What is the price of a Poudretteite gemstone?

There are many minerals and gemstones circulating around the world. Most are known to the population. However, there are others of a rare nature that have not even been seen.

Gemstones like Poudretteite, for example. This is one of the rarest and little-known stones ever found. It’s not exactly a new stone, as its first appearance was in the mid-60s.

If you don’t know the origin and history of this stone, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will clarify a little more about this beautiful and rare stone that is Poudretteite. Check it out!

What is Poudretteite?

The most common gemstones to find end up being the most common and easily accessible in the jewelry and mineral market today.

Stones such as diamonds which, in addition to being rare, have a high estimated value in the market. And, of course, a great worldwide recognition of its existence.

However, there are also those minerals and jewels that, despite being rare and precious, are little known by the population and, often, even by geologists.

An example of this is the rare and precious stone called Poudretteite. In addition to a name being difficult to pronounce correctly, its existence is also little known.

Poudretteite is a mineral extracted from quarries. Its hue is almost colorless or very pale pink with a glossy sheen. This mineral belongs to the Osumilite group of stones, whose crystal system is Hexagonal.

This mineral was originally found in a quarry near Mont Saint-Hilaire in Canada. And, after being found, it became one of the rarest gems in the world.

Origin and history

Poudretteite got its unusual name after being found by members of the Poudrette family. Members who were workers and owners of the quarry where the mineral Poudretteite was found.

The Poudretteite family quarry was created in 1959. Today, this quarry is considered a great mineralogical treasure in the world. In this quarry, around 60 other species of minerals have already been found.

Although the discovery of the mineral Poudretteite was made in the mid-1960s, the mineral Poudretteite only became recognized as a new mineral in 1986.

For, in its discovery, only a few tiny crystals of a rare nature were found. Such stones were too small to extract any information about their compositions.

However, it was in the year 2004, almost 20 years after its recognition as a new mineral, that the first and largest gem of Poudretteite was found.

In the year 2004, an unknown and precious stone ended up being bought by a dealer of Italian origin. The seller purchased gemstones for resale and, in turn, acquired the stone in the Magok region without really knowing what it was.

This unknown stone has undergone an examination known as the Gubelim Gem Lab. Through this examination, it was proved that the stone was a Poudretteite gem sample.

That same extremely rare miner sample from Poudretteite allowed the material to be described for the first time. In the descriptions, there was much more information that was not available before.

This was one of the largest stones found, a Poudretteite crystal of approximately 22 carats. However, this crystal ended up being cut into a gem of approximately 9.41 carats.

Still, the documented specimen gem found at Magok in Burma is still considered one of the greatest Poudrette gems ever found.

After being documented, the gem was described as a kind of hexagonal prism whose shape resembled a barrel.

The stone was light pink, almost colorless, having its longest dimension of 5 mm and deeply engraved equidimensional dimensions.

Today the Poudretteite gemstone is recognized as one of the rarest and most attractive gemstones. It is even considered almost perfect.

Until the year 2007, only 30 more small pieces of Poudrette were found in the quarry of Magok. These stones were raw and were divided and sold to buyers in other countries.

Information about the gemstone Poudretteite

There are currently only 11 types of Poudretteite gemstones and they are organized into just two categories:

  • Unique
  • Precious

Many of these 11 stones have the original Poudretteite color, which is the color it was found in: almost transparent pink.

However, Poudretteite has other more common colors which it can be found today. These colors are:

  • Colorless
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Transparent

The color of the Poudretteite gemstone is caused by Manganese, the main and only element that affects this color.

Its original color makes it possible for this stone to also be easily confused with Sugilite. However, there are characteristics in their colors that can differentiate one stone from another:

  • Poudretteite is a transparent original color mineral
  • Sugilite has a translucent color

Where can Poudretteite be found?

The Poudretteite gemstone can be found in marble xenoliths in a garbo complex. There are at least a few specific places where these substances can be found along with the stone. Look:


  • Quebec
  • Monterége
  • Rem La Vallée-du-Richelieu
  • Mont Saint Hilaire
  • Poudrette Quarry
  • Uni-Mix Quarry
  • Carriere Mont Saint-Hilaire


  • Mondalay region
  • Pyin-Do-Lwin district
  • Mogok Township
  • Kyatpyin North
  • Kyrek-Sin (Rock Elephant)
  • Ohm-bin-ywe (Coconut Mine)
  • Pein-Pyit (Painput Ryan Guit)
  • Pyant Gui Mine (Pyan Gyi)

What is the price of a Poudretteite gemstone?

The most expensive Poudretteite stone currently costs around USD 45084.00, with an equivalent weight of CTS 8.63

The cheapest costs around USD 112.50. Amount equivalent in reais to R$ 468.00, with an equivalent weight of CTS 0.26.

Poudretteite composition

The rare and precious stone Poudretteite has a molecular weight of 912.90 mg. And its main components are:

  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Silicon
  • Boron
  • Oxygen

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