White Onyx Stone – Meaning, Benefits, and Properties

Did you know that there are other colors of onyx stone? That’s right! White onyx is beautiful and full of strong energy properties. This stone is considered one of the most powerful in terms of the energetic protection of our aura. In addition, it can be used in different ways in order to attract good energies to the body and spirit. Learn more about this stone and how its energy works.

All over the world this powerful stone, which was born from the traditional black onyx, is known as the stone that attracts power and drives away bad energies. Through its positive vibes, you can feel much more motivated and secure to reach your goals and goals, even with the difficulties that may arise.

There are many benefits and Properties to using white onyx stone. All of them you will meet throughout this text.

It is worth trying an instrument of such power that came from our mother nature.

Properties and meanings of white onyx stone

The white onyx stone is beautiful, its beneficial properties have been known for hundreds of years. In the Middle East, for example, it was used for rituals of strength and healing, with the intention of recovering the strength of lost youth.

In Europe, it was also common to use this stone in therapeutic processes for people considered very shy. The person felt happier and more fulfilled inside when using the energies of this stone.

Currently, white onyx is a stone used in different parts of the world, with different meanings. For example, in Brazil and India, this stone gains magical powers, while in the USA it is used only as a beautiful adornment.

The meanings of this stone always revolve around energetic balances and increased personal power and magnetism.

Therapeutic Properties of this stone

The white onyx stone is believed to increase our mental strength, thus increasing the powers of self-control. Negative energies simply cannot stay connected with our aura when we have this stone.

The joy of living arises and negative thoughts are naturally pushed away. Insecure and depressed people can benefit from this stone, gaining more self-confidence and clarity of thoughts.

Because it contains an energetic influx of telluric energies, this stone has the ability to balance our masculine and feminine energies. These energies have been experiencing major imbalances lately.

Women experience relief from the symptoms that hormonal imbalances cause and men can benefit from the perfect functioning of their prostate.

When we balance the energies of Yin and Yang, the paths open up more easily. Guidance from the higher planes comes most easily through intuition.

Keeping White Onyx stone close by repels harmful negative energies and purifies our entire aura. In ages past, it was used to ward off the evil eye and keep its wearer confident and fulfilled.

See below briefly what the use of White Onyx stone is for.

  • Increased power and personal magnetism;
  • Strengthening and increasing mental, physical and spiritual vitality;
  • The balance between the masculine and feminine energies of the spirit;
  • Protection against people and evil energies, repelling them away;
  • Elimination of fears that so hinder the evolution of the being;
  • Increase in self-esteem and revitalizing energies;
  • Ease of contact with beings from other dimensions, including our spiritual guides and protectors.

Benefits offered to your physical body

In addition to the spiritual energies that the white onyx stone offers, the physical body is also benefited.

Bone problems with the onset of arthritis, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis are usually quite painful. This stone alleviates the symptoms caused, increasing vigor and physical health.

Another benefit observed is in relation to the circulatory system, which maintains the blood with a normal flow, that is, blood pressure rates remain within the normal range.

Sleep is peaceful and the nervous system is balanced after using this stone.

How to use White Onyx stone correctly?

If you intend to ward off those unwanted negative energies from some people or even to increase your personal strength and magnetism, just wear this stone close to your body.

There are specialized stores that sell jewelry with White Onyx stone as an ornament. It can be a ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, whatever you prefer, the important thing is that it is close to your body.

Now if you intend to use it exclusively for therapeutic purposes, then place this stone next to your pillow when you go to sleep.

White onyx stone also serves as a great piece of protection for your home or work. Just choose a stone of any size and place it in the environment, preferably in a fixed location.

For these cases of environmental protection, cleaning and energizing the stone are mandatory procedures. Mainly so that she doesn’t absorb negative energy from anywhere.

Which zodiac sign is the White Onyx stone linked to?

There are some zodiac signs that have a very strong connection with the white onyx stone.

The signs of the earth element, Taurus, Capricorn, and especially Virgo are the most connected to her. This stone protects them, precisely because of its connection with this very strong element.

How to energize and cleanse White Onyx stone?

Even though these power stones contain a lot of positive energy, they are not free from absorbing harmful negative energies. Therefore, maintaining a good cleaning and energizing helps to keep this instrument with its positive energy.

White onyx stone doesn’t usually absorb large amounts of energy, but it does! So, cleaning it should be done under running water with a handful of coarse or sea salt.

Then dry the stone with a soft cloth so as not to damage it.

The next step is the power-up which must be done with the lights of the sun and moon. Leave your pebble soaking up the sun’s rays for a maximum of one hour and the moon’s rays all night long.

Another very strong option for energizing and cleaning your white onyx stone is to dip it in seawater. Experts on the subject claim that the sea has a very strong purifying power, it literally removes everything bad from the aura.

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