What is Unakite Crystal? Properties and Benefits

Considered a Crystal of energy and spiritual protection, Unaquite has become the darling in the esoteric environment. According to some experts, this Crystal has the power to predict future events and reveal some important information about your life in the present. You those who are learning to meditate, this Crystal can help you a lot in this process. Below you will know all the information about it and how to use it to your advantage. Unakite Stone Properties and Benefits

We are inserted into a chain of energies that may or may not be harmful to the body and spirit. Energies from malicious people, electronics, and other electrical devices are classic examples of bad energies, which alter our energy vibrational field.

There are some Crystals that have the power to protect our energy field, thus preventing the emergence of diseases with ease.

Unakite is one of those powerful Crystals that protect people from negative energies such and as envy, the evil eye, among others. In addition, it also facilitates your spiritual perception, increasing your intuition and entry into meditative processes. Which gemstone to wear for money & wealth?

Energetic meanings of Unaquite

If you want to feel more invisible energies, the Unaquite Crystal will help you. One of the energetic properties it has is precisely to promote the opening of the third eye or intuition. She manages to balance her rational emotions and the spirituality present in her life.

Some experts claim that when this Crystal is placed over the third eye, which is located between the two eyebrows, the third vision opens. The person is able to have much stronger psychic vision and visualization.

Meditative or psychic works are strengthened by this Crystal.

Another important detail is that when this Crystal is used as a crystal ball, the body and spirit are integrated into the divination processes. That is, it can be used so that the ego does not interfere with the information that the person saw in the oracles. 10 brilliant names for your crystal store

You know those energy radiations from appliances plugged into the socket, which we can’t see, but which exist and make us sick? So, this Crystal manages to reverse the negative effects of this electromagnetic pollution from these electronic devices.

The most harmful of them is undoubtedly the cell phone. And nowadays, who doesn’t have one? It is turned on practically 24 hours a day on our side, emitting energies to our energy field.

Unakite Crystal properties

This Crystal has important properties of different minerals such as pink feldspar, quartz, and green epidote. That’s why she presents such a beautiful and well-characteristic mix of colors. The traditional green blends in with some small flecks of salmon and pink.

This mixture makes this crystal a natural tool for balancing all your emotions.

Unakite’s hardness on the Moh scale is approximately 6 to 7. The main materials that make up this Crystal are aluminum, calcium, chromium silica, iron, and sulfur residues.

Although green with salmon and pink are the most traditional colors, it is possible to find different colors such as olive green, green with yellowish tones, pink green, green with small orange spots, gray with blue nuances, and opaque colors. Kyanite Stone: Meaning, Healing Properties, and Powers

The countries where these Crystals are most easily found are Brazil, Mexico, China, and South Africa.

Properties of Unaquite stone

As you can see, Unaquite Crystal is very important and has different types of energetic benefits for our body and spirit. Below you can see some of these benefits. Look:

  • Awakening our third vision, increasing spiritual perception;
  • Decrease the electromagnetic energies of electrical and electronic devices;
  • Effectively treat all discomforts existing in the reproductive system;
  • Eliminate blocks acquired throughout life;
  • Improve concentration to meditate more easily.

Benefits of Unaquite stone

Unakite Crystal offers different benefits to the body, especially for health-related issues. It provides more relief for people who are suffering from a serious illness.

It helps the pregnant woman to have a healthy pregnancy without major hormonal fluctuations. Another important benefit observed is in relation to the female and male reproductive systems.

Many reports that they had a true energetic rebirth after they started having contact with this Crystal. Revealing dreams and strong intuitions are common with the use of Unaquite.

Energetic blocks that can hinder growth are simply dissolved with the use of this Crystal. The person starts to have a more positive view of things, seeing life from a different angle. 9 Best Crystals For Crown Chakra

Powering and cleaning methods

All power Crystals need to be continuously energized so that they can reach their fullest energies.

Cleaning Unaquite can be done very simply, without big secrets. Just wash it in running water with a handful of coarse salt and that’s it.

The energization of this Crystal is preferably done in nature. Baths with seawater, sunlight, and moonlight are excellent to potentiate it energetically.

When you come into contact with such a tool, your spiritual energy is more potentiated. In addition to keeping the Crystal programmed only with your energy.

What is the best way to use this Crystal?

The Unaquite Crystal can be used in different ways, when it is for energy protection, aura cleansing, or spiritual elevation, just carry it close to the body. There are different accessories that contain this Crystal, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. It has something for everyone.

If you want to improve the energy of the environment, pushing away negative electromagnetic waves, just place a Crystal like this somewhere. It can be on a shelf or coffee table, you choose the best place. As it will be a place of a great flow of people, it is very important that your Crystal remains clean and energized.

To feel its therapeutic effects, simply place the Unaquite Crystal in the place you want to obtain improvements and benefits. Treatment time can range from 30 minutes to 1 hour. In these cases you can enhance the beneficial effects of this therapy, visualizing colors on the spot, for example. Use your intuition which will be very sharp after contacting this Crystal.

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