What stones are suitable for Scorpions?

The talisman stone of Scorpio is a precious or semi-precious stone that has magical properties and suits a person by date of birth. The question of which stone is suitable for a scorpion is answered by astromineralogy. This is a relatively young scientific direction, which is based on physics, astronomy, and mineralogy. A properly selected talisman stone can change a person’s life, improving the good and leveling the bad. How to choose a talisman for a scorpion, we will tell in this article. Do you know what the most attractive zodiac signs are?

What stones are suitable for Scorpions

Astrologers call scorpions the sign of the strongest energy, so choosing an amulet for them is not easy. It is important that the energy of the stone does not conflict with the energy of a person, but rather improves and strengthens it. This zodiac sign is under the influence of Mars and Pluto, fire and cold, which is reflected in the contradictory nature of its representatives. The talismans of Scorpio will help to cope with internal contradictions:

If in most cases semi-precious stones dominate in the list of amulets of other signs of the zodiac, then lucky scorpion stones are mostly classified as precious. These minerals will bring good luck to a person’s life, help to cope with life’s difficulties, and protect from the negative influence of others. Consider the stones according to the zodiac sign Scorpio in order. What makes precious stones special?


Blue Sapphire Stone Price

Sapphire is the main stone of the scorpion. This sign is characterized by irascibility and jealousy. At the same time, this is a very sensitive sign of the zodiac, which can be easily offended and he will remember this for a very long time. On the one hand, the stone helps to extinguish negative emotions, and cope with jealousy and anger. On the other hand, the gem helps to get rid of the burden of the past, from resentment and anxiety, which is present in a person almost permanently. The talisman calms the heart of a person, helping him to focus on the important aspects of his life, deleting all the accumulated negativity from it.


Since this sign is patronized by Pluto, the pomegranate is naturally included in the list of the best talismans. At the same time, the pomegranate is more of an amulet for strong representatives of the sign. It will help direct all male energy in the right direction. However, for women, it can also be useful if a girl wants to improve her strength of character, determination, desire for power, & career growth. Pomegranate can be a good talisman for career advancement. It is also a money stone for a scorpion, which will help a person achieve material well-being and stability.


Classification of Tahitian pearls

Despite the inconsistency of the sea mineral, it perfectly suits this zodiac sign. He will be able to extract all the positive properties from the talisman through his energy. True, there are several points that you need to consider if you have chosen pearls as your amulet. Astrologers recommend wearing a pearl pendant or necklace, that is, jewelry at chest levels. At the same time, it is better to choose a black stone for a scorpion: it will be with him that there will be an absolute balance of energies. With white pearls, there will also be no problems, but the effect will be less.


Topaz Stone
Topaz Stone

Since topaz is a November stone, it will be a wonderful amulet for Scorpio. The blue gem is in perfect harmony with the water element, improving the positive qualities of a person and protecting him. Due to the fact that Scorpios are quick-tempered and know it, they try to restrain their emotions. Topaz also helps to cleanse a person’s energy from the influence of accumulated emotions and gives harmony and peace of mind. In addition, the sky-blue mineral is able to set a person up for a successful creative search, which is also useful for this zodiac sign. Topaz Stone: A precious stone with a thousand names and colors



The most controversial union of the energetics of stone and man. On the one hand, some astrologers argue that the energy of green beryl can be detrimental to representatives of the water element. On the other hand, astromineralogy advises wearing an emerald in order to unleash the creative potential of a person and cope with excessive activity. Thus, an emerald can be a good talisman for a person with an active lifestyle and a desire to reveal his talent, but wearing it all the time is not recommended. Do you know what the most intuitive zodiac signs are?

