What is the difference between tourmaline and rubellite?

The rubellite stone has been one of the darlings in the jewelry market. Its value surpasses that of gemstones such as the ruby ​​itself. Its variety of colors is very wide and its shine is beautiful. Here in Brazil, different types of gemstones are found. Gems are the most valuable parts of a power stone. Learn more about this stone and how it can be used for you in a positive way.

The beauty of rubellite is what draws the most attention to this type of stone. Therefore, it has been used on a large scale in the manufacture of precious jewelry. Its variety of colors and shapes is another detail that draws the attention of stone explorers.

With different types of benefits, it is mainly used by mystics and esoterics, to strengthen the energy of the heart and everything that emanates from it.

This stone can be used even with other types of stones, its effects in these cases are highly strengthening.

What is rubellite stone?

Rubellite is a gemstone belonging to the tourmaline family, also found in large quantities in nature, with different shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, etc.

The colors of rubellite can also vary, being more common to find them in shades, red and pink more pulled towards orange. The name derives from the Latin rubellus which means reddish.

These stones are not found all over the world, only a few countries have this facility and privilege. In Brazil, Pakistan, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Madagascar, gemstones with classic colors such as pink and red are more easily found.

In North American mines, bright pink rubellites are the most commonly found.

It is termed by experts in the field as one of the heart chakra triad stones. If used with other stones such as kunzite and rose quartz, its power increases.

What is the difference between tourmalines and rubellite?

It is necessary to be aware of the differences that tourmaline and rubellite stones have between them. Not all red or pink-colored tourmalines can be called rubellite.

For example, if you take a stone and subject it to sunlight or any other artificial light and it has spots or distortions in its luster, then it is classified as a tourmaline. For you to understand better, rubellite stones shine anytime, they are authentic and do not need artificial lights or not.

Currently, this stone has been the most beloved among rich and elegant women. Even men are preferring this type of gemstone. The colors that rubellite has are fascinating, the hue and brightness are the main reasons that make people fall in love.

It is possible to find various accessories with this stone adorning them. Earrings, pendants, and rings are the most common and complement any type of production. Its colors enhance the black of the clothes, for example, lighting them up!

And the combinations don’t stop there, for example, the more nude colors are also highlighted with these stones. Even the most flowery prints can look excellent with some of these jewels if there is harmonization and dialogue between these pieces.

Meanings and signs of the magical powers of rubellite

Linked to the planet Mars, the rubellite stone is mainly associated with energy, vitality, courage, and strength. It is often used in rituals to attract these types of feelings.

People who need to increase strength and courage to face life can use this stone. It naturally returns the love of life and the enthusiasm to move forward, making the person more open to all experiences along the journey.

It is invigorating for the circulatory, reproductive and digestive systems, reducing all the discomfort caused by the symptoms of some diseases.

In addition, it is also indicated for strengthening all the veins and arteries present in the body.

Want to become wiser? Just use one of these stones to act effectively on all neural connections. There are reports of people who significantly improve their thoughts and memory.

It was used in antiquity as a stone primarily to awaken aphrodisiac energies in people. Do you know those warm, almost cold relationships? They can be warmed up with a pebble-like that.

She keeps love and sex always active in the couple.

But, that doesn’t mean it only has this functionality. The rubellite stone is also indicated for people who are suffering from an emotional illness such as depression.

Depressed people unfortunately lose the will to live! This stone can help these people to have more love and compassion for everyone around them. It inspires and awakens unconditional love as well.

So, if you are a little disillusioned, this stone will help you to better relate to life and the world.

The person also awakens to his self-love, because how can we give what we don’t have? The mind begins to receive feelings of peace and serenity, and it is easier to reach states of deep relaxation.

Love is the feeling that moves us most smoothly on Earth. People who have feelings of anger, and pessimism, are usually the ones who get sick the most and I don’t think anyone wants to live that way, right?

3 tips to Charge your rubellite stone

1 – Charging with the sun’s rays

This way of making your stone full of energy is one of the easiest. It basically consists of you leaving your stone and taking in the sun’s rays. It is recommended that you leave the stone in the sun until midday only, one hour of sunlight is enough.

Excessive sunlight can be harmful to the stone.

2 – Charging with the rays of the moon

This power-up looks like the one above. You should just place your stone to take in the moon’s rays at night.

It is believed that the moon has an energetic connection with the feminine forces and the sun with the masculine forces. Therefore, with the energy of the moon, this stone gains a very intense feminine force.

Feminine energy awakens maternal and intuitive powers. Unlike the sun, the moon is not that aggressive, that is, the stone can remain under the moonlight all night. Prefer the full moon, as it is the most powerful of them all.

3 – Charging using power crystals

Some crystals have the power to be energy donors, that is, they can Charge the stones that are around them.

The crystals you can use to power up your rubellite stone are Garnet, Alabaster, Citrine, Diamond, and pure crystal.

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