What is Shungite? Properties and uses of this stone

Shungite is known for purification, grounding, and protection. Think about how a water filter purifies water. This is the action that Shungite provides to your auric field – filtering out the energies and emotional patterns within and outside of you that do not serve you. Thus, it is a good stone to have in your environment for mental health every day. (This also means it needs to be cleaned and purified regularly.) What is Red Diamond? Price & Meaning of red diamond

What is Shungite?

Shungite is also a powerful grounding stone that helps anchor you in your body and strengthen and stabilize your root chakra. The combination of grounding and purification makes it a constant and protective guide for doing deeper emotional work. As you dig into the past experiences and buried emotions that make up your shadow, shungite helps transmute these energies into light energy.

The protection that shungite offers is in helping you not to take on negative energies from other people and to be able to more easily clarify and be firm with your boundaries. Shungite helps you know what energy is “yours” and what belongs to other people and allows you to release responsibility for it. Thus, it is a good stone for those in the healing professions to protect their personal energy and not take energy from others. It would make a great gift for a nurse, therapist, or Reiki practitioner!

If you want to purify and cleanse your space or yourself of stagnant, dark, or heavy energies, shungite is an effective and powerful tool. Pair it with selenite for cleansing and releasing rituals, moonstone to dive deep into inner knowing, or garnet to increase stamina. What are Natural Stones, What are the Properties of Natural Stones?

History and types of shungite

Shungite is usually black but can range to a deep bronze color. It is opaque but can have a shimmery quality to it, making it look shiny and metallic. The highest quality, or “elite shungite”, is made up of at least 90% carbon, shiny in appearance, and recovered by hand, as opposed to industrial mining. Industrially mined “ordinary shungite” is matte black and 30 to 50% carbon. What is Agate Stone? History, Properties, Benefits

Its origin appears to be biological, like coal or oil. It was also found to contain fullerenes, very interesting carbon structures with unique properties that were named after Buckminster Fuller (also called buckyballs). However, it should be noted that they occur only in very small amounts in shungite.

Shungite has been found to have antibacterial properties useful in water purification and is being studied for potential medical applications. However, this may be due to its carbon content rather than the particular aspects of shungite – carbon is already commonly used in water filters.

Shungite is not technically a crystal, but a mineraloid (like amber, opal, or obsidian) due to its structure. But that doesn’t make it any less powerful! Used for centuries, shungite has long been considered a healing stone, with Peter the Great of Russia using it at his resort to purify water. Northwest Russia is actually home to the largest and oldest source of shungite, with other deposits reported in Austria, India, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. What is Red Diamond? Price & Meaning of red diamond

Properties and benefits of Shungite

There are several reasons why so many people believe that crystals like shungite have healing properties that are tangible on both an emotional and physical level.

EMF protection

Electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions are a form of radiation that can be harmful to cells and DNA.

Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of shungite crystals in protecting against EMFs that have produced positive results.

Water purification

Throughout the ages, people have used gemstones like shungite to purify water by absorbing and removing contaminants.

A 2018 study found that by placing a shungite rock in contaminated water, pesticides and other dirt could be effectively filtered out of the water and made safe to drink.

Stress relief

Numerous anecdotal studies claim that close proximity to and daily use of shungite gemstones can contribute to lower stress levels and a calmer, clearer state of mind.

Elimination of bacteria

The high composition of fullerenes in a medium shungite rock is what has given this crystal a reputation as a bacterial cleanser.

Several studies have been done on the effectiveness of CNS in destroying harmful bacteria or pathogens, which is why some people use shungite for its antibacterial properties.

How to care for shungite

It’s always a good idea to take care of your stones and crystals so you can continue to get the most out of them. And when it comes to shungite, there is no shortage of ways to cleanse and recharge it.

It is recommended to use a visualization technique to clear, holding the crystal in your hands and breathing deeply. Visualize the universal, healing light filling the stone until all negativity has been dissolved. See how it expands until it surrounds the stone and fills your hands. Intend all negativity to be removed from the stone and dissolved. When you intuitively feel that the stone has been cleared, you can stop the visualization.

You can also try using your own breath. To clear a stone using the breath, you must first clear your mind of any outside thoughts. Next, hold the crystal in one hand and exhale forcefully as you quickly wave your other hand.

Some crystals can be cleansed with water, especially naturally flowing water like a river. But because some crystals can be damaged by water and/or salt, you can put the stones in a singing bowl and sing it or use palo santo smoke to cleanse them.

If you need some grounding or want to tap into your spiritual wisdom, shungite could be a great option to help you do that. While “elite” shungite is rarer, regular shungite has those properties and benefits, and either will make a great addition to your collection. What are Face Rollers? How to use it?

Where should Shungite be kept?

There are many simple ways to incorporate a shungite rock into your lifestyle. For a physically purifying effect, place shungite (cleansed and charged) in a hot bath or bottle of water to get rid of unwanted toxins and cleanse your body.

If you need emotional or spiritual support, placing shungite in your bedroom or workspace will bring clarity to your mind and filter out negative vibes.

Alternatively, you can hold your precious shungite in your palm during meditation or place it on your forehead while taking a nap. Wherever you choose to place your shungite crystal, place it with the intention of the best possible results. How to Activate and Charge Rose Quartz Stone?

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