6 Best Healing Stones for Busy People

Best Healing Stones for Busy People: Life in the 21st century is quite hectic. We have all these things we have to do, all these responsibilities. We need to make money and take care of ourselves and our families, socialize and still have time for ourselves. Amethyst Meaning, Properties, Powers, Price, & Jewelry

How to maintain a balance?

Crystal healing can be done in many different ways, none of which need to be elaborate and can be used by even the busiest of people. Here are 3 simple ways you can use crystals to create peace, harmony, abundance, and prosperity in your life.

One thing that all healing crystals teach us is that something beautiful can also have a very important function. Read on to learn about 3 simple ways you can incorporate their healing powers into your life. How to Activate and Charge Rose Quartz Stone?

Crystal Elixir

Crystal water bottles are sold with a beautiful quartz crystal, rose quartz, amethyst, or another type of healing crystal anchored to the bottom of the bottle. The idea is to fill the bottle with water and drink it to absorb the energy of the crystal through the water we drink.

Water is effective in helping us transfer the healing properties of the crystal into the body. The energy held in a crystal works a lot like electricity, except at a much more subtle (and harmless!) frequency. Water is a conductor for that energy.

You can achieve the same effect without purchasing a special bottle. However, before you start introducing crystals into your drinking water, you need to make sure that they will not react negatively with the water. Some minerals will leach chemicals into the water or become damaged and you don’t want that. Obsidian: Meanings, Properties & Benefits

Safe crystals in water and their healing properties

  • Rose Quartz – Unconditional love and beauty
  • Clear Quartz – Clarity and purification
  • Amethyst – Balance of the spirit body and the physical body
  • Obsidian – Personal power
  • Peridot – Mental and emotional balance
  • Jasper – Physical healing / emotional purification and grounding

3 Minute Intention Setting Ritual:

Set your intention to connect your energies with the healing crystal you wish to use. In your mind or out loud, tell the crystal what you need. Visualize the light within your own being mixed with the light emanating from the crystal. Hold this visualization in your mind for 3 minutes, then place the crystals in the water. For best results.

The Crystal Altar

You don’t have to lie on the floor with crystals around you, especially when you have things to do. Instead, you can designate a special place in your home as a crystal altar. Your crystal altar represents your desire to bring peace and harmony to your life and within you.

You can keep it very simple by placing a crystal in front of a picture of yourself and stating your intention in your mind or out loud.

For example, if you want to bring more love into your life (any kind of love in general), place rose quartz in front of your photo. Set your intention and visualize love as soft light infused into your photo.

The Crystal Talisman

One of the easiest ways to tap into the healing energies of crystals is to wear them. Crystals make for beautiful jewelry—no one will suspect you’re using them for a special purpose unless you tell them.

First, ask yourself what you would like to heal. One of the best crystals for anyone, including beginners, is amethyst, as it can help with a variety of things, including addiction and finding peace within yourself. It is also a stone widely used in jewelry, for its beautiful shades of purple and lavender.

After obtaining the gem you wish to use as a talisman, do the 3-minute intention-setting ritual described previously. Wear the jewelry and trust that it will begin to work its magic on you.

Crystal healing takes a little time, but after a while, you will see how much has changed in your life, for the better. Crystals will work on all levels of your being to bring harmony, happiness, and a sense of balance into your life.

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