you an idea, the diamond is so hard, that only another diamond is able to scratch it.

The colors of diamonds are: white (transparent/colorless, which are the best known and least rare), blue, yellow, orange, and red.

The yellow diamond is the most common among colored diamonds. It has this coloring because it has nitrogen in its composition.

Blue diamond has boron in its chemical composition.

Orange diamonds also have nitrogen in their composition. Their difference is that the alignment of the molecules is different, thus bringing a different color.

Finally, the red diamond has no change in its composition, what makes it have this color is a change in the molecular structure of the diamond.

For all colored diamonds, the higher the level of ‘impurity’, that is, the more particles of other substances it has, the ‘darker’ it becomes.

That’s why there are light blue and dark blue diamonds, as well as ‘pink’ diamonds and ‘blood red’ diamonds.

Red Diamond Price?

The Red Diamond is the rarest of all types of diamonds. For the same reason, it is the most expensive among them.

To date, just over 30 diamonds have been qualified as a Red Diamond. The largest, just over 1.5 carats, sold for nearly $2 million.

However, it is difficult to say how much a Red Diamond is worth. What is certain is that it is worth at least 50 times more than an ‘ordinary’ diamond.

Meaning of red diamond

As every stone, precious or not, has a specific meaning and emanates energy, this one would be no different.

The Red Diamond’s powers are similar to that of the Colorless Diamond, but due to its rarity, these powers are further intensified.

Among these powers/benefits we can mention:

  1. Improved effective relationship;
  2. Heals sexual problems;
  3. Protects the person from physical and psychological problems;
  4. Stimulates courage in the person;
  5. Bring peace to the user.

Below we will talk about each of these benefits.

1. Improvement of affective relationship

At first, this may seem like a joke, after all, giving an even redder Diamond to your partner is sure to improve the relationship due to the preciousness of the stone. But not in that sense.

The energies present in the Red Diamond help in relationships that are not going well or that need a ‘strength’ to work out.

Due to its red color, which is linked to blood/heart, it is more suitable for this task than any other type of diamond, including colorless.

2. Heals sexual problems

If you are experiencing a sexual problem, such as:

  • Sexual impotence;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • Lack of ‘sexual appetite’;
  • Excessive ‘sexual appetite’.

These and other problems related to your sex life find harmony or significant improvement with the Red Diamond.

Nothing in excess is good, so having a lot of sexual appetites can also be a sexual problem, even more so when it harms your relationship.

Being in harmony with your partner is extremely important for a good relationship. Having more ‘will’ than your partner can be a positive thing at first, but it can cause ruptures in a longer relationship.

Whatever your problem ‘in this area’, carrying a Red Diamond close to your body is the right choice.

3. Protects the person from physical and psychological problems

As already mentioned, the diamond, whatever its color, is known for its hardness and for being ‘indestructible’.

This power serves to shield the person from physical and especially psychological problems.

It takes away negative thoughts, improves the person’s mood, and also takes care of the physical problems and diseases of the body, bringing balance between body and mind.

4. Stimulates courage in the person

If you suffer from a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, tend to be ‘below yourself’ in front of others, or are afraid to take action, the Red Diamond brings significant improvements to your life.

Many things stop happening in a person’s life because they don’t have the courage or attitude to take the initiative. Sometimes it seems easier to let others do what you are capable of than to show your worth yourself.

This stone takes away or diminishes that lack of courage that you may have.

5. Brings peace to the user

Feeling distressed, nervous, anxious, and angry, among many other bad feelings, is bad for both the mind and spirit, as well as the body.

Red Diamond takes those ‘bad energies’ (which can be projected by other people) from you, bringing peace to your mind and spirit.

When these two are working correctly, a person’s life evolves.

Final considerations

As seen, despite being rare (and expensive), this stone brings numerous benefits to a person’s health.

Because they are normally very small, the idea is to carry them close to the body, as in rings or earrings to receive all the benefits of their energies.

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