Birthstone for Scorpio

The date of birth is an important factor in finding your ideal talisman. It is better to choose a stone for a scorpion by a decade. Each sign of the zodiac is divided into three decades, depending on the ruling planet. In the case of a scorpion, its stones according to the horoscope are as follows:

  1. The first decade (24.10-2.11) is under the influence of Mars. People born in this period of time are distinguished by purposefulness and determination, fortitude and firmness of character. It is important for them to achieve the goal at almost any cost and a diamond or emerald will help them in this. Minerals, solid in their structure, will complement the energy of a person and direct it to achieve the goal.
  2. The second decade (2.11-13.11) is ruled by the Sun. These are passionate individuals who love life in all its manifestations and do not want to enjoy it in halftones. Their activity can have different consequences, so they need a strong amulet. The best stone for a scorpion of the second decade is tourmaline. The mineral will help you manage your passion, and stay active and emotionally secure.
  3. The third decade (14.11-22.11) is under the general influence of the Moon and Mars. People born at this time, from early childhood, have a desire for leadership, ambition, intuition, and strong-willed character. It is important for them to manage their lives on their own, but impulsiveness often interferes with them. A pomegranate or a diamond will help to cope with your own emotions.

Woman scorpion stones

Women born under this zodiac sign are incredibly stubborn, passionate, and jealous. At the same time, they are very sensual and vulnerable. The talisman stone will be a magical helper and amulet for them if you choose it correctly from the list of minerals that are suitable for the ruling planets.

In many ways, stones for scorpions of women and their choice depend on what result the girl wants to get. For example, the pomegranate reveals its sexuality and helps to maintain beauty and youth. In addition, the pomegranate is a stone of love, which will become a compass in the search for the ideal partner and the keeper of the family hearth. A diamond will also cope with this task, but the emphasis will be more on protection, in particular, from the evil eye or damage.

Topaz can become a magical assistant in self-realization for a girl born in November. It cleanses the energy and gives strength to do what you love. In addition, topaz is called a muse stone, as it reveals the creative potential in a person, and gives inspiration. Topaz will be especially useful for young girls, as it also helps to cleanse a person’s environment of hypocrites and enemies, who often use sensual and friendly scorpions. Instead of topaz, you can also wear sapphire, which is by far the best magical helper for autumn girls.

Scorpion stones men

If it were necessary to formulate the motto of a scorpion, it would be the phrase “I want.” Representatives of this sign really know what they want and tirelessly achieve it. Since this is a water element, innate stress resistance and hard work help them to achieve their goals. However, in the pursuit of achievements, scorpions would do well to stop and rest. Scorpio men rarely do this, so they need a strong talisman and amulet.

Which stone a scorpion has depends on what he wants at the moment. As already mentioned, the representatives of this sign have incredibly strong energy, so the influence of stones is enhanced. Not every mineral gets along with such energy, therefore astromineralogy advises opal to scorpions. This is a gem with such a strong energy that in former times it was called the talisman of magicians and shamans. Moreover, Scorpio is one of the few representatives of the zodiac horoscope, which suits the black opal. This mineral will help scorpions manage their emotions, stop in time and ignore momentary desires. To enhance the effect of the gem, it is recommended to wear bracelets on the hand with its inlay.

Another magical helper for men born in November can be a pomegranate. This is a stone of the planet Pluto, one of the patron saints of scorpions, which will help a person to bring wealth, luck, and success in life. The mineral will be a good talisman for a person who wants to achieve career success.

Scorpio: which stones are not suitable?

Unfortunately, not all stones can become a magical shield, so it’s better to know about it in advance. The list of stones unsuitable for a scorpion largely includes minerals of a yellow and orange hue and fiery minerals. Since the scorpion is a representative of the water element, a conflict arises between the energies of a stone and a person.

It cannot be said that amber or another yellow mineral will negatively affect the representatives of the sign. Simply, the stone does not have enough strong energy to somehow influence a person in principle. Moreover, astrology claims that amber itself will be fueled by the energy of the owner. True, those born in the second decade can wear amber, since it is the stone of the Sun.

Astrology is a fascinating science that allows you to find your talisman, your protector and helper. However, if you like amber, citrine, or another yellow mineral, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing fine jewelry.

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