What is Serpentine Stone? Properties and Benefits

Serpentine Stone (Serpentine, Snake stone) is a semi-precious stone with more than twenty different types, similar in appearance to Snakeskin. In 1564, Georgius Agricola compared the shape and texture of the stone to a snake and named it Serpentine, which means snake-like in Latin. We call it Serpentine in Turkish.

What is Serpentine Stone?

It is formed by the crystallization of magnesium, rock fiber, and silicate components into filamentous-grained, flat shapes in serpentinite rocks. It looks like a rock, not a crystalline structure. Due to its appearance, it is also called New Jade (New Jade) or Afghan jade in some regions. However, there are chemical and physical differences with jade.

In appearance, they can be quite different shapes and colors among their species. It has variety in this regard. It is usually translucent or opaque but has an oily sheen.

Lizardite, Atlanticite, Greenstone, and Infinite stones are also referred to as serpentine; their formation forms and components are almost the same and they are named Serpentine Group.

Some types of serpentine contain Asbestos. Asbestos is harmful to health and contains carcinogens. For this reason, attention should be paid to this type of serpentine stone, and should not be used.

Properties of Serpentine Stone

It affects the crown and sacral chakras. Its effect on Kundalini energy can be enormous, especially due to its effect on the sacral chakra. It has the ability to balance all the chakras.

It helps to get rid of negative emotions such as reluctance and feeling worthless. When the Kundalini energy is properly activated by the serpentine, feminine and positive energy is released along with an emotional outburst. Serpentine also reveals third-eye energy.

Properties of Serpentine Stone

It provides mental calmness by relaxing mental activities. We can also say that it is a kind of love stone, in fact, it has a side that reveals self-love and positive energy internally.

It is a very good stone to have during meditation. It is believed that it concentrates psychic energies and enables different dimensional journeys. It has a component structure that is very compatible with nature.

Benefits of Serpentine Stone

  • It has a healing balancing energy.
  • It helps to clean physically.
  • It is beneficial in regulating and cleaning blood circulation.
  • It cleans the parasite in the body.
  • It aids in the absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  • It is beneficial for insulin resistance.
  • By helping to regulate blood sugar; It affects the elimination of low blood sugar.
  • It helps in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.
  • It helps people suffering from insomnia.
  • It helps to strengthen the skeletal system

Serpentine Stone Cleaning and Maintenance

It is one of our rocks with a very low degree of hardness. The degree of hardness varies between 2 and 4.5 depending on the subspecies. For this reason, when cleaning and maintaining, especially soaking in water and cleaning with running water for a long time should not be preferred. You can clean it by burying it in dry soil or by fuming it. Care should be taken in terms of use and storage conditions and should be handled delicately. It can be easily scratched, cracked, and broken.

Serpentine Stone Colour, chakras, and Places of Extraction

Hardness 2 – 4,5
Specific weight 2,53 -v2,65
Chemical Formula and Group (Mg, Fe, Ni, Mn, Al, Zn)3 [Si2O5] [OH] 4 ve Silikat
Colour Mostly green-black, olive green, yellow colors, few red, brownish red, brownish yellow, black, light gray, dark gray, and white colors.
Usually mottled or striped appearance.
Places of Extraction It is widely found around the world. Major extraction destinations are South Africa, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Madagascar, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, Norway, Russia, Italy
Chakras It affects the crown and sacral chakras. Its effect on Kundalini energy can be enormous, especially due to its effect on the sacral chakra. It also affects the third eye chakra. It has the ability to balance all the chakras.


